f11 research diagnostics

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f11 research diagnostics

    Research Diagnostics Instructions and Guidelines

    Academic misconduct, and in particular plagiarism, can result in serious penalties. It is important that you know when and how to properly give credit to ideas, information, or data that was created by others. Learning when and how to properly cite your sources is an important skill that you will use throughout your university career.


    Due Date: You must complete the Research Diagnostics (see instructions below) before 8 a.m. on the day of your LAB #2 to avoid mark penalties.

    Mark Value: If you do not complete the exercise as outlined below before Lab #2 or do not spend sufficient time or effort completing it up to 3% (one grade point) will be deducted from

    your final grade in the course.

You must complete:

    1. five tutorials:

    Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (APA): Overview (8 slides)

    Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (APA): Quotation (15 slides)

    Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (APA): Paraphrase (10 slides)

    Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (APA): Summary (9 slides)

    Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial (APA): Extended Analysis (14 slides)

     These tutorials are to be read and reviewed BEFORE you attempt the quizzes. If not, you

    will score lower on the quizzes and have a much higher chance of being subject to doing

    follow-up exercises. Also, failure to read through these tutorials will result in mark


2. two quizzes:

     Integrating Resources Quiz

     Understanding the Research Assignment Quiz

     Note: You may use your lab manual and other resources while completing the quizzes. It

    will take approximately 90 minutes to complete all of the quizzes and tutorials. You do

    not have to complete them all at once, as long as you complete them all before 8 a.m. on

    the morning of your Lab #2. In order to stop and start completing the quizzes and

    tutorials, you must follow the exact same process each time that is outlined below.

To enter the website and begin:

1. Go to the Pearson website

    2. Click Login in the “Returning Users” box.

    ; Enter your Login Name and Password in the fields provided.

    ; Click Login.

NOTE: Only certain Internet Browsers are compatible with this website.

    If you are a PC user, please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome If you are a Mac user, please use Safari or Google Chrome

    Regardless of your computer type, please avoid the use of Firefox!!!

3. Click on the logo.

Instructions for completing tutorials:

    1. Click on Research Self-Assessment Diagnostics in the upper left hand section of the Home


    2. Click on the > next to Research box on the left of your screen (it will turn into a down

    arrow when you do). A list of topics will appear.

3. Click on Avoiding Plagiarism, then click on APA. A list of items will appear on your screen.

    ; The items with the eye () are the required tutorials you must complete. Click on

    the tutorial you wish to complete to begin.

    ; When you have completed a tutorial, click on the “X” in the top right corner of your

    screen to exit the tutorial. This will take you back to the page below so you can move

    onto reviewing the next tutorial.

    ; Each tutorial must be reviewed.

     As you complete them a check mark will appear next to each one. Please be aware that

    your TA can see how much time you spend and how thoroughly you complete each

    tutorial trying to “cheat” the system may result in charges of academic misconduct or at

    the very least, mark deductions for non-completion of assigned work.

     As such, take the time to review these tutorials properly and thoroughly. It will benefit

    you in the end!

Instructions for completing quizzes:

    You may use your lab manual and the resources available on the mycanadianbuscommlab website when answering the quiz questions. If you are unsure of the answer to a question, click “Stop to resume later”, click on “Research” on the left side of your page, then “Avoiding Plagiarism”, then “APA”. The items that have a book image next to them () are text-based

    instruction that you can use to figure out the correct answer to your questions. If you do not

    obtain at least 70% on each of the two quizzes you must complete six follow-up exercise sets.

1. Click on Research Self-Assessment Diagnostics in the upper left hand section of the Home


2. Click on Integrating Sources and complete quiz.

    3. When you have completed the quiz on “Integrating Sources” and your results are

    displayed, click on Review to review your results and consider what errors you made. 4. Return to the Home page (click on the Home box at the top of the page) and click on

    Research Self-Assessment Diagnostics, as in step 1 above.

    5. Click on Understanding the Research Assignment and complete the quiz. Click on

    Review to review your results and in particular understand your errors.

    To complete TWO additional exercise sets in each of three different topics (topics are

    indicated next to a pinwheel) if you received less than 70% on the Research Diagnostics


1. Click on “Research” on the left of your screen.

    2. Click on “Avoiding Plagiarism”

    3. Click on “APA”.

    4. The list of items with a pinwheel next to them () indicate topics which contain exercise

    sets which you may use to further develop your citation skills. Each “pinwheel” has

    several sets of exercises associated with it. You must complete at least two sets from

    three different pinwheels.

    5. Click on a topic next to a pinwheel and complete the questions. The number of questions

    is indicated in the lower right hand corner of your page.

    6. Once you have finished all of the questions click on “Show Results” at the bottom of your

    page. Review the results.

    7. Click on “Return to Topic” at the top of the results page to return to the topic page and

    select another topic or complete another set within the same topic.

Additional Resources

There are some additional resources in the drop downs under the Research link that you may

    find useful but are not required for the course.

    Remember that these additional resources are not necessary for you to review in order to avoid mark deductions but we STRONGLY recommend that you take a look through them at your own

    pace and convenience. The more you review and learn, the stronger your writing for individual and group written assignments will be. This can help improve your grade!

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