Horror and ghost stories for younger people in giant print

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Horror and ghost stories for younger people in giant print

    The Giant Print Library

    Horror and ghost


    Titles updated

    September 2011

    Any UK member of our library service may borrow up to a

    maximum of 6 books per service for a 3 month loan period.

Most of the books have been

    produced by the National Blind Children's Society and are in 24 point type with identical covers to the ordinary print versions of the books.

    Please be aware that due to their size, many of the books are split into two or more volumes, and these will have the same covers.

    For details on borrowing any of the titles listed or for further information regarding the Giant Print collection please contact Liz Farrell or Hazel Sharrock, Children's Librarians at RNIB National Library Service on 0161 355 2061.

Horror and ghost stories

Almond, David.

    Skellig. 1998. Suggested reading age 9+.1v.

    Michael's baby sister is ill. While his parents spend time at the hospital, he explores their new home. In the old, derelict garage he finds something sinister; a strange creature, part owl, part angel. Is it something good or something evil?

    Contains swear words.

Burne, Christy.

    Takeshita demons. 2010. Suggested reading age 9+.1v.

    Miku Takeshita and her family have moved from Japan to live in the UK, but unfortunately the family's enemy demons have followed them! One night, in a raging snowstorm, Miku's little brother Kazu is kidnapped by the demons, and then it's up to Miku and her friend Cait to get him back

Cabot, Meg.

    The mediator 1 : love you to death. 2004. Suggested reading age 13+. 2v.

    Book 1 of the Mediator series. Suze is a mediator; she directs the unhappy dead into the afterlife, and it isn't easy - not all ghouls want to be guided. At least she's sharing her bedroom with Jesse - the most gorgeous ghost ever!

Cann, Kate.

    Leaving Poppy. 2006. Suggested reading age 15+. 2v.

    Amber's family think she's gone to Cornwall on holiday, but really she's left home. She feels bad because her mother and Poppy need her, but she's got to make the break. Then Amber falls ill and her family come to look after her. Something in the house responds to Poppy's presence,

    something malign and threatening.

Carpenter, Humphrey.

    Mr Majeika and the ghost train. 1995. Suggested reading age 7+. 1v.

    When Class Three and Mr Majeika get on board a Ghost Train they are in for a surprise. Real ghosts appear and the wicked Wilhelmina Worlock isn't far away. But Jody comes to the

    rescue...with a dragon to help her.

Carpenter, Humphrey.

    Mr Majeika and the haunted hotel. 1988. Suggested reading age 7+. 1v. Mysteriously stranded in the fog at night, Mr. Majeika and Class Three find themselves in a creepy hotel near Hadrian's Wall, where some very spooky things start to happen. Strange lights, ghostly sounds and vanishing people...

Cooper, Louise.

    Short and scary! : a book of very short scary stories. 2002.

    Suggested reading age 9+. 1v.

    (Short and spooky : a book of very short spooky stories is also

    available). A collection of short stories. They are short, some are spooky, some of them are funny, some of them are a little bit creepy.

Cross, Gillian.

    Wolf. 1992. Suggested reading age 13+. 2v.

    In the middle of the night in Nan's flat, Cassy hears voices. The next morning she is packed off to stay with her mother. It has all happened before and Cassy, knowing it is pointless to ask questions, tries to distract herself by getting involved in a travelling theatre show called Wolf. But this time distraction is not enough.

Delaney, Joseph

    The Spook's apprentice. 2005.

    Suggested reading age 13+. 2v.

    Book 1 of the Wardstone Chronicles (other books in the series are also

    available). Thomas Ward is the seventh son of a seventh son and has been apprenticed to the local Spook. Somehow Thomas must learn how to exorcise ghosts, contain witches and bind boggarts.

Dickens, Charles.

    A Christmas carol. 1843. Suggested reading age 11+. 1v.

    Ebenezer Scrooge is a heartless old miser who doesn't enjoy Christmas and doesn't think anyone else should, either. But, one Christmas Eve, some ghostly visitors take Scrooge on a journey that changes his mind for ever.

Du Maurier, Daphne.

    The birds and other stories. 1952. 2v. Suggested reading age 15+. The birds become hostile after a harsh winter with little food - first the seagulls, then birds of prey, and finally even small birds - all turn against mankind. Du Maurier, Daphne.

    Don't look now and other stories. 1971. Suggested reading age 15+. 2v.

    John and Laura have come to Venice to try and escape the pain of their young daughter's death. But when they encounter two old women who claim to have second sight, they find that, instead of laying their ghosts to rest, they become caught up in a train of increasingly strange and violent events.

Duncan Lois

    I know what you did last summer. 2000. Suggested reading age 15+. 1v.

    Four teenagers try to conceal their responsibility for a hit-and-run accident while being pursued by a mystery figure seeking revenge.

Ellis, Carol.

    Silent witness. 1994. Suggested reading age 11+. 1v.

    A Point Horror book. When Lucy's friend Allen dies, she is faced with sorting out his stuff - there's not much, but there is a video tape. Not unusual at first, but when played, it reveals a strange sinister secret, and covers a crime - a deadly crime.

Gibbons, Alan.

    Scared to death. 2008. Suggested reading age 13+. 2v.

    Book 1 of the Hell's Underground series. Paul makes a new friend, John Redman - daring and enigmatic, just as Paul longs to be, away from his cloying mother. Redman charms Paul at once, but also a girl called Jude they meet on a night about town. A few days later, Paul learns that Jude has mysteriously died, and Redman has disappeared…

Goodhart, Pippa.

The house with no name. 2003.

    Suggested reading age 8 years, suggested interest age 9-12 years. A Barrington Stoke book.

    When Jamie's father buys a house that has been empty for thirty-five years, a secret from the past is revealed. A touching ghost story.

Hoh, Diane.

    The whisperer. 1997. Suggested reading age 13+. 1v.

    A Point Horror book (Nightmare Hall). Shea Fallon is hiding a dark secret, and no-one must find out what she has done. But someone has found out, and now Shea is being haunted by a terrifying whisper on the phone. Can Shea stop the whisperer from

    revealing the truth? Or is she going to have to pay a deadly price?

Horowitz, Anthony.

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