key to exercises of unit3

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key to exercises of unit3

Keys to the exercises

    Unit 3


    1. Pease quote us your best price CIF Shanghai, inclusive of our 3% commission. 2. Should your price be found competitive, we intend to place with you an order for 300,000 yards of Cotton Cloth.

    3. One of our customers is now interested in the Qingdao Haier Refrigerator made in your country. Please offer CIF London for 400 sets to be delivered in April. 4. To enable you to have a better understanding of our products, we are sending you by air 5 copies of our catalogue and 2 sample books.

    5. In reply to your enquiry dated April 28, we are now sending you our latest price list for your reference.

    3;Dear Sirs,

    We learn from a friend in Shenzhen that you are exporting light industrial products, especially electric appliances. There is a steady demand here for the above-mentioned commodities of high quality at moderate prices.

    Will you please send us a copy of your catalogue, with details of your prices and terms of payment. We should find it most helpful if you could also supply samples of these goods.

Yours faithfully,

    4. Dear Sirs,

RE: Haier Refrigerator

    We are in the market for refrigerators. Please send us your latest catalogue and details of your specifications, informing us of your price CIF Guangzhou, please also state your earliest possible delivery date, your terms of payment, and discount for regular purchase. If your prices prove reasonable and satisfactory, we shall soon place a large order with you.

Yours faithfully,

5. Dear Sirs,

    We welcome you for your enquiry of May 5 and thank you for your interest in our products. We are enclosing some copies of our illustrated catalogues and a price list giving the details you ask for. Also under separate cover, we are sending you some samples.

    Please note that payment should be made by irrevocable L/C payable at sight against presentation of shipping documents. We allow a proper discount in view of this first business between us.

We await your acceptance by fax.

Yours faithfully,

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