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Spring, 2012 - UCSD Department of Physicsof,UCSD,ucsd

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    Initial Issue Date: Section: Procedure:

    Revision Date: Sub-Section: Surface Plasmon


    Title: Standard Operating Procedure: Surface Plasmon Document Number:

    Resonance for Biacore 1000 model.

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1.0 Purpose:

    This procedure outlines the steps to be followed when using the Biacore 1000

    for surface plasmon resonance.

2.0 Scope:

    2.1 This procedure applies to all students, staff and researchers who wish to

    use the Biacore.

3.0 Definitions:

     Surface plasmon resonance - The excitation of surface plasmons (surface

    electromagnetic waves) by light.

4.0 Responsibility:

    4.1 It is the responsibility of all students, staff and researchers to ensure they

    receive proper hands-on training by staff of the facility before performing

    the procedure on their own.

    4.2 It is the responsibility of all students, staff and researchers to use the

    Biacore according to the procedures enclosed in this document.

     4.3 It is the responsibility of the USER to report any damage or malfunction of

     this equipment to the emergency contact person listed. You are required to

    leave a note on the equipment describing the problem and include your

    name and date the problem occurred.

5.0 Related Policies/Procedures:

6.0 Equipment:

    7.0 Action/Decision-making Framework:



    7.1 Pre-use check .1 Inspect electrical connections and hook up to

     recommended electrical supply.

     .2 Leak check liquid connections, pump

    syringes & valves, injection port and

    connector block.

    .3 Ensure fan inlet is unobstructed.

7.2 Instrument start up .1 The Biacore machine will be running with the

     maintenance chip inside the instrument.

     .2 If the Biacore instrument has been shut off

    for some reason, turn it on (switch at the

    back). It will take approximately 1 hour for the

    temperature to stabilize (yellow light on the

    front panel lights up steadily when it is


    .3 You should be de-gassing your filtered (0.22

    um) buffer upon entering the lab.

    .4 Click the “exit” button to stop the continuous

    flow cycle.

    .5 UNDOCK the maintenance chip by clicking

    the “Command” tab then “Undock, then

    follow the prompts. Next, remove the

    maintenance chip from the side of the

    instrument and insert your maintenance chip.

    Once inserted again click “Command,” then

    Dock” in the software to engage the sensor

    chip. Follow the prompts.

    .6 Run the PRIME procedure a couple of times

    to ensure a stable baseline. Click Tools--

    Working ToolsPrime.

7.3 Operational notes .1 The Biacore 1000 works from a program

     using MDL (Machine Definition Language).

     Write the program needed for your samples

     including regeneration cycles.

     .2 Always have the command “Append

     Continue” at the end of the program to put

    the machine in standby mode which flows

    buffer across all flowcells @ 5µL/mL for 72


    .3 Always make sure there is enough buffer in

    the reservoir for your runs and up to 72 hours

    “continue mode”.



7.4 Saving Data .1 It is highly recommended that you transfer

     your data to your own computer on a regular


7.5 Equipment .1 Because this instrument has a multi-user

    Cleaning / Shutdown environment, each user is responsible for

     properly cleaning the instrument after they

     are done with their experiments.

     .2 Remove your sensor chip and dock the

     maintenance chip.

     .3 Run the DESORB cleaning procedure

     (Tools>>Working Tools>>Desorb). Note: The

     DESORB cleaning procedure is adequate for

     most applications. However, additional

     cleaning steps may need to be implemented,

     depending on the system you are studying.

    To remove microbial Desorb should be run weekly and Sanitize

    contamination should be run monthly.

    .4 Run the instrument check to ensure that the

    instrument is running properly for the next


    .5 Insert the maintenance chip and set the

    instrument to Continuous flow

    (Tools>>Working Tools>>Continue). Use

    Millipore water as the flow solution.

7.6 Safety .1 All those using the Biacore 1000 must wear

     the appropriate personal protective

     equipment. This should include lab coats,

     gloves and eye protection if necessary.

     .2 Keep hands away from needle during


     .3 Unplug before performing any maintenance

    or service operation.

    8.0 Documentation:

    9.0 References:

    o Instrument Manual


    o Template provided by Hamilton Health Sciences: Anatomical Pathology

    Department- McMaster University Medical Center.

10.0 Developed By in Consultation With:

FHSc. Safety Office

Allan Stafford, HRC

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