5th Grade Social Studies

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5th Grade Social Studies

Briceville Elementary 2003-2004 th 5Grade Social Studies Curriculum Map

     th 5 Grade Social Studies

     Essential Questions References Performances Teacher Notes

     Year-Round Objectives Harcourt Brace Social

    The following objectives will be Studies textbook ongoing throughout the year, so I did not place them within a Harcourt Brace Social certain month. Studies Activity Book Interview parents, 5.1.01 Understand the diversity

     of human cultures. Harcourt Brace Text on grandparents and find out a. Explain how some immigrants tapes about your family tree. preserved their traditional culture Try to find which country and created a new American Essential Question: News of the Nation: your family immigrated culture. Why did U.S. Citizens Early Explorers of from to come to America. b. Explain government efforts to

     want restrictions placed America, Write a paragraph restrict immigrants entering into

    the United States. on the number of Quick Start Instructions describing what you 5.1.02 Discuss cultures and immigrants entering the Test & Answer Cards learned about your family human patterns of places and United States? history. regions of the world. a. Explain how art, music, and

     literature reflected the times

    during which they were created. b. Give examples and describe the importance of cultural unity and diversity within and across groups.


5.0.03 Recognize the contributions of individuals and News of A Nation: Students will brainstorm people of various ethnic, racial, Revolutionary War of in groups to come up with religious, and socioeconomic America 10 examples of how our groups to the development of

     culture has absorbed civilizations.

    a. Identify significant examples things from other cultures. of art, music, and literature from (ex. foods or phrases…) various periods in United States history. Harcourt Brace Social b. Describe how language,

     stories, folktales, music, and Studies textbook

    artistic creations serve as expressions of culture and Essential Question: Harcourt Brace Social influence behavior of people Why is America called a Studies Activity Book living in a particular culture. “Melting Pot?” c. Summarize the contributions

     Harcourt Brace Text on of people of selected racial,

    ethnic, and religious, groups to tapes our national liberty. 5.1.04 Understand the contributions of individuals and people of various ethnic, racial,

     religious, and socioeconomic

    groups to Tennessee. a. Identify the similarities and differences within and among selected racial, ethnic, and religious groups in Tennessee.

     b. Describe customs,

    celebrations, and traditions of selected racial, ethnic, and


    religious groups in Tennessee.

     Harcourt Brace Social Students will use World th5 Grade-Social Studies Studies textbook Map (room display), August-September Essential Question: globe, and travel maps to /Geography Which careers use latitude Harcourt Brace Social locate cities and historical 5.3.01 Understand how to use and longitude every day? Studies Activity Book sites on the maps, and maps, globes, and other locate latitude and geographic representations, tools, Harcourt Brace Text on longitude lines. When and technologies to acquire,

     process and report information tapes teacher gives latitude and from a spatial perspective. longitude, the students will a. Locate the major physical Geography by Steck-name the location. features and cities of the United Vaughn: States on a map or globe. (Five Themes of Given a Word Search, b. Understand the latitude,

     Geography: latitude and Students will locate words longitude, the global grid, and

    time zones of the sites within the longitude, hemispheres, by cardinal directions and United States and Tennessee. time zones, etc.) directional plot points on a c. Recognize landforms, climate, grid. and natural resources as World Globe determining factors in the

     location and development of

    communities. Classroom World Map 5.3.02 Recognize the interaction between human and physical State Maps of Tennessee systems around the world. and other states a. Describe human settlement

     patterns and land use in the US

    and TN. b. Explain human modifications


of the physical environment. c. Recognize the impact of extreme natural events on human Harcourt Brace Social history. Studies Textbook

     Essential Question: August-September,

     Why did the framers of Harcourt Brace Social continued

     the Constitution put these Studies Activity Book 5,3,03 Demonstrate how to

    identify and locate major physical rights in the Constitution? and political features on globes Harcourt Brace Text on and maps. tapes a. Recognize population characteristics of Tennessee and

     the United States.

    b. Identify and locate the Students will create a geographical regions of the US. Constitution for our c. Explore ways technological classroom. advances enabled people to overcome geographic barriers.

     Governance and Civics

     5.4.01 Discuss the structure and News of the Nation: The

    purposes of governance. Constitution of America a. Describe the important individual rights including freedom of religion, speech, and press and the rights to assemble

     and petition the government.

     b. Describe important due process rights including trial by jury and the right to an attorney. c. Identify and compare leadership qualities of national


leaders, past and present. d. Recognize that a variety of formal and informal actors influence and shape public policy. Essential Question: Harcourt Brace Social

     What were the causes, Studies textbook th 5 Grade SS-October-course, and consequences Students will create a

     November of the Civil War? Harcourt Brace Social Constitution for our

     Era 5-Civil War and Studies Activity Book classroom.

     Reconstruction (1850-77)

    5.5.01 Understand the causes, Harcourt Brace Text on course, and consequences of the tapes Civil War. a. Identify the locations of the southern and northern states.

     b. Identify the advantages and News of the Nation: The disadvantages of northern and Civil War of America southern economic resources. c. Identify similar and different northern and southern social and cultural customs.

     d. Identify sectional interests that

    led to the Civil War. e. Describe the role of Tennessee in the Civil War. f. Chart the course of major events throughout the Civil War.

