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policy listingdoc - Workinfocom - Human resources for todays

3. Policy listing by function

3.1 Training, and Development

A. Skill development policy:

- Skill Development forum/committee

- Training plans and budgets

    - Training needs analysis, and systematic training process

- Learning contracts and records/ SETA administration/ Skill Development Levy administration

- NQF qualifications policy

    B. Policy on training vendors and suppliers of training services

C. Orientation and induction training

D. Learnership policy

E. Mentorship, and coaching policy/coaching and mentoring of high-flyer, and affirmative action


F. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) procedures

    G. Dispute resolution policy for assessment, and RPL issues

H. On-job-training policy

3.2 Organisation Development

A. Communication policy

B. Access to information policy

C. Participative management policy

D. Change management, roles and responsibilities

    E. Restructuring, reorganisation, and employee consultation

3.3 Career Development

    A. Roles and responsibilities for career development

    B. Management, and key position succession policy

C. Management, and key employee secondment and rotation

3.4 Organisation, and Job Design

A. Structuring policies (flat vs steep etc)

B. Job design policy guidelines (broad vs narrow job design)

3.5 Human Resource Planning

    A. Succession planning and affirmative action/register of skills

B. Organisation structures/establishment

C. Disaster recovery plan for key positions and employees

3.6 Performance Management

    A. Performance contracts for management/performance agreements for employees

B. Performance management philosophy

C. Ratings dispute resolution policy and procedure

D. Roles and responsibilities within performance management system/ documentation for individual

    and team performance planning and discussions/ development reviews for teams and individuals/rating

    policy/ overall/annual/final performance reviews, and pay/ consistency reviews (for overall system)

