000-210 IBM Storage Networking Solutions,Version 4

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Question: 1 Which type of security should be implemented to control device to storage connections in a heterogeneous environment? A. WWN Access Control Lists B. LDAP hosted on a Linux server C. NFS with Windows userID mapping D. CIFS with Samba Answer: A Question: 2 A customer wants to create a second set of their database application to run tests against, ..

Question: 1

    Which type of security should be implemented to control device to storage connections in a heterogeneous environment?

    A. WWN Access Control Lists

    B. LDAP hosted on a Linux server

    C. NFS with Windows userID mapping

    D. CIFS with Samba

    Answer: A

Question: 2

    A customer wants to create a second set of their database application to run tests against, and wants the database to be as close to production as possible, without creating any impact to the production environment. Which offering is the most cost-effective way to accomplish this? A. SyncMirror

    B. SnapMirror

    C. FlexCache

    D. FlexClone

    Answer: D

Question: 3

    When implementing SnapMirror using best practices, which percentage of the available capacity is reserved for the copies?

    A. 5%

    B. 10%

    C. 20%

    D. 25%

    Answer: D

Question: 4

    A customer infrastructure has an N7600 clustered storage attached via FC SAN to more than 50 high-end servers. These servers are configured to access storage on Node A, while Node B is primarily used as a standby device. Users are reporting poor performance. What is the most costeffective

    way to address the performance bottlenecks?

    A. Add more FC disks to Node A and assign disk ownership during a scheduled maintenance window

    B. Change Node B to active and redistribute disk ownership equally during a scheduled maintenance window

    C. Dynamically move half of the servers from Node A to Node B and run performance tuning on both nodes

    D. Change the configuration to Active/Active, which automatically redistributes the disk ownership Answer: B

Question: 5

    A customer's environment has the following protocols: CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, iSCSI, and FCP. Which solution provides unified data access in this environment?

    A. IBM DS3000 series

    B. IBM DS5000 series

    C. IBM x3650

    D. IBM System Storage N7000

    Answer: D

Question: 6

    What is the maximum number of LUNs that are supported with the IBM System Storage N3600? A. 256

B. 512

    C. 1024

    D. 2048

    Answer: C

Question: 7

    A customer is considering purchasing a new N series storage subsystem. They require HTTP, FTP, CIFS, NFS, and FCP connectivity. Which licenses must be purchased?

    A. HTTP, FCP, NFS, and CIFS

    B. FCP, FTP, and CIFS only

    C. Data ONTAP, HTTP, FCP, and CIFS

    D. Data ONTAP, FTP, FCP, and CIFS

    Answer: A

Question: 8

    What is a key reliability advantage of the N series Data ONTAP?

    A. RAID-DP

    B. RAID-4

    C. RAID-5E

    D. RAID-1E

    Answer: A

Question: 9

    A customer is planning a migration from a 2GB to 4GB redundant SAN infastructure. The customer asks a storage specialist for assistance planning the SAN infrastructure modification to reduce disruption to the environment. What should the storage specialist recommend? A. Power off one fabric, move all connections to the new fabric, power up the new fabric, and immediately repeat the process on the redundant fabric

    B. Power off one fabric, move all connections to the new fabric, power up the new fabric, and wait two days before repeating on the redundant fabric

    C. Power up the switches in a new fabric, move one connection at a time from one old fabric to a new fabric, and immediately repeat the process for the redundant Fabric

    D. Power up the switches of a new fabric, move one connection at a time, and wait two days before repeating on the redundant fabric

    Answer: D

Question: 10

    A customer is looking for a solution that delivers comprehensive monitoring and management for N series enterprise storage. The customer needs a central point of control to manage alerts, reports, and configuration tools to keep its storage infrastructure in line with business requirements. The customer also wants maximum availability and reduced total cost of ownership. Which solution is most appropriate?

    A. IBM Tivoli Productivity Center for NAS

    B. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

    C. IBM Director

    D. Operations Manager

    Answer: D

Question: 11

    A customer wants to upgrade the existing 1Gb fabric with 13 attached hosts and two IBM DS4700 storage subsystems. The customer needs to upgrade the fabric to 4Gb and add additional servers with dual-path connectivity, while forcasting a server growth rate. Which SAN product provides the greatest flexibility and scalability?

