Problems in English Teaching in China

By Regina Daniels,2015-04-06 16:18
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Problems in English Teaching in China

    Problems in English Teaching in China

     Learning a language is mainly aimed at communication. But how many students even the college students can express themselves smoothly and understand others clearly in an English-only environment? Maybe a few students can meet the standard. This means that many problems exist in English teaching in China.

    Firstly, there is something wrong with the evaluation system. Over the past decades, China has witnessed a spurt of interests in English learning. Preschool children are learning English for fun; primary schools are managing to offer English courses for enhancing the teaching prestige; middle schools and high schools are crazy about the quality of their English education; universities are vying with each other to open an English department and college students are struggling with their Band 4 or Band 6 tests so that they can successfully complete their education and find better jobs. More and more people are trying their best to pick up this language for different purpose. Thus deeds haven’t produced a lot of language owners, but piles of English books on the shelves of both English learners and book sellers. It’s the second problem I’d like to talk about.

    Many books appear for specific skill training such as oral English, writing, listening, translation, and so on. These books are always written and edited far too quickly but less carefully. Many mistakes appear in such books. The author’s purpose is not the book itself, but to earn some money through book selling. So the innovative elements soon fade. A good book should be very helpful in moving the roadblocks from our path towards success language learning. If not how can we study English successfully?

    The lack of qualified English teachers is another important problem. A qualified English teacher should have take special training courses and have enough knowledge of English. However, in many primary schools and middle schools, teachers who don’t have qualification of English teaching are still giving classes to their students. They even teach their strong accent to the students.

    Among all those problems, the test-oriented education system is the crucial one, because all the education organization and activities have been arranged around different examinations. The priority of education has been put on exam skills, rather than on the development of quality and performance on the students’ part. As a result, students’ motivation and creativity have been worn

    out little by little. They may do perfectly in exams, but are far more competent. Although learning English is an irresistible trend for us who want to gain a position in the age of globalization. But we should find a balance in the new evaluation system, and don’t be confused by the variety of books. Our education system should also find a right way to balance test-oriented examination with competence-oriented examination, and offer more qualified teachers at the front of English teaching.

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