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ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS Saturday 3rd October 1953 Page ...Isle,page,Page

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     A verdict of death from drowning by misadventure was recorded by the Chichester Coroner (Mr. G. F. L. BRIDGMAN) at the inquest on Wednesday on Mr. Edward Albert Walter

    GOLDSMITH (25), a bricklayer, of Hanover House, George Street, Ryde, who was blown out to stsea in a dinghy in a gale on Sept. 21. The body was washed up at Bracklesham Bay on Tuesday

    morning and was identified by the dead man’s father, Albert Edward GOLDSMITH, of the same address, by means of articles of clothing found on the body.

     The story of a struggle with wind and heavy seas was told by Walter Percy PHILBRICK of 148 High Street, Ryde, sales manager, whose dinghy was borrowed by GOLDSMITH to go out to his motor-boat, moored 200-300 yards from the Esplanade, to bring it in. Witness said he told him that if he found himself in difficulties he was to drop anchor and he would go out to tow him in. He watched GOLDSMITH reach the motor-boat and let go his mooring chain, then jump back into the dinghy. He started to row back to shore, but it seemed that the motor-boat was too heavy for the dinghy, and the wind was blowing him out to sea. Mr. OAKHAM came along and they both shouted to GOLDSMITH to drop anchor, but whether he heard them he did not know. They decided to launch Mr. OAKHAM’s dinghy and reached him in about five minutes with the wind behind them. They told him to get back on board the motor-boat, drop anchor, and wait while they fetched a motor-boat, intending to tow him back under power, as it was hopeless to try to tow by rowing. It took them about 20 minutes to reach the motor-boat. By then the wind had got up, and when they returned to where they had left GOLDSMITH they could not find him or either of the boats. The wind off shore was very strong, blowing at about 60-70 miles an hour, and was geting worse.

     Horace William OAKHAM, builder and decorator of 11 Green Street, Ryde, confirmed Mr. PHILBRICK’s evidence.

     P.C. CHILDS, who was called to the beach of Bracklesham Bay, on Tuesday morning, where the body was lying on the shingle, said both boats were washed up on the same beach on ndSept.22.

     The Coroner said it was an unfortunate and unhappy incident. Nobody would ever quite know what happened after GOLDSMITH was blown out to sea while Mr. PHILBRICK and Mr. OAKHAM were trying to bring assistance. He was satisfied that Mr. PHILBRICK and Mr. OAKHAM, maybe at considerable risk to themselves, did everything possible to help this young man in his difficulties.


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     The funeral took place on Friday week of Mr. E.A. GOLDSMITH, aged 25, of Hanover stHouse, George Street, victim of a drowning tragedy on September 21. The service at Holy Trinity

    Church, was conducted by the Rev. D. FORD, and Mr. E.S. SHEPPARD accompanied the singing rdof the 23 Psalm and the hymn “Rock of Ages.”

     The mourners were Mr. and Mrs. A.E. GOLDSMITH (parents), Mr. and Mrs. C.

NEWNHAM, Mr. N. NEWNHAM, MR. and Mrs. J. EDWARDS, Mesdames F. RALFE and A

    PORCELLI, and Mr. F. KNIGHT (uncles and aunts). Mrs. R. SUNSTRUM, Mrs. L. ALLINGTON, and Miss M. PORCELLI (cousins), Miss P. PHILBRICK, Mr. aand Mrs. P. PHILBRICK, Mrs. D.L. STANFORRD, and Messrs. M. OAKHAM, J. SMITHERS, R. POCOCK, and A. RAYNOR.

     There were 20 beautiful floral tributes, including those from the A.T.C.; Old Tyme Dancers; the Ryde Telephone Exchange (day staff); and Messrs. MULLIS and Co. The interment was at Ryde Cemetery.


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