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By Danielle Peters,2014-08-30 03:36
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Print Memorandum on Lighting Design SpeicificationsPrin


To: Architectural Design Team

From: Daniel E. Ference, Supervisor

Date: March 18, 2009

Re: Lighting Design Drawings

    The following memo contains the specifications for designing the lighting plan for the Office Building. The lighting work sheet was constructed using EXCEL spreadsheet and is named LIGHTING.XLS. This file can be found in the EDD245 class directory located in Kepler. Copy this file to your Working Disk. The information and design calculations was based on the contents of the textbook Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings, 8th. Edition and is the textbook used in the course BLC208,

    Principles of Mechanical System.

    Your job assignment is to determine the number of Luminaries for each room using the given specifications below. A lighting work sheet must be filled out for every room and area in the Office Building. The sections on the work sheet highlighted in Blue require input information from the user

    and sections in Red are computations done by the program. Save and print each work sheet. All of the print-outs will accompany the Lighting Plan drawings for evaluation and grading.

    Design Specifications

Average Maintained illumination for design (LUX)

    Utility Rooms: LUX = 150 Offices: LUX = 300

    Conference Room: LUX = 500 Lobby: LUX = 300

    Lounge and Basement: LUX = 300

Luminaire Data:

    Luminaire Type: Fluorescent unit with flat prismatic lens, four-lamp, 610mm (2 ft.) wide Maintenance Category: V

    Manufacturer: Philips

    Catalog Number: F40WW/RS/EW

    Number of Lamps: 4

    Lumens (per Luminaire): Lumen Initial: 2700 Rated Average Life/Start at 3 hrs: 2350

Selection of Coefficient of Utilization (CU)

    pc: Ceiling reflectance 80%

    pf: Floor reflectance 30%

    pw: Wall reflectance 50%

    hcc Ceiling Cavity height

     (height between the finished suspended ceiling and the ceiling joists) hfc Floor Cavity height

     (recommend heights Offices: 30"; Schools: 30"; Drafting Rooms: 36" to 48";

     Shops: 42" to 48")

    hrc Room Cavity height

    RCR: Room Cavity Ratio (calculated by the program)

    CCR: Ceiling Cavity Ratio (calculated by the program)

    FCR: Floor Cavity Ratio (calculated by the program)

    pcc: Ceiling cavity reflectance (use Table E-1)

    pfc: Floor cavity reflectance (use Table E-2)

CU: Coefficient of Utilization (use Table E-3)


    Design Specifications


Selection of Light Loss Factors (LLF)


     Luminaire ambient temperature 1.00

     Voltage to Luminaire 1.00

     Luminaire surface depreciation 1.00

     Other Factors 0.90


     Room Surface Dirt depreciation 0.82

     Lamp lumen depreciation 0.85

     Lamp burnouts factor 0.95

     Luminaire dirt depreciation (LDD) 0.91


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