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    Curriculum Vitae

Kevin Holden



    To create an appreciation for the art of theatre as a full-time professor at a university dedicated to a liberal

    arts education.


    o SELF-MOTIVATED- After putting myself through graduate school, I marketed

    myself to local theatre companies as a designer, and have created lasting professional

    relationships with several established playhouses.

    o PASSION FOR MY FIELD- My excitement towards the possibilities and

    practices of theatre is a constant source of infectious energy.

    o RESEARCH MINDED- I formed my own theatre company for the purpose of

    finding new and more affective ways of creating theatre for Houston audiences.

    o GREAT PROFESSIONAL NETWORK- I have wonderful relationships with

    many other theatre artists, theatre companies, and arts professionals in the Houston area

    that allow unique resources/experiences for my students.

    o COLLABORATOR- I take great pride in my ability to work effectively (and

    enjoyably) as a creative piece to the whole of a theatrical production.

    o LOVE BEING LOCAL- I want to stay in my home city, and continue to improve

    upon its rich arts’ culture.


    o Serve as artistic director for successful local theatre company

    o Work consistently as a freelance lighting and scenic designer for many different

    production companies

    o Developed successful theatre departments for public high schools in Texas

    o Significantly increased enrolment in the high school theatre departments I headed

    o Collaborated on the creation of a new style of theatrical presentation and production

    o Studied/worked with highly respected theatre artists; Sir Peter Hall, Kevin Rigdon,

    Lanford Wilson, David Nancarrow, and Oscar Brockett

    o Worked as the electrics supervisor for the fine arts department at a large university.

    o Have rigorously studied, and professionally worked in all aspects of the art of theatre.



o Horse Head Theatre Co. (Houston, TX)

    ; (2009 present) Founding Member. I have served as Artistic Director of this

    young company since its inception. For more information on Horse Head, please

    see the company website at

    o Freelance Theatrical Designer

    ; (2008 present) Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, Props Artisan. Over the

    past three years I have worked as a designer for the following companies; The

    University of Houston, Rice University, Stages Repertory Theatre, the

    Catastrophic Theatre Company, Mildred’s Umbrella, Classical Theatre Company,

    Main Street Theatre, Back Porch Players, Opera in the Heights, Opera Vista, the

    Rude Mechanicals, Allgo Theatre, Mosaic Theatre, and Brave Dog Players.

    Please see my “designer’s resume” that I have included in the application

    materials for more details on my professional design work.

    o Houston Community College (Houston, TX)

    ; (2011 present) Adjunct Professor. I currently teach three sections of Intro to

    Theatre classes as this college, where it is my mission to create an excitement

    towards an art form that most (if any) of my students have never been exposed to


    o San Jacinto College South Campus (Houston, TX)

    ; (2011 present) Adjunct Professor. Adjunct Professor. I currently teach one

    section of Intro to Theatre classes as this college, where I have the same mission

    as I do at HCC.

    o Bos Lighting Design (Houston, TX)

    ; (2007 2009) Lighting Designer. I was responsible for designing aesthetically

    pleasing and energy efficient lighting designs for large scale (skyscrapers,

    hospitals, hotels, etc.) architectural projects from all over the world. o The University of Houston Main Campus

    ; (2005 2007) Master Electrician. My responsibilities were to maintain all the

    Department of Theatre and Dance’s lighting inventory, as well as making sure all

    designed plots were executed correctly and on time.

    ; (2005 2007) Student Professor. I was in charge of all undergraduate students

    involved in the department’s electrics crew as part of their scholastic lab


    o Montgomery High School (Montgomery, TX)

    ; (2001 2004) Teacher. I was the department head for the high school’s theatre

    program. I was responsible for all aspects school productions, a full load of

    classes, and extracurricular activities including UIL One Act Play and National

    Forensics League competitions. This particular department was almost

    nonexistent prior to my employment, but more than doubled in size in the three

    years I was there.

    o Deer Park High School (Deer Park, TC)

    ; (1998 2001) Teacher. I was the department head for the high school’s theatre

    program. I was responsible for all aspects school productions, a full load of

    classes, and extracurricular activities including UIL One Act Play and National

    Forensics League competitions. This department also increased in size once I

    began heading the program.

o GO Trading (West Los Angeles, CA)


    ; (1997-1998) Broker. I was a NASDAQ stock broker for a day trading firm, and

    was responsible for my clients trades, and accounts on a daily basis.

o O’Brien/Rottman Talent Company (Hollywood, CA)

    ; (1995-1997) Talent Scout/Agent Relations. This was a talent company that

    attempted to get young talent (children between 2 and 18 years old) representation

    by respectable agencies in Hollywood. My responsibilities were to act as a “go

    between” for the company’s clients and the agents representing the clients, and

    recruit talent.

    o Actor (Hollywood, CA)

    ; (1995-1998) Acted in a professional capacity in films, television shows, and



    BFA Theatre Studies University of Texas at Austin

    o Degree attained at the end of the Spring semester of 1995 with a concentration in acting

    and directing.

    MFA Theatrical Design University of Houston (Main)

    o Degree attained at the end of the Spring semester of 2007 with a focus on scenic and

    lighting design.

    o My graduate project was a journal detailing and documenting my work with the Sir Peter

    Hall Company in London over the Summer of 2006.


o Drafting. (Hand draft, CAD Autodesk, and Vectorworks 12.5)

    o Lighting Programming. I am a fluent user of most lighting control boards (ETC

    Obsession, Express, Ion, Element, and Strand). I also have extensive experience with

    moving lights, LED fixtures, and other “intelligent” lighting equipment.

    o Grant Writing

    o Scenic Design Model Construction

    o Production Management

    o Program Budgeting

    o Props Artisanship

    o Scenic Artist

    o Carpentry

    o Lighting fixture maintenance and repair



    Year’s Top Theatre Shows (2010, Houston Chronicle)

    o Among the Thugs (Director).

    “Horse Head Theatre’s environmental staging of Bill Burford’s memoir about Brit soccer

    hooligans was engrossing and disturbing. The always compelling Drake Simpson led a

    dangerously rowdy team in Kevin Holden’s you-are-there staging that left spectators

    feeling bruised.”

    o Reckless (Scenic Designer)

Year’s Top Theatre Shows – (2009, Houston Chronicle)

    o Red Light Winter (Director)

    o Grey Gardens (Scenic Design)

    o Spirits to Enforce (Scenic & Lighting Design)

    o Hunter Gatherers (Scenic and Lighting Design)


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