    A. two 2027-140s

    B. two 2053-E11s

    C. two 2005-B64s

D. six 2005-b16s with ISLs

    Answer: B

Question: 12

    What is the maximum number of allowed paths between an N series gateway and a switch, when the gateways are deployed with DS4700 storage subsystems?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 4

    D. 8

    Answer: B

Question: 13

    A customer has a highly available IBM TSM backup solution. The AIX server has two HBAs and uses an IBM TS3500 LTO tape library and DS4800 storage. The customer is experiencing backup failures due to link loss conditions with the tape drive. Which design should prevent these backup failures?

    A. Upgrade the TSM server to support Server-Free backup

    B. Separate the HBAs in the server to minimize optical crosstalk

    C. Add HBAs to the server and add separate tape and disk zonesets

    D. Add HBAs to the server and add separate tape and disk LUN masking

    Answer: C

Question: 14

    A customer wants to assign a relative priority on a N7600 to a volume, and to cause accesses to that volume to receive a priority that is higher or lower than that of other volumes on the storage system. Which feature accomplishes this?

    A. FlexVol with RAID-DP

    B. FlexShare

    C. Multistore

    D. FlexClone

    Answer: B

Question: 15

    A customer with a large installed base of Windows 2003 with DS8100 storage is preparing the environment for a high availability solution that involves remote data replication between the primary and secondary sites. The customer will be using IBM TotalStorage Continuous Availability for Windows that mainly relies on MSCS (Microsoft Cluster Services) and MetroMirror. How many Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) links are required?

    A. 1

    B. 2

    C. 3

    D. 4

    Answer: B

Question: 16

    A customer bought a clustered N series N7600 system. The customer is using MultiStore and SnapMover for virtual storage partitioning to maintain separation from every other storage partition. The customer wants to migrate ownership of the virtual filer (vFiler) from one clustered filer to another clustered filer. How should you migrate the vFiler?

    A. FlexClone the vFiler

    B. Use the built-in capabilities of N series

    C. SnapShot the vFiler and SnapRestore onto the other filer

    D. SnapVault the vFiler onto the other filer

    Answer: B

Question: 17

    Which SAN capability allows four Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) to be merged logically into a single link, using IBM b-Type directors?

    A. Routing

    B. FSPF

    C. Trunking

    D. IOD

    Answer: C

Question: 18

    A customer is transitioning from a DAS environment to N series. The customer wants to consolidate its current block level and file I/O environments to a single platform. What allows you to inventory the current environment to properly design a system and schedule a solutions assurance?

    A. N series SAPR Guide Checklist

    B. N series Interoperability Matrices

    C. N series Setup Worksheets

    D. N series Disk Magic

    Answer: A

Question: 19

    Which protocol is most cost effective to implement when moving data between two data centers located 300 kilometers apart?

    A. Fibre Channel (FC)

    B. iSCSI

    C. FCIP

    D. SCSI

    Answer: B

Question: 20

    A customer wants data center consolidation. The existing environment consists of several SAN fabrics from multiple vendors. Which analysis tool is used to evaluate thisenvironment? A. Cisco VSAN

    B. Brocade SAN Health Assessment

    C. EFCM

    D. TotalStorage Productivity Center

    Answer: D

Question: 21

    What is the main limitation of the FCIP technology?

    A. It can only be used on Local Area Networks over IP.

    B. It can only be used in conjunction with Fibre Channel technology.

    C. It cannot be used for tunneling.

    D. It cannot be used to extend existing Fibre Channel fabrics.

    Answer: B

Question: 22

    A customer purchased an IBM BladeCenter with QLogic 20-port 4Gb FC Switch Modules. The customer wants to connect to an external MDS 9500 director. In addition to configuring unique Domain IDs on the QLogic and MDS switches, what should be done to merge the QLogic 20 FC Switch Modules with the MDS 9500 fabric in VSAN X?

