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Emergency Towing Booklet.doc - Brake Test Mooring Winches and ...Emer

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    1) Ship-specific data.

    2) Purpose.

    3) Ship Evaluation.

    4) The on-board tools and equipment.

    5) Communications plan.

    6) Comprehensive diagrams and sketches.

7) Evaluation of existing equipment, tools and


    8) Identification of any minor tools or equipment.

    9) Inventory and location of equipment.

    10) Other preparations.

    11) Other relevant information.

    12) Ship-specific procedures.

    1) Ship-specific data

    Ship Name : Bahamas Spirit

    Flag/ Port : Bahamas

    Official Number : 9186651

    Builder : Koyo Shipyard

    Call sign : C6FQ5

    IMO Number : 9186651

    GRT : 57947

    NRT : 31829

    Deadweight : 107261

    Lightship : 16616

    L.O.A : 246.80 m

    Breadth : 42.00 m

    Depth : 21.30 m

    Anchors : Stockless Type / Weight : 10125 Kg

    Anchor Chain : 13 Shackles x 90 mm Port and Stbd

    Windlass Brake : 268.7 T

    2). Purpose

    The sole purpose of the “Towing Booklet” is by means of the procedures documented within the booklet is to support the crew in establishing the safest and most efficient course of action to be undertaken when confronted with an emergency

    that requires the towing.

    3). Ship Evaluation.

    There are 2 Emergency Towing arrangements on Ship.

    a) Forward Towing Arrangement at Forecastle.

     Type: Tateno- Kashiwa

     Model: TK40F

    b) Aft Towing Arrangement on poop Deck.

     Type : Tateno Kashiwa

     Model: TK40A

    Both can be used with and without ship power.

    Please find below the Instruction on the Use and Deployment of


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