    3.7 Recruitment, Selection, Promotions, Transfers, and Termination

A. Internal recruitment (including internal advertising)

B. External recruitment (including external advertising)

- Use of employment agencies

- Employee referrals

- Recruitment of relatives

- College, university recruitment

C. Recruitment, and affirmative action

D. Selection policy

    - Trade and practical tests/psychometric testing

- Pre-employment medical screening

- Reference checking

- Salary offer

    H. Contracts of employment for all categories of employees

I. Contracts of employment by type of work

J. Termination policy

    K. Probationary period, including probationary appraisal/forms

L. Hiring former employees

    M. Promotion policy, seniority, and affirmative action

    N. Demotion procedures, and appraisal, and disciplinary codes

3.8 Compensation, and Benefits

A. Base pay

B. Medical aid

C. Pension

D. Overtime pay

E. Work on Sundays and public holidays

F. Leave:

- Maternity leave and pay

    - Sick leave and pay, and doctors certificate

- Study leave and pay

- Annual leave

- Compassionate leave, and pay

G. Accident pay

H. Bonus pay

I. Commissions policy

    J. Share/employee ownership participation scheme

K. Incentive schemes

    L. Employee special awards, and recognition policy

    M. Attendance registers, and hours of work

N. Retirement age, and benefits

O. Payday, and payroll week/month

P. Wage reviews:

    - Unionised, and non-unionised

- General increases

    - Merit pay plans and increases

Q. Allowances:

- Shift allowances

    - Reimbursement of travel expenses/petrol/mileage

- Cell phones

- Accommodation, meals, and tea allowance on business

- Accommodation, meals, and tea allowance on business

R. Flex time, and pay

S. Overtime policy

T. Relocation expenses

    U. Public holidays, and pay; other holiday policies

V. Break (Rest) periods

W. Voluntary redundancy, and pay

X. Layoffs, and plant closures and pay

Y. Recalls

Z. Employee loans

    AA. Resignation, pay and benefits administration

BB. Redundancy pay

CC. Reduced working hours, and pay

DD. Garnishments

    - Garnishee orders for child support

EE. Disclosure of pay and benefits

3.9 Employee Assistance

A. Tuition, pay and leave

    B. Scholarship, bursaries, and affirmative action

    C. Housing assistance, and employee upliftment pokicy

D. HIV, and chronic health assistance

E. Reasonable accommodation for disabilities

F. Retraining assistance and redundancies

G. ABET/Adult basic education

    3.10 Industrial Relations, and Unions

A. Recognition agreement

B. Collective bargaining agreements

C. Shop steward policies

E. Payroll deductions for membership dues,

F. Agency agreement and dues

    G. Disciplinary code for performance, and code of conduct

H. Dismissal policy

    I. Grievance procedure, management, and non-management employees

J. Codes of good conduct for Sexual harassment

    K. Codes of good conduct for HIV/AIDS and employment practices

L. Codes of good conduct for Employment equity

    M. Codes of good conduct for Dismissal for operational requirements

    N. Codes of good conduct for Regulation of working time

O. Codes of good conduct for Protection of employees during pregnancy and after the birth of a child

P. Codes of good conduct for Picketing

Q. Codes of good conduct for Employment equity

    R. Codes of good conduct for Employees with disabilities

    S. Codes of good conduct for Occupational safety and health

3.11 HR Research, and information systems (management reports)

A. Wage and salary surveys

B. Overtime analysis

C. Absenteeism analysis

D. Appraisal (ratings) analysis

    E. Job movement, and age analysis: length of time in job

F. Labour turnover analysis

    G. Affirmative action and equity analysis

H. Income differential analysis

I. Training gap analysis

J. Climate and morale surveys

K. Grievance analysis

L. Accident analysis

M. HIV/AIDS trend analysis

N. NQF analysis

    3.12 Occupational Safety, and Health

    A. Roles and responsibilities of management and employees

B. Safety committee policy

C. Accident investigation

D. Safety inspections

E. Housekeeping

F. Suggested Safety Rules

G. Safety Training

H. Safety Check List

3.13 Codes of Conduct

A. Dress code, and personal hygiene

B. Statements to the press

C. Whistle blowing

D. Dismissible behaviour

E. Absence reporting, and reporting late for work

F. Conflict of interest, and perceived conflict of interest

G. Workplace violence

H. Notification of change of address, and personal details

I. Telephone calls, Internet and web use, and use of company property

J. Smoking policy

K. Banking, and personal care during work hours

L. Substance abuse, on-and off the job

M. Customer relations policy

N. Use of telephones, internet, and WWW for personal use


You were looking for the list of measures a week or so back.Here they are:

2.4 Audit Of The Financial Management Role Of HR (financial ratios)

    A comprehensive audit of HR systems and procedures needs to go beyond the ‘check and tick/inspection’ level. Basic financial ratios/scorecard measures appropriate for a staff function like HR

    need to be put in place to audit the efficiency of the various functions outlined in figure 1 above (See The Human resource Wheel).

    Please note: The many, and varied functions of HR act as a system of levers for optimising employee, team and organisational performance results over time. The red flag here is not to fall into the trap of measuring loose-standing HR functions as administrative management tools. Many HR outputs also need to be considered from the standpoint of which is 'better' -i.e. to make or to buy. These are (financial) management decisions that need to be made about how HR will be judged to have produced results.

Each hotel/SBU can select from the following list of Customer, Financial, Business Process, and

    Growth and Learning measures that will be calculated to round off the audit.


2.4.1 Planning and staffing

    ? Special recruitment programmes (e.g. Universities)

     - Interviewing costs

     - Special event analysis (Rush assignments)

     - Response time analysis (Speed)

     - Time to fill analysis (Quality)

     - Job posting response rate (Internal)

     - Job Posting Hire Rate

? Internal Cost Per Hire/Make

     - Internal Hire Rat

     - Interviewing time

? External Cost Per Hire/Buy

     - Source Cost

     - Staff Time

     - Management Time

     - Processing Cost

     - Travel and Relocation

2.4.2 Recruitment efficiency

    ? Interview time (internal and external appointments

? Recruitment agency costs

2.4.3 Recruitment effectiveness

     Staff Requisitions

? Requisitions Opened

? Requisitions filled

     Optimising staff levels

? Actual versus projected staff levels (by function/department)

     2.4.4 Compensation measures

? Cost Control

    ? Distribution Patterns relative to evaluation of performance

? Employee Pay Attitudes

2.4.5 Benefits

? Total Cost

2.4.6 Orientation cost per employee

? Departmental Orientation Cost (Personal walk through by mentor)

     2.4.7 Counseling/disciplinary costs (early warning measure)

? Departmental counseling factor

? Counseling topic factor

? Counseling topic time

2.4.8 Lost time costs

? Absence rate

? Absenteeism cost

? Negotiation time cost factor

? Strike/downtime cost factor

     2.4.9 Turnover rates

? Length of Service

? Transfer Cost (internally across departments/functions)

? Termination by department or job category I reason for leaving

     2.4.10 Training and development costs/measures

? Cost per learner (classroom)

    ? Cost per learner (on-job-training)

? Knowledge change benefit

? Skill change benefit

? Performance change benefit

     2.4.11 Organisation development measures

? Satisfaction

? Adaptiveness

? Development

? Risk taking

? Creativity/learning

? Job Stress

? Job Flexibility/multiskilling

? Leader behaviors

? Commitment Measures

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