    A. Set the VSAN interop mode to Interop mode 2

    B. Set the VSAN interop mode to Interop mode 1

    C. Set the interop mode to Interop mode 1

    D. Leave the interop mode value to default on both switches

    Answer: D

Question: 23

    What is the key benefit, and main contributor to better performance, of the IBM System Storage N series Write Anywhere File Layout (WAFL) design?

    A. The file placement algorithms in WAFL allow the repair of high file fragmentation concurrently. B. Keeping metadata in files makes it easy to increase the size fo the file system on the fly. When a new disk is added, the N series automatically increases the size

    C. The copy-on-write feature allows WAFL to avoid duplicating blocks of data, thus increasing performance.

    D. The write-anywhere design allows WAFL to operate efficiently whith RAID by scheduling multiple writes to the same RAID stripe whenever possible.

    Answer: D

Question: 24

    A customer's N5200-G20 requires maintenance on one of its controllers and needs to be brought offline. Which feature of the N5200-G20 allows for seamless operations during this planned downtime?

    A. RAID-DP

    B. Active-Active

    C. Redundant Power Supplies

    D. Data ONTAP

    Answer: B

Question: 25

    A Dell customer wants to add the largest possible N series into the Dell rack. The primary concern is power, since only 120vac are available.Which N series meets the cutomer's requirement?

    A. N3600

    B. N5600

    C. N7900

    D. N8100

    Answer: C

Question: 26

    A customer has an IBM System Storage N series with MetroCluster for rapid recovery. What are the two available solutions?

    A. Stretch and Fabric

    B. FlexShare and FlexClone

    C. FCP and iSCSI

    D. SnapVault and SnapMirror

    Answer: A

Question: 27

    Which N series feature should be used for regulatory compliance and long-term integrity of data? A. SnapLock

    B. SnapVault

    C. SnapManager

    D. Snapvalidator

    Answer: A

Question: 28

    Which statement is true about merging two Fibre Channel SAN fabrics?

    A. The switch port speed and negotiation must be the same.

    B. The switch firmware must be the same version on the resulting merged fabric. C. The switch zones must match, and the switches must have different Domain IDs. D. The switches must all have the same number of ports.

Answer: C

Question: 29

    A customer's primary data center has a Cisco MDS 9500 (2054-E07) with one open slot. The customer wants to establish a connection with a remote data center that is located 350 km away. The remote data center has an IBM 2054-E07 with an open slot. Which module should be added at both data centers to provide connectivity, using a WAN connection, between the two sites? A. CWDM Module

    B. 8-port IP Module

    C. 12-port FC Module

    D. 48-port FC Module

    Answer: B

Question: 30

    A customer wants to implement VSANs on redundant Cisco Storage MDS 9509 directors (2054- E07) for the tape backup solution. There will be three VSANs, one for each of the following: - all disk storage ports and all host ports (VSAN 1) - tape drives (VSAN 2) - FICON traffic (VSAN 3) Which Inter-VSAN Routing (IVR) method is appropriate to enable Inter-VSAN zones? A. Establish IVR between VSANs 1 and 2

    B. Establish IVR between VSANs 1 and 3

    C. Establish IVR between VSANs 2 and 3

    D. Enable IVR in automatic mode

    Answer: A

Question: 31

    What are the three distinct Fibre Channel topologies?

    A. Switched fabric, logical start, hub cascading

    B. Point-to-point, arbitrated loop, switched fabric

    C. Point-to-point, hub cascading, switched fabric

    D. Switched fabric, logical start, point-to-point

    Answer: B

Question: 32

    Which backup solution provides the fastest access to online data?

    A. LTO4

    B. Nearline

    C. SnapDrive

    D. MultiStore

    Answer: B

Question: 33

    A customer wants LAN-free backups. This customer plans to offload storage processing from servers and move this function onto an independent network. Which solution best meets this customer's needs?

    A. Storage Area Network (SAN)

    B. Fibre Channel Over IP (FCIP)

    C. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    D. Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCOE)

    Answer: A

Question: 34

    A customer has just installed the latest N series management software on a separate server. The software includes several management tools to help them manage andmonitor their storage systems from a single location. Which management tool provides infrastructure services such as discovery, monitoring, role-based access control, auditing, and logging? A. Operations Manager

B. Appliance Manager

    C. TotalStorage Productivity Center

    D. Protection Manager

    Answer: A

Question: 35

    Using long distance fabric (100 km), a server's host bus adapter (HBA), with a buffer credit of 64, communicates with a switch port with only eight buffer credits. Which statement is true in this situation?

