Do your clients have arthritis or another chronic condition

By Roberta Warren,2015-03-13 04:54
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Do your clients have arthritis or another chronic condition

    Do your clients have arthritis or another chronic condition?

    Do they ask you to solve all the associated problems?

    Is it a challenge to help them manage aspects of their condition?

    Become qualified and accredited to run the Better Health Self-Management Course (BHSMC) and both you and your clients will benefit. You will be able to encourage your clients to become better self-managers by improving their confidence, skills and ability to manage their chronic conditions through problem solving, sharing experiences, information and goal setting.

    This three-day course run by Arthritis Victoria, will prepare you to conduct the nationally accredited BHSMC for people living with long-term health conditions.

Topics covered include assisting people to develop practical skills in:

    -Action planning, goal setting

    -Cognitive symptom management

    -Dealing with anger, fear and frustration

    -Introduction to exercise

    -Better breathing and muscle relaxation techniques

    -Fatigue management

    -Pain control

    -Working with the health care team

    -Responsible use of medication


    Known internationally as the Chronic Disease Self Management Course, the BHSMC is supported by research findings in Australia and around the world. Self-management courses developed by Professor Kate Lorig have been demonstrated to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic disease. Typical outcomes from participation in self-management courses include improvements in:

    - Communication with healthcare professionals;

    - Psychological well-being (anxiety, depression, health distress, self-efficacy); - Use of health promoting behaviours;

    - Health status; and a decrease in the

    - number of visits to healthcare professionals;

    Proposed by Bandura (1982, 1992), self-efficacy is the theoretical foundation of the BHSMC and is centred around four specific mechanisms (1) Performance accomplishments (based upon skills mastery); (2) Vicarious experience or modelling (seeing others similar to oneself successfully accomplishing their goals on a daily basis); (3) Persuasive communication (convincing instructions and advice from others can foster goal accomplishment); (4) Reinterpretation of physiological signs and symptoms (changing beliefs).

    Once you are a leader, we are committed to providing you with ongoing support. You will receive a quarterly newsletter, including articles or further information on relevant topics, opportunities to update your skills at other events and telephone or email contact with Arthritis Victoria and Osteoporosis Victoria Trainers to discuss any questions you may have.

    Fees include the ongoing costs of leader support as well as the training course expenses. For application forms please phone 8531 8008 or visit the Arthritis website Arthritis Victoria members are eligible

    for discounts.

    Arthritis Victoria can also provide courses on a consultancy basis. Phone 03 8531 8008 to discuss your requests.

    The authors of the Self Management Courses, from Stanford University Patient Education Research Unit, advise organisations wishing to offer either the Better Health or the Arthritis Self Management course that a licence is required to do so. Applications for a licence and payment of the fee are made to Stanford Patient Education Centre via their website at

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