A New Peer Led Resource Available To Primary Schools

By Ruby Butler,2014-11-07 22:02
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A New Peer Led Resource Available To Primary SchoolsA Ne

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Calamity Kitchen Workshop: suitable for P4/5 pupils

    The main aim of this workshop is to raise awareness of germs, food poisoning and good food hygiene practices within the home.


    The workshop is aimed at younger children (P4/5) who may be starting to handle food in their home and in school. The aim is to make pupils more aware of germs, their characteristics and how they can cause food poisoning.

    This fun, interactive workshop introduces the pupils to the 4 Cs for good food safety:

    ; Effective cleaning with particular emphasis on hand washing

    ; Chilling food in fridges and freezers to stop germs multiplying

    ; Cooking foods thoroughly to destroy germs

    ; Preventing the crossover and spread of germs to food

    The workshop encourages the children to practice good food hygiene from an early age and also pass on the main principles to the adults at home doing the main food preparation. There is particular emphasis on the need for regular and thorough hand washing.

    The Calamity Kitchen display consists of a 5 x 2m interactive cartoon kitchen. Note: a school hall is required for this workshop.

    Pupils have to find and discuss the 12 calamities, aiming to improve awareness of food safety hazards in the kitchen and how they can be avoided, following up with a fun team game. The workshop lasts approx 45 minutes.

    The workshop links into the Curriculum for Excellence under several outcomes including: Health and Wellbeing HWB 2-33a ; Sciences SCN 1-13a

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Kingdom House, Kingdom Ave, Glenrothes KY7 5LY Last updated: July 2012

Booking contact

    For further information or to book the workshop, contact Tom Weanie, Environmental Health Officer at or by calling extension 493632.

A more advanced version of this workshop can be provided or combined with the Secret

    Agent Food Safety Mission Workshop for P6/7 pupils.

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    Kingdom House, Kingdom Ave, Glenrothes KY7 5LY Last updated: July 2012

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