    A. The server can read at a higher performance than it can write.

    B. The server can write at a higher performance than it can read.

    C. The server can read and write at equal performance.

    D. The server will read and write at a degraded rate.

    Answer: A

Question: 36

    Which N series-based solution allows a customer to replicate data between two filers, utilizing inexpensive Internet protocols?

    A. SyncMirror

    B. SnapMirror

    C. SnapShot

    D. Multistore

    Answer: B

Question: 37

    A customer has a clustered N series system. An active N series storage system is rebooted in takeover mode after an upgrade to Data ONTAP. Which statement is true about the number of Autosupport notification messages that are sent in this situation?

    A. The active N series storage system sends one Autosupport on behalf of the N series storage system with back-level code.

    B. The active N series storage system sends one Autosupport, because the cluster is in takeover mode.

    C. Each N series storage system sends an Autosupport, so two are sent.

    D. The active N series storage system sends two Autosupports, one of which is on behalf of the system with back-level code.

    Answer: C

Question: 38

    A customer has Windows servers and applications that use block I/O. The customer does not want to implement a SAN. Which configuration meets these requirements at the lowest cost? A. N3600

    B. Microsoft iSCSI initiator and DS3400

    C. Microsoft iSCSI initiator and N3600

    D. DS3400

    Answer: C

Question: 39

    A customer has two separate SANs and is planning to implement an SVC to provide for FlashCopy between the two SANs. What is the minimum number of ISL ports that are required? A. 0

    B. 1

    C. 2

    D. 4

    Answer: A

Question: 40

    A customer wants to consolidate storage for a small Linux environment. The line of business servers requires higher performance, while the other servers are file servers for a small number of users. The solution must be able to provide the FC protocol for attaching the line of business servers as well as NFS mounts for the file servers. Which solution meets the requirements? A. N7000 series with CIFS and NDMP

    B. N5000 series with FCP and iSCSI

    C. N3000 series Gateway with HTTP and CFO

    D. N5000 series with FCP and NFS

    Answer: D

Question: 41

    A customer's SAN infrastructure consists of a Cisco MDS 9500 director. The customer recently purchased 1,000 IBM Intel blade servers. Due to scalability concerns, the new Intel blade servers were deployed in VSAN-11. The blade servers must access N5600 storage, but the IBM N5600 storage subsystem is connected in VSAN-10. What is the correct solution?

    A. Use VSANs, LSANs, and FCIP routing

    B. Use iFCP routing with an IBM SAN04M-R multi-protocol SAN router

    C. Merge VSAN-10 and VSAN-11 into VSAN-12 on the MDS 9500 director

    D. Use Inter-VSAN routing between VSAN-10 and VSAN-11 on the MDS 9500 director Answer: D

Question: 42

    Which feature of the IBM N7000 series allows a customer to distribute N7000 filers across the intranet, and works with NFS to alleviate some of the network load between filers by locally storing and serving only the requested portions of remotely stored data files, while maintaining data consistency?

    A. SnapCache

    B. FlexCache

    C. FlexVol

    D. MultiStore

    Answer: B

Question: 43

    A customer has two sites located several kilometers apart. The customer has both a high-speed Internet link and dark fiber between the sites. The customer wants to utilize storage resources at either site, such as MetroCluster and Metro Mirroring for disaster recovery implementations. The customer wants to link these two sites together. Which solution provides the highest performance and is most reliable?

    A. iFCP router

    B. DWDM or CWDM pipe

    C. FCIP router

    D. PPRC and SyncMirror

    Answer: B

Question: 44

    Which technology is an integrated system that attaches through common communication protocols such as TCP/IP?

    A. Virtual San Fabric Manager (VSAN)

    B. Storage Area Network (SAN)

    C. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

    D. SAN Volume Controller (SVC)

    Answer: C

Question: 45

    Which presales resource from IBM is available to you for making a detailed onsite product presentation to the customer?

