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     Press release 2011: Hengst Cabin Filters Contact: Melanie Schulte-Frankenfeld

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    The best way to beat pollen dirt and other impurities:

    Replace the cabin filter regularly in the vehicle

    Spring cleaning for your vehicle: According to Hengst, the end of the cold season is the ideal time to replace cabin filters. The manufacturer offers an extensive range of filters for almost all brands and recommends that workshops generate extra revenue by contacting customers using the targeting method.

Experts estimate that almost one in five Germans suffer from hay fever and the

    number of those affected is continuing to rise. High concentrations of pollen can accumulate in vehicles in particular, as can dust, soot and exhaust gases. This can lead to acute problems for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and may even have a negative effect on their ability to concentrate. In fact, studies show that allergy sufferers are exposed to a 30 percent higher risk of accident during the pollen period. As a result, clean, uncontaminated air inside the vehicle is all the more important for health and comfort. Most commercial vehicles are standardly fitted with cabin filters

    but if not replaced regularly, these cannot achieve their desired effect on a lasting basis.

    Hengst offers a complete range of cabin filters for cars and as well as filters for trucks and buses in all current vehicle models. As a development partner and series supplier, the company manufacturers replaceable filter elements in OEM quality, corresponding to the high specifications and requirements of the automobile industry. To make it easier for vehicle technicians to install brands they are unfamiliar with, Hengst provides easy-to-follow installation instructions for cabin filters in its online catalogue at

    High-quality materials and the familiar excellent machining qualities ensure effective functional operation. The extensive portfolio includes particle filters that absorb pollen,


     Press release 2011: Hengst Cabin Filters Contact: Melanie Schulte-Frankenfeld

    Tel.: +49 251 / 20202-182

     Fax: +49 251 / 20202-5182

     e-mail: Internet:

    dust and soot, as well as activated carbon filters that also keep unpleasant odours at bay. Both types of filter have demonstrated their ability to achieve efficiencies of around 100 percent.

    "After the adverse weather conditions in the winter period, the beginning of spring is an ideal time to replace cabin filters. Workshops can make the most of this opportunity by approaching customers in regard to specific service issues during regular service schedules or when changing from winter to summer tyres", recommends Rolf Sudmann, Member of the Board, Sales Aftermarket Division. The vehicle manufacturers usually specify a replacement anyway after 12,000 to 15,000 kilometres, but no later than one year. "We recommend replacing the filter twice a year if the vehicle is used intensively: In the spring, as a great deal of impurities have accumulated over the winter and in the autumn so as to remove pollen and dead leaves", added Sudmann.


     Press release 2011: Hengst Cabin Filters Contact: Melanie Schulte-Frankenfeld

    Tel.: +49 251 / 20202-182

     Fax: +49 251 / 20202-5182

     e-mail: Internet:

    An international development partner and OEM supplier for all major automobile manufacturers, Hengst has more than 2,500 employees worldwide at eight locations in Germany, Brazil, the USA and China. The production program ranges from filter inserts for oil, air, fuel and cabin air filtration to an extensive assortment of multi-functional modules for every type of engine. Moreover, in the fields of industrial and environmental technology, Hengst develops customized solutions for virtually all filtration technology applications.

Employees worldwide: 2,500

    Locations worldwide: 8 (Germany, USA, Brazil, China)

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