splendor in the grass

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splendor in the grass


    1.1928 Kansas: Wilma Dean "Deanie" Loomis (Natalie Wood) is a teenage girl who follows her mother's advice to resist her desire for sex with her boyfriend, Bud Stamper (Warren Beatty), the son of the most prosperous family in town. In turn, Bud reluctantly follows the advice of his father, Ace (Pat Hingle), who suggests that he find another kind of girl with whom to satisfy his desires. 2.Bud's parents are disappointed by, and ashamed of, his older sister, Ginny (Barbara Loden), a flapper and party girl who is sexually promiscuous, smokes, drinks, has had an abortion (or as Deanie's mother said "one of those 'awful surgeries'"), and a marriage annulled, so they "pin all their hopes" on Bud, pressuring him to attend Yale University.

    3.Bud does find a girl who is willing to become sexually involved with him; when Deanie finds out, she is driven close to madness and institutionalized. Her parents must sell their stock in order to pay for her institutionalization, which they do just before the Great Depression. Bud's family loses its fortune in the Crash of '29, which leads to the father's suicide. Ginny dies in an automobile accident, his mother lives nearby in squalor, and Bud takes up ranching, which he had postponed because of his father's aspirations for him.

    4.In the final scene, Deanie, home from the asylum after two years and six months, goes to meet Bud. He is now married to Angelina (Zohra Lampert), the daughter of Italian immigrants; he and his wife, whom he met while complying with his father's desire that he attend Yale, have an infant child and are expecting another one. After their brief reunion, Deanie and Bud see that they must continue their lives separately, to where Deanie goes off to marry a doctor in Cincinnati whom she met at the asylum.


    1.Youthful love and the sexual frustration

    The story line of the stormy relationship between two star-crossed, teenaged lovers parallels the poem as the adolescents meet, fall obsessively in love and become sexually awakened . There is a miracle in being young .

    2.The values of the business-oriented civilization

    Because of the repressed sexual attitudes, parental pressures, turmoil, social constraints and class differences, the young lover ultimately break up and are traumatized without consummating their Love. There is a fear in being young.


    1.The norms vs the sexual desire

    Traditionally,people believed that girls should keep virtue before they got married. When Deanie and Bud were together,Bud was feeling of being nut about her sometimes ,but this was not accepted by Deanie because this wasn't a good girl's behavior.This enhanced Deanie's inner struggleabout whether to give Bud what she and he both seemed to want, or whether to behave in a more socially acceptable way, avoid the risk of pregnancy, and follow her mother's advice about how to retain Bud's respect, which eventually drove her to madness.What's

    more,this also leaded the break up of Bud and Deanie .Because Bud became afraid that someday he couldn't suppress his desire for Deanie and this turned her into a bad girl. 2.Approve vs disapprove(marriage)

    On one hand,Mrs.Loomis believed that sex would ruin her daughter's chance of marrying Bud and "no nice girl" had sexual desires for a boy.So she encouraged her not to give up her virginity.In conclusion, Mrs.Loomis wished for such a marriage.

    On the other hand, Bud's father encouraged him to abstain from sex with Deanie, because, if Deanie were to conceive a child by Bud, they would have to marry. Obviously, he disapporved their marriage at that time.

    3.Good girl (the old) vs bad girl (the new)

    Deanie was a good girl ,she obeyed the norms in that time.Just as her mother told her that boys bear no respect to a girl who was open about sex and cared nothing about virginity, and they would never want such a girl to be their wife.So she keeped her virtue and dreamed of nothing but marrying Bud.

    Ginny was rebellious to her father’s authoritarian rule in the family and the conservative norms in the town.She got herself into a sort of trouble that required "one of those awful operation" and an annulment.She was the talk of the town and wasn't accept by them.

    4.The youth’s ideal vs parents’ expectation

    Bud's ideal was to marry Deanie and go to an agricultural college with her, then return to run the family farm after graduation. But his father wanted him to study in Yale.because he had been disappointed by his daughter and he took Bud as his final hope to satisfy his desire to be with the family fame and glory.This caused Bud's bad behavior in Yale.he played a lot,drunk a lot ,failed all his exams,and even had affairs with Italian girl


     Deanie lost her love, but she knew what her life was and who she really loved most and

    she was really grew up and became mature.

     We should cherish our first love .

     When we need to be braver and stronger when we were suffering the hardship.

     If you break up with you boy or girl friend, we also need to go ahead and enjoy our life. Question

    1.Why did Deanie want to see Bud after she left the mental house?

     Because she wasn’t so sure about herself and didn’t know which man she loved now. Otherwise ,she would remain regretful and she would never get rid of Bud.

    2.If you have children ,how will you teach your children about sex?

     We will tell them that what is the right attitude about sex. Just as the movie tell us the time is limited and it would never come back after it passed, so they’d better cherish the time when they are young and not do something they will regret. But if it happened ,we should take the responsibility.

    3.Do you think Deanie still loved Bud after she saw him?

     Yes, Deanie was more mature and so was her love, and she just keep her first love in the bottom of her heart, and she also loved Johnnie.

    4.Do you think Bud was regreted for his leaving Deanie?

     Bud was regret for his leaving Deanie. Because Deanie was his first love and he loved her very much in his youth. I think he left Deanie because he thought he should take responsibility for the waitress

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