A. Customer Engineer (CE)

    B. IBM TechLine/PartnerLine staff

    C. Field Technical Support Specialist (FTSS)

    D. IBM Account Executive (AE)

    Answer: C

Question: 46

    A customer's N series system is currently configured to provide client access using one security domain. The customer wants to change the configuration so that different groups of CIFS users are in different domains. Which N series feature meets this customer's needs? A. MultiPath

    B. SnapVault

    C. MultiStore

    D. Active Directory

    Answer: C

Question: 47

    A customer has a MetroCluster configuration for its Lotus Notes mail data. Site A fails, and Site B takes over. How does this affect Windows users and their CIFS connections? A. The Windows users must re-establish shares using Site B addresses and hostnames. B. Using Operations Manager on Site B, the previous IP addresses used by Site A must be redefined, so that Site B can service both its own and site A's IP

    C. Site B takes over Site A's hostnames and addresses and continues to serve Site B's own addresses and hostnames.

    D. Active CIFS connections must be manually dropped and re-established. Answer: C

Question: 48

    A customer has i5 and Windows-based hosts that are connected to an old EMC DMX. Which solution can be used to migrate data from the EMC storage subsytem to a new DS8100 and reclaim storage?

    A. Tivoli Storage Manager

    B. SAN Volume Controller

    C. N series filer

    D. Cisco MDS director

    Answer: B

Question: 49

    A customer is planning to purchase an N5600 with one expansion unit. The base has all 300GB drives. Approximately how much useable capacity will the customer have,using best practice for the configuration of the RAID DP arrays, and no SnapShot reserve capacity? A. 2.1TB

    B. 960MB

    C. 1.1TB

    D. 1.3TB

    Answer: A

Question: 50

    Two departments are in agreement to purchase one N series, but want to have it partitioned such that each department maintains a level of separation. Which additional software can be implemented to satisfy this request?

    A. LPAR

    B. FlexPartition

    C. MultiStore

    D. FlexVol

    Answer: C

Question: 51

    In a disaster recovery plan, what is the Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? A. The point in time at which the failure occurred

    B. The acceptable amount of data loss, measured in time

    C. The list of customer-agreed-upon objectives to declare the end of a disaster D. The list of customer-agreed-upon business processes that must be running Answer: B

Question: 52

    A customer has two fabrics in two locations that are 10 km apart. The customer needs an FC connection from a server in location 1 to a storage system in location 2. Whatshould be used to connect the two fabrics in the most cost effective manner?

    A. IBM SAN32B-3 switches

    B. IBM TotalStorage SAN18-R routers

    C. DWDMs

    D. CWDMs

    Answer: B

Question: 53

    A customer is currently using RAID 4 on the N series storage. What should you say will occur when the customer moves to RAID-DP?

    A. Availability will decrease, and capacity will increase.

    B. Availability will decrease only.

    C. Capacity will increase only.

    D. Availability will increase, and capacity will decrease.

    Answer: D

Question: 54

    A customer wants to implement Global Mirroring with two DS8100s between two sites over 100 km apart. There is an existing WAN between the two sites. Which solution provides the capability of using FCIP?

    A. 2053-424 Cisco 9214

    B. 2098-B24 IBM SAN24B4

    C. 2054-E01 Cisco 9222i

    D. 2498-B80 IBM SAN80B4

    Answer: C

Question: 55

    A customer has high performance database servers that access a DS8000 via SAN and low-end file servers that access the DS8000 via an N5500 gateway. The DS8000 storage capacity allocated to the database servers is under-utilized, while storage allocated to the gateway has reached the maximum limit. The storage demand for the low-end file servers is increasing exponentially. What is the most cost-effective solution that addresses the storage needs for the file servers?

    A. Install additional DS3200 storage on the low-end servers

    B. Create additional FlexVols on the N5500 gateway

    C. Allocate DS8000 storage to low-end file servers via the N5500 gateway device D. Purchase the SAN Volume Controller and consolidate the DS8000 and N5500 gateway Answer: D

Question: 56

    Which tool plans future growth of disk infrastructure based on current environments? A. e-config

    B. TPC for Disk

    C. Capacity Magic

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