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MGMKT 650-01

    MGMKT 645-03

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    MGMKT 645-03 Business Policy

    Fall 2008

    3 Semester Hours

INSTRUCTOR: Thomas M. Box CLASS TIME: 6:30-9:20 Tu

    OFFICE: 110e Kelce CLASSROOM: 111 Kelce

    OFFICE PHONE: (620) 235-4582 E-MAIL:

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday/Thursday: 9:00-11:00, 1:00-4:30

    REQUIRED TEXTS: rdParnell, J. (2006). Strategic Management: Theory and Practice (3. Ed). Cincinnati, OH. Atomic Dog Publishing. ISBN 978-1-4266-2606-7.

    thThompson, Arthur Glo-Bus and Business Strategy Game Download Code Card (14 edition).

    Published by McGraw Hill. ISBN: 0073045632.


    A capstone course which integrates knowledge of the functional areas to develop and implement

    policies. Case method or simulation. Ref: Pittsburg State University-2005-2007 Catalog


    MGMKT 327 Organizational Theory & Behavior, MGMKT 330 Basic Marketing, MGMKT 626 Operations Management, ECON 326 Business Finance, and senior standing


    After successfully completing this course, the student will: ; understand the nature of competition and industries at an advanced level ; understand the influence that external forcessocial, political/legal, economic, and

    technologicalplay in business performance

    ; understand the sophisticated relationships among the functional areas of business

    administration, including marketing, human resources, production, finance, economics, and



    Four Exams @100 points 300 points (drop low score)

    Team Case Study 100 points

    GLO-BUS Simulation (team) 200 points

    Individual Speech 50 points

    Financial Ratio Quiz 50 points

     700 points

    MGMKT 645-03

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     630-700 points A

     560-629 points B

    490-559 points C

     less than 490 points D


    ; Academic honesty is expected of all students enrolled in this course. Plagiarism, cheating,

    copying the work of others and other forms of academic dishonesty will result in a grade of

    ―F‖ in this course. You should carefully review page 37 of the University Catalog so as to

    understand the issue of academic dishonesty. Acquiring research papers, business plans or

    case studies written by others and submitting them as your work is expressly forbidden. Please read APA Manual, 5thedition, pp. 349-350.

    ; Attendance is required and expected. Excessive absenteeism can and will affect your grade.

    A seating chart will be used. After three absences (for any reason), you will be dropped from


    ; Examinations are closed books and notes, but you may bring one 8 ? x 11-reference sheet to

    each exam. The reference sheets may not be shared with other students. You are required to

    bring a Scantron form to each exam. No dictionaries or PDA’s are allowed. Your instructor

    will retain all exams.

    ; Self-selected students teams of 3 people will be identified during the first week of classes.

    ; Students seeking assistance with academic problems because of a handicap should contact

    Jamie Brooksher, Director of Equal Opportunity, 218B Russ Hall, telephone: 235-4189.

    Students with learning disabilities should contact Dr. Jamie Wood, 225C Whitesitt Hall,

    telephone: 235-4309 or 235-4193. Please inform the instructor if you have a handicap or a

    disability that the instructor needs to know about.

    ; All students must be connected to the GUS system and Blackboard and all students must be

    registered for the GLO-BUS Simulation no later than September 1, 2008.

    ; No ―early‖ finals are allowed for travel, job interviews or any other reason. Plan accordingly.

    The final exam (Exam 4) will be as specified by the Registrar.

    ; Students who have not registered on GLO-BUS by 9/1/08 will be dropped from this


    MGMKT 645-03

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    The GLO-BUS Simulation is designed to familiarize students with the complexities of operating a business. You and your teammates will make weekly decisions in all of the functional areas and you will compete against the rest of the class. Total points for the game will be the ratio of your performance to that of the highest team x 200 points

    Although I will not start the game until the second week of the semester, it is very important that you begin studying your player’s manual in the first week! Also all students must register for ththe simulation no later than September 15.


    Each team will be assigned one of the Real Time Case Studies from the textbook for analysis and presentation. A team may request a different company if they have a convincing reason for doing so. A written request must be received by your instructor no later than September 15th, 2008.

     thThe cases will be presented in class and they also require a detailed write-up in APA 5 Edition

    format. It is important to understand that each student will be required to make part of the

    presentation and the team grade on the presentation will be the average of the grades for each individual.

    Basically the case analysis will include an assessment of the firm’s strategies, recent results, SWOT analysis, your recommendations for strategy changes and a careful description of the schedule and costs (estimated) for implementation.

    The final report will be organized into the following sections and you MUST use these headings in your report:


    SWOT ANALYSIS (including Financial Ratios)






    Be sure to review the Case Analysis appendix in your text. It starts on page 211.

    MGMKT 645-03

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    Each student will be assigned an individual speech topic to present in class. The purpose of this assignment is to develop capabilities to make public presentations. This is considered to be a critically important business skill.

    The topics for the speeches will be assigned during the second week of the semester and you will need to do WWW research to gather information about the topic. Your role will be to explain the topic to your classmates and your instructor.

    This is to be a rehearsed, professional presentation of approximately 10 minutes in length. Grading criteria for this assignment will be:

    ; Was the speech rehearsed?

    ; Did the speaker have a strong opening and close?

    ; Did the speaker use good eye contact?

    ; Did the speaker use good overheads? Note: 3-4 overheads for a speech of this length.

    ; Was the speaker properly attired? Business casual is appropriate.

    MGMKT 645-03

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    MGMKT 645-03Business Policy

    Fall 2008

    Tentative Schedule


     Aug 26 Introduction + Teams + Glo-Bus

     Sept 2 Ch. 1 + Judo Strategy + Trial Round 6

     9 Ch 2 + Financial Ratio Analysis + Trial Round 7

     16 Ch 3 + Financial Ratio Quiz + Ch 4

     23 Exam 1

     30 Ch 5 + Ch 6

     Oct 7 Ch 7 + Ryanair Case

     14 Individual Speeches

     21 Ch 8 + Great Game of Business

     28 Exam 2

     Nov 4 Ch 9 + Ch 10

     11 Ch 11 + Ch 12

     18 Exam 3

     25 The Exceptional Leader + Implementing Strategy

     Dec 2 Case Study Presentations

     9 Make-Up Exams and Quizzes

     15 Finals Week


    For example,

    we may be scheduling a computer lab writing exercise later in the semester.

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