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Integrated Language Arts Sixth grade language arts and reading instruction is integrated within a single two-period amount of time, providing approximately 90 minutes of uninterrupted instruction with a language arts teacher. This integration is designed to help students develop reading skills and strategies for their specific learnin..

    Sixth Grade Strath Haven Middle School

     Program A safe and respectful school environment that promotes

    academic success and strives to meet the affective needs of all students 2011-2012

     Summer Reading List

    In June, the sixth grade summer reading list is distributed at Integrated Language Arts Strath Haven Middle School Sixth grade language arts and reading instruction is integrated the elementary schools and posted on the district website. At within a single two-period amount of time, providing that time, the list will also be available for reference at the A safe and respectful school environment that promotes approximately 90 minutes of uninterrupted instruction with a local public libraries and the Springfield Borders bookstore. academic success and strives to meet the affective needs of all students language arts teacher. This integration is designed to help

    students develop reading skills and strategies for their specific Math

    learning needs. Students will expand their vocabularies The curriculum for sixth grade Math is the Connected through independent reading, novel study, mini units, and Mathematics Program (CMP), a rigorous curriculum designed interactive readings facilitated by the teacher. Each student to engage students in hands-on practical learning experiences. will set reading-related goals and will monitor his or her It is published by Pearson/Prentice Hall and is endorsed by the comprehension during reading. A variety of fiction and non-National Science Foundation (NSF), to meet each of the goals fiction materials will be used, especially those which support for mathematics instruction set forth in the Principles and

    other areas of the sixth grade curriculum. Standards for Math Education (copyright 2000) published by

     the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). The sixth grade language arts program promotes the

    development of higher order thinking skills as students read The curriculum focuses on the ability to comprehend and and write in both individual and cooperative assignments. apply mathematical concepts. Students experiment with ideas, Reading materials include novels, short stories, poems, and looking for patterns, making generalizations, and explaining plays. Students write narrative, expository, and persuasive their reasoning both orally and in writing. The objective is to essays; short stories; poetry; and a screenplay. Explicit writing develop genuine understanding of the rules and principles of instruction emphasizes the domains of focus, content, and mathematics. Students will learn traditional math rules, and organization. Grammar and mechanics are taught within the they will work extensively to determine the “how and why” of

    context of writing instruction. Students learn about a range of problem solving.

    literary terms and concepts, including plot, character, setting,

    theme, mood, characterization, conflict, parody, irony, Connected Math 6 Levels:

    hyperbole, and personification. Connected Math 6 is designed to serve the needs of students

     whose math skills are on or near grade level. Enriched

    Integrated Language Arts 6 Levels: Connected Math 6 serves the needs of students whose math Integrated Language Arts is designed to serve the needs of skills are well above grade level. Placement is determined students whose reading and writing skills are on or near grade through various indicators including standards-based and level. Developmental Integrated Language Arts provides district assessments.

    targeted instruction to address the needs of students who are

    reading below grade level. Enriched Integrated Language Science

    Arts serves the needs of students who are reading and writing The sixth grade science program is an integrated study of well above grade level. Placement is determined through science, with a strong emphasis on cooperative learning and various indicators. laboratory work. The hands-on nature of the program helps to

     facilitate conceptual visualization. Students will study science

    foundations, measurements, matter, elements, weather, space, Roadmap to Social Studies

    Roadmap to Social Studies is a mandatory course for students and ecology. The first science project, taught in conjunction who have scored Below Basic for one or more years on PSSA. with computer science classes, involves researching one of the The course focuses on reading strategies such as SQ3R, elements. Students will learn about the Earth and the processes skimming, and note taking, which students will apply to their that shaped it, as well as the rocks and geologic features of reading across the content areas. This course is taken in place Pennsylvania. The interdisciplinary structure of the class thof 6 grade social studies; however, students will participate enables students to explore geologic features and processes thin many of the activities within the overall 6 grade program associated with their respective United Nations countries. such as The United Nations simulation, etc. Through the study of Space, students will engage in a variety

     of interactive learning opportunities designed to enrich their

    understanding of Earth's role in the solar system. Students S.T.A.R.S (Strategic Testing and Reading Strategies)

