A guide to call center metrics

By Glen Wright,2014-02-04 15:06
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A guide to call center metricsA,to,a,guide,call,Guide,Call

A guide to call center metrics

    Customer service is a cornerstone of most businesses, a large part of what keeps customers loyal or sends them running for the competition. For years, businesses have used metrics to measure their call center operations, such as number of calls answered, length of call and call resolution. Those metrics worked fine -- for a while. Now, businesses are zeroing in on the customer's needs and upgrading their call centers to do the same. They're taking a kinder, gentler approach to call center metrics that measures the overall performance of call center agents rather than simply their adherence to operational metrics. Agents are trained to view calls from the customer's perspective to improve problem-solving and enhance customer relations. Call center agents are also being mentored to help develop their skills and learn as much as they can. The hope is that both agents and customers will be happier and remain loyal to the business.

    This guide also examines the prominent role social media now plays in the call center, and how metrics have been expanded and updated to keep in step with the march of time and technology.

    1. Trends in establishing contact center metrics Technology is always evolving, and CRM metrics are as well. With social media likely here to stay, call centers have had to change to service the new channels. In addition to traditional telephone contacts, they now contend with instant messaging, emails, Twitter, Facebook and more. Find out how call center metrics have changed and expanded to effectively measure customer service conducted through social media, and the influence social media has had on call center operations overall.

    ; Time to break new ground with CRM metrics

    CRM metrics are important, but measuring too much can be just as ineffective as measuring too little. It's time to get innovative and find the right balance for call center CRM metrics.


    ; New customer channels create need for new call center metrics

    Social media channels are giving the telephone a run for its money in the call center, and new metrics are called for. Contact center performance must also change for businesses to deliver the best possible service to their customers.