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     In what way is on-line shopping changing people's life With the development of economy ,shopping on-line is become a fashion.In the decade after 1993,shopping-on-line grew from an insignificant novelty to a mainstream business influence.In 1993,few corporation had a web page ,and only a handful allowed one to order products or science on-line .More than ten years later,both large and small business had web pages,the most provided user with the opportunity to place an order.Beside,many banks added on-line access,and on-line banking and bill paying become widespread.More

    importantly,the value of goods and services acquired over the Internet grew dramatically after 1997.

    With the development of shopping on-line,it's changing people's daily life in many ways:

     At first, shopping on-line is not limited by

    time,Nowadays,modern people are always busy during the day,no more time to go to shop.So the shopping on-line has became the first choice.

    Second ,we can obtained lot of information of commodity,we can make a choice slowly.So maybe we can choose the best commodity on the Internet by the careful comparison .

     Third, the on-line payment is more safer than payment by

    cash,we can avoid cash lost or robbery,you can use the on-line payment to save more time to do some other things. To sum up,shopping on-line is changing our life greatly,And I think,shopping on-line will be more and more prosperous.

     Thank you very much.

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