    STARS is a mandatory course for students who have scored will, upon completion of the Space Unit, have a better within the Basic range for one or more years on the PSSA. understanding of the mechanics of the universe. The course is designed to improve reading strategies and test-

    taking skills and will increase opportunities for reading

    practice. Students will take this 9-week course in place of one

    Quarterly Special.

Social Studies

    The sixth grade program focuses on the study of ancient world Performing Music Ensembles

    cultures. Students acquire an awareness of the ways in which Opportunities to perform in music ensembles at Strath Haven we learn about the past through the methods and tools of the Middle School are abundant and include band, chorus, and

    orchestra. Rehearsal times are from 7:15 a.m. 8 a.m. The historian and archaeologist. This is accomplished through the

    study of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Latin America, China, orchestra meets once each week, while the band and chorus and Africa. Students are encouraged to develop empathy for rotate their rehearsals. Students and parents receive monthly the past, an awareness of place, and an understanding of calendars and schedules. Jazz band and other small ensembles human and environmental interaction. Students also study are selected by audition in the fall, and they rehearse two days world geography and current events. On the first day of school, each week after school. Group music lessons are offered once students adopt a United Nations country and study it each week on a rotating pull-out schedule. Students are throughout the year. Highlights of the social studies encouraged to make music performance a part of their school curriculum include International Week and a field trip to New lives. In the past few years, over 70% of the total sixth grade York. has performed in one or more of the music ensembles offered.

Foreign Language Guidance Counselor: Erica Laster

    The four foreign language choices for incoming sixth graders At Strath Haven Middle School, a guidance counselor is are Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and German. All assigned to each grade level. The counselor begins working courses meet every day and students receive grades based on with the sixth graders during their first year in the middle the middle school grading policy. Students taking a foreign school and stays with them throughout the end of their language make a commitment to the study of that language freshman year in high school. This plan enables the counselor during their three years of middle school. All foreign language to follow the development of each student during his or her classes focus on the five basic language skills pertinent to their middle school years, while establishing a working relationship selected language: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and with both students and parents. This approach also helps ease culture. the transition to high school. Counselors inform teachers of

    the needs of each student, acting as a consultant to students,

    parents, teachers, and administrators. In addition, counselors Computers

    The purpose of the sixth grade computer class is to enable provide individual counseling, developmental counseling students to use common applications such as Word, Excel, and groups, and crisis intervention. The guidance counselor is the PowerPoint to complete assignments in their core subjects. liaison between student and teacher and between home and Keyboarding skills are taught. A primary goal is the school.

    integration of learned computer skills across the entire

    curriculum, such as the editing of their movies for the year-

    end language arts movie project.


    In sixth grade art, students receive instruction in the advanced

    elements of two-dimensional design such as value, texture,

    positive-negative space, color theory, scale/spatial relations,

    and perspective. By working closely with students and their

    core subject teachers, these elements are integrated through a .

    multicultural and interdisciplinary approach. Students work in

    the following media: pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, oil

    pastel, watercolor, and marker.


    The focus of this curriculum is multicultural music. Students

    will experience the music and cultures of many different

    countries through singing, dancing, composing, and

    performing on instruments. An introduction to guitar will also be taught in 6th grade music classes. Students will learn how to read, perform, and compose music on acoustic guitars. Physical Education/Health This multifaceted class has two components: physical education and health. In physical education, students are

    introduced to tumbling, rope jumping, fitness, fencing, and

    international dance (with an emphasis on African Dance). The

    health curriculum includes study of the human body and

    exploration of the various developmental, personal, and social

    issues facing adolescents.

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