     5.5.02 Understand the plans and

    policies for Reconstruction and subsequent successes and failures. a. Identify components of the


various plans for Reconstruction. Essential Question: Each student will identify b. Evaluate the successes and Did industry grow because the main causes of the failures of Reconstruction plans. of immigration (cheap Harcourt Brace Social Civil War; the course, and c. Decide the reasons for labor) or did immigration Studies Textbook the consequences of the successes and failures of R-plans.

     increase because of Civil War. d. Assess the lasting impact of

    the Civil War/Reconstruction. industry (plenty of jobs)? Harcourt Brace Social th5 Grade-SS-November- Studies Activity Book December

    Era 6- The Development Harcourt Brace Text on

    of the Industrial U.S. tapes

    (1870-1900) 5.5.03 Understand development of Industrial America a. Analyze the effects of immigration, migration, and

     resources on the economic

    development and growth of US. b. Identify individual leaders of business and industry. Students will keep a log of c. Explain how industry and chores they do for one mechanization changed ways of

     week. Then we will life in America and Tennessee.

    d. Understand the rise of contrast it with the work American labor movement. children were expected to 5.504 Understand the acquisition do back in the early of territory to the United States. 1900’s. a. Describe how armed conflict,

     purchases, treaties, and land

    settlement resulted in further American expansion.


b. Assess the reistance of various groups to the U.S. expansion. c. Describe the people, lifestyles, Essential Question: and liberties in the American Should the US have gotten West.

     involved in wars on d. Trace the growth and necessity

    of the Chinese in the American foreign soil? Harcourt Brace Social West. (Speaking in today’s time, Studies textbook th5 Grade SS-January- should the U.S. get/be February involved in wars on Harcourt Brace Social Era 7/Emergence of foreign soil?) Studies Activity Book Modern America (1890-1930) Harcourt Brace Text on 5.5.05 Discuss how various tapes Read picture book, groups addressed the problems of Casey Over There industrial capitalism,

     urbanization, and political

    corruption. Watch the old black and a. Identify various Progressive Children of the Dust Bowl white movie, Sergeant reform efforts and their leaders. By Jerry Stanley York. b. Explain how rural areas and urban centers changed as a result

     of immigration and migration.

    5.5.06 Understand the changing role of U.S. in world affairs. a. Identify areas in the world where the U.S. participated in diplomatic affairs/armed conflict.

     b. Explain the causes of the

    Spanish American War & WWI. c. Identify contributions of TN


natives Alvin York and Ida Wells. Students will discuss: 5.5.07 Understand the changing “What was the result of role of the United States between Harcourt Brace Social the involvement of the World War I and the Great -Essential Question: Why Studies textbook U.S. in a foreign War?” Depression.

    was the issue of women’s “What war, if any, are we a. Explain how American life

    changed dramatically due to the suffrage so controversial? Harcourt Brace Social currently fighting in a economy, technology, and Studies Activity Book foreign country?” Will ecological disasters. the outcome be January-February, Harcourt Brace Text on positive?...negative?...Will continued tapes it have any impact on our b. Describe American life in the country?” 1920’s including the impact of

    Constitutional amendments. c. Explain the significance of the After the discussion, Harlem Renaissance. students will write a few d. Explain Tennessee’s role in the Essential Question: How paragraphs telling how women’s suffrage movement. did war and technology war has positive and Economics change the US from negative impacts on a 5.2.01 Describe the potential

    costs and benefits of personal having an agricultural country. Students should economic choices in a market base? give reasons why a economy. country would make the a. Identify the economic change decision to go to war. from agricultural to industrial in thth late 19 and early 20 century.

     b. Describe economic issues of

    the 1920;s and 1930’s. c. Explain how the American economy changed after WWII. 5.2.02 Give examples of the interaction of individuals,


businesses, and governments in a market economy. a. Describe the development of the free enterprise system in TN, and the United States.

     b. Analyze the effects of

    immigrations, migrations, and limited resources on the economic development and growth of the United States. February, continued c. Explain the impact of

     American ideas about progress

    and equality of opportunity on the economic development and growth of the United States. 5.2.03 Understand fundamental economic concepts.

    a. Explain how supply and demand affects production and consumption in the United States. b. Give examples of the benefits of the free enterprise system in the United States.


     Essential Question: What Children of the Dust Bowl

     permanent changes did By Jerry Stanley

     the Great Depression

     bring to the United States? History Plays by Suzi Mee

     (Use the play “When

     Dreams Turn to Dust.”) Students will make a Read: Children of the

     (Not Available) booklet about the Great Dust Bowl

     Depression using recycled By Jerry Stanley 5th Grade-SS-March

     grocery sacks to Era 8/The Great

     A People At War: emphasize the way people Depression and World

     Americans in WWII had to use everything War II (1929-1945)

     By Charles W. Johnson & during the lean times. 5.508 Understand society in Richard Polenberg America during the Great (Not Available) Depression. a. Explain the events that led to

    World History Simulations the Great Depression.

    b. Describe how the Great by Max W. Fischer Essential Question: Why Depression affected American (Use simulation #17 did the US get involved in society as a whole. “Masters of the World.) WWII? c. Explain how Americans (Not Available) addressed the social and economic problems brought on by History Plays by Suzi Mee the Great Depression. (Use #19, “Until the d. Describe how the Tennessee Bombing of Britain is Over, Valley Authority impacted life in WWII.) (Not Available) Tennessee. 5.5.09 Understand American’s

     role during WWII.


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