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PEL4 Documentation in Microsoft Word formain,In,Word,forma,WORD,Forma,word

     Power connector Power jumper: 7 to 28 volts position

    Pin 1 RS-232

    Connector to

    PC Pin 2

     32-pin I/O Reset switch Microcontroller: connector PIC 16C73


    Personal Electronics Laboratory 4

Complied by: M.J. Batchelder

    Date: October12, 1999

    Revised: January 18, 2000

    Based on data supplied by ChT

    All hardware and software is copyrighted by ChT Engineering Systems, 1998


    Power jumper top:

    Power in 7 to 28 Volts


    Power jumper bottom:

    Power in 5 volts Power In



    depends on

    power jumper