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     Device Details -- Nokia N900?


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    Device details

    Built on: Maemo

    Nokia N900

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    Announced Date

    27 August 2009

    Device Description

    The Nokia N900 brings the power of computer to mobile devices. It??s a high

    performance mobile computer with advanced Maemo 5 software on Linux. Explore

    Nokia N900 features like multitasking on a live Dashboard, wide screen video

    capture, 3,5?? WVGA touch display (800 x 480 pixels), QWERTY keyboard and

    personalisable panorama desktop. The Nokia N900 also features 1 GB of application memory and up to 48GB of storage. Maemo browser is powered by

    Mozilla Technology and includes Adobe Flash 9.4 and full AJAX support. Wi-Fi and

    3.5G connectivity provides fast access to Internet. Take high quality photos and

    wide screen videos using 5Mpix camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Tag photos and

    browse them using the tag cloud, and see where images were taken with the

    automatic geotagging. Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts

    into an all-in-one address book. And naturally, N900 has a phone application for

    voice calls.

    Specifications are subject to change without Develop using this device Test using this device online

    Expand all / Collapse allCompare with other device(s)Technical SpecsDeveloper

     PlatformMaemo Operating SystemMaemo 5 Screen Resolution800 x 480 General

     Screen Resolution800 x 480 Device Size110.9 x 59.8 x 18[1] mm Volume113 cc

     Weight181 g Input MethodTouch Screen KeypadSlide-out QWERTY Keyboard Other

     KeysCamera Key

     Volume Keys Frequency BandsGSM 1800

     GSM 1900

     GSM 850

     GSM 900

     WCDMA Band I (2100)

     WCDMA Band IV (1700/2100)

     WCDMA Band VIII (900) Data BearersDual Transfer Mode (MSC 11)

     EDGE Class A

     GPRS Class A



     WCDMA Regional AvailabilityEurope, Middle East, North America CPU CountSingle

     CPU CPU TypeARM Cortex-A8 Processor, TI OMAP3430 CPU Clock Rate600 MHz

     Graphics ProcessorPowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support Consumer LinkDevice

     Home Page Developer Page LinkDeveloper Home Page Remote Device Access

     ServiceLink to the Service Notes1 19.55mm at camera area.

     2 Maximum speed up to 10 Mbps (DL).

     3 Maximum speed up to 2 Mbps (UL).

    Extra Features

     Extra Features3D Accelerometer

     Ambient Light Sensor

     Flight Mode

     Maemo Update

     Nokia Maps

     Ovi Files

     Ovi Share

     Ovi Store

     Proximity Sensor

     Stereo Handsfree Speakers

     Still Image Editor


     TV Out GPS FeaturesA-GPS

    Browser, Flash and Web Runtime

     Browser DetailsCSS

     HTML over TCP/IP

     Javascript 1.8

     Mozilla Based

     XHTML over TCP/IP

     XML Flash TechnologyAdobe Flash 9.4


     Camera Resolution2584 x 1938 CMOS Sensor5.0 Megapixel Camera Digital Zoom3 x

     Camera Focal length5.2 mm Camera F-Stop/Aperturef/2.8 Camera Focus range10 cm

     to infinity Camera Image FormatsJPEG/Exif Camera FeaturesAuto Exposure, Auto

     Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Exposure Compensation, Flash[1], Full Screen

     Viewfinder, Self Timer, Sequence Mode, Tessar? Lens Video Recording

     Resolution848 x 480 Video Recording Frame Rate25 fps Video Digital Zoom4 x

     Video Recording FormatsMPEG-4 Video FeaturesVideo Player

     Video Recorder

     Video Streaming Video Playback Formats3GPP formats (H.263), ASF, AVI, Flash

     Video, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, WMV, XVID Video Playback Frame Rate30[2]

fps Graphic

     FormatsBMP, EXIF, GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WBMP, WMF Audio

     FeaturesAudio Recording AAC stereo, 48kHz

     Audio Streaming

     Bluetooth Stereo

     FM Transmitter (88.1 - 107.9 MHz)

     Music Player Audio FormatsAAC, AAC+, eAAC+, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA Secondary

     Camera Resolution640 x 480 Secondary Camera CMOS Sensor300000 px Secondary

     Camera F-Stop/Aperturef/2.8 Secondary Camera Image FormatsJPEG Secondary

     Camera Video Recording Resolution640 x 480 Secondary Camera Video Recording

     FormatH.263 Supported Tag FormatsIPTC, XMP Notes1 Dual LED flash.

     2 WVGA (800x480) up to 25fps.

    Memory Functions

     Maximum User Storage32 GB NAND Memory768 MB SDRAM Memory256 MB Memory Card

     typeMicro SD Memory Card Connectivity

     Local ConnectivityBluetooth 2.1 +EDR

     Bluetooth Stereo Audio

     Micro USB

     Nokia AV 3.5mm


     USB 2.0 High-Speed

     USB Mass Storage Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, FTP, HFP, HSP, OPP WLAN




     WPA2 (AES/TKIP)


     MessagingIM, SMS Email SolutionsMail for Exchange

     Nokia Messaging Supported Email ProtocolsIMAP4, POP3, SMTP Supported Document

     FormatsExcel, PDF, Powerpoint, Word[1] Notes1 Document format support via

     installable application (Dataviz).

    Power Management

     Power ManagementUSB Charging Battery modelBL-5J 3.7V 1320mAh GSM Talk Time up

     to6.3 hours WCDMA Talk Time up to4.3 hours GSM Standby Time up to12 days WCDMA

     Standby Time up to10 days Video Playback Time up to5.6 hours Music Playback

     Time up to24.5 hours 3G Browsing Time up to5.5 hours WLAN Browsing Time up

     to8.0 hours



     SyncML[1] Notes1 Over BT and USB. Developer programsSupportNews and eventsRegional sites


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