FSA 7 ed chp 2 ans

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FSA 7 ed chp 2 ans

Comprehensive Case

    Applying Financial Statement Analysis


    A comprehensive case analysis of the financial statements and notes of Campbell Soup Company is our focus. The book has prepared us to tackle all facets of financial statement analysis. This comprehensive case analysis provides us the opportunity to illustrate and apply these analysis tools and techniques. This case also gives us the opportunity to show how we draw conclusions and inferences from detailed analysis. We review the basic steps of analysis, the building blocks, and the attributes of an expert analysis report. Throughout the case we emphasize applications and inferences associated with financial statement analysis.

     Instructor's Solutions Manual CC-1


    ; Steps in Analyzing Financial Statements ; Building Blocks of Financial Statement Analysis ; Reporting on Financial Statement Analysis ; Specialization in Financial Statement Analysis ; Comprehensive Case: Campbell Soup Company

    Preliminary Financial Analysis

    Short-Term Liquidity

    Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting

    Capital Structure and Solvency

    Return on Invested Capital

    Analysis of Asset Utilization

    Analysis of Operating Performance and Profitability

    Summary Evaluation and Inferences

     CC Financial Statement Analysis, 7th Edition -2