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    Fermentation (and related industry) capacity in Canada (2007)


    Nysa Membrane Technologies Inc., Burlington

    - structured gel membranes for purification of biological drugs

Cangene, Winnipeg (

    - contract manufacturing with 2,100L capacity (microbial) in Mississauga

DSM Biologics (

    - mammalian and microbial culture facilities in The Netherlands and Montreal

    Nexia Biotechnologies, Vaudreuil-Dorion ( - transgenic goats

    - protexia (human butyrylcholinesterase) in preclinical development as protectant against

    nerve gas

Medicago, Quebec (

    - plant proteins, alfalfa

    - pilot-scale manufacturing

SemBioSys, Calgary (

    - transgenic oilseed

    - human insulin

    - apolipoprotein

CNETE, Shawinigan (

    - contract fermentation facility

    - ethanol from biomass

BioVectra, PEI

    - 25,000L fermentation capacity

    - custom manufacturer

    - urease as anticancer and natural products from plant biomass

Philom Bios Inc., Saskatchewan

    - inoculants (Penicillium bilaii)

Iogen, Ottawa

    - cellulases

    - fuel ethanol

    - xylanase (BioBrite)

IBEX, Montreal (

    - heparinase, chondroitinase

    Lallemand and Institut Rosell, Montreal ( - yeast and yeast extracts

    - probiotics

    - lactic cultures

    Breweries and Distilleries (numerous across Canada including microbrews) - Labatt Breweries operates research pilot plant in London, ON

Reinhart Foods (Allen’s) (

    - vinegar

Fleischmann’s (Burns Philp Food Ltd.), Montreal

    - vinegar

    - yeast

    - ethanol, wine

Cheese, yogurt, fermented creams, cultured butter

    - numerous

Apotex Fermentation Inc., Winnipeg and across Canada


    - largest Canadian pharmaceutical company

Bioethanol manufacturers

    - Upper Canada Ethanol plant planned for Kingston

    - GreenField Ethanol (formerly Commercial Alcohols) in Chatham (Canada’s largest and continous operation), Tiverton (batch and site of R&D centre), Varennes (near completion), Johnstown (new construction), Hensall (under construction)


    - producer of HFCS’s

    - plants in Port Colborne, London, Cardinal

JBL Jungbunzlauer

    - citric acid plant in Port Colborne

SNC-Lavalin, Montreal

    - engineering, procurement services and construction management to Johnstown ethanol plant

    - recently purchased TCPI (The Construction Partnership Inc) and NorStar CV Inc., increasing pharmaceutical/biotechnology team by 50 people to over 700 worldwide - market leadership in engineering construction and validation projects involving biotech and pharmaceutical processes and regulatory compliance.

QSV Biologics, Edmonton (

    - biopharm contract manufacturing to biopharm firms developing protein therapeutics

- cGMP fermentation/purification suites

    PFI (Pacific Fermentation Ind. Ltd) North America, Vancouver (

    - yeast (bread, wine)

Husky Energy, Western Canada (

    - ethanol from wheat

    - Minnedosa, Manitoba, new plant in Lloydminster, Sask in 2007, second plant planned

    for Minnedosa, opening late 2007

Other ethanol plants planned for: (www.nrcan-

    - Commercial Alcohols, Inc., Varennes, QC

    - NorAmera BioEnergy Corp, Weyburn, SK

    - Okanagan Biofuels Inc., Kelowna, BC

    - Seaway Grain Processors, Inc, Sarnia, ON

    - Permolex Ltd., expansion of present facility in Red Deer, AL - Power Stream Energy Services Inc., conversion of starch plant in Collingwood, ON

DSM Biologics, Montreal

    - 2 x 12,500L bioreactors

    - animal cell and microbial fermentation

    - Montreal facility mothballed in 2005; future uncertain

Bioniche Life Sciences, Inc. (

    - Belleville, Pointe-Claire, Montreal

    - animal and human biopharmaceuticals including vaccines

Microbix, Toronto (

    - contract manufacturing services

    - microbial and animal cell culture

    - biopharmaceuticals

    Sanofi pasteur, Connaught Campus, Toronto (

    - vaccines

    KS Avicenna Inc., Edmonton ( - cGMP contract manufacturer of fermentation-derived biologics

Government research pilot plant facilities

    National Research Council Labs

    - Biotechnology Research Institute, Montreal

    - Plant Biotechnology Institute, Saskatoon

- Institute of Biological Sciences, Ottawa

Agriculture Canada, St.-Hyacinthe

    Alberta Research Council

    Saskatchewan Research Council

Research networks

Canadian Biomass Innovation Network (CBIN), Ottawa

    - supports R&D in bioenergy, biofuels, industrial bioproducts, bioprocesses

Centre for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (CBM) of the Ottawa Life Sciences Council


    - maximize Canada’s biopharma output

Canadian Bioprocessing Initiative (CBI)

    - proposed national strategy overseen by CBM

    - build capacity in research, biomanufacturing and training

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