Red Pebble Farms

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Red Pebble FarmsRed

     Red Pebble Plantation Red Pebble Plantation

    10728 Ga. Hwy 159 N. 10728 Ga. Hwy 159 N.

     Rebecca, GA. 31783 Rebecca, GA. 31783



     Web site:

    Self Guided Package

    Red Pebble Plantation is offering a self guided package on the wise course This is

    the first time and on a trial basis, You do not have to right to change or modify rules

    or regulations set forth by Red Pebble Plantation.

    Package includes: Quail hunting and dog training with minimum bird purchases, 1/2

    day hunts require a minimum purchase of 20 birds. Any other wildlife is STRICLY

    PROHIBITED. No commercial use is allowed.

    ; $10.00 per bird for minimum of 20 birds per ? day Guests may bring up to 3 more

    people with them for an additional fee of $100.00 per guest per ? day. Guests

    include, hunters, drivers, riders and spectators.


    Maximum of 4 persons per party. One party at a time. No more than two shooters on the ground at one time.

    All guests are REQUIRED to wear sufficient blaze orange vest, hat and or etc.

All bookings will be on a first come first serve basis. All ? day hunts booked will

    be held only with a full bird payment.

    ALL BIRDS must be purchased from Red Pebble and are $10.00 per bird (up to 50) additional birds may be purchased at reduced costs. Applicable sales tax will be applied.

    Lodging, bird cleaning, packaging, skeet, dog boarding, etc. all are available at additional fees.

    You may bring your vehicle or reserve the bird-hunting trailer at Red Pebble for additional fee of $100.00 per ? day. No horses are allowed. All vehicles are to remain on the established roads. Persons booking the course will be responsible for any and all damages.

You will be responsible for all trash, including hulls.

    You are responsible for ALL actions of your party, and any incidents that may occur with dogs, vehicles etc.

    Applicants are at Red Pebble Plantation’s discretion. Red Pebble will maintain control of locks on gates. Guests must check in prior to entering the course, and check out when leaving the course. All guests are to sign waivers and conduct themselves in an ethical manner and at the highest level of sportsmanship. Red Pebble reserves the right to terminate hunt for anyone in your party NOT abiding by

    rules and regulations.

    Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to hunt or forfeit the payment of birds for that hunt.

    The goal of this package is to give anyone and their dogs the opportunity to have a safe and memorable hunt at a fraction of the cost. Red Pebble will strive to ensure Guests will have all the opportunity to hunt on a quality quail plantation.

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