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By Rebecca Bell,2014-08-04 07:37
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GOM mH, Reenring 33, D-38106 Braunschweig - EuroMoldD,d,MH,Gom,com,gom,33

New milestones in optical 3D metrology:

    ATOS Core, ATOS ScanBox und free software GOM Inspect

PR 01: 3D digitizing with the new ATOS Core

    GOM is set to present its new optical 3D scanner ATOS Core, which is ideal for digitizing small to medium-size components such as ceramic cores, cast and plastic parts for 3D printing, adaptive manufacturing, reverse engineering and 3D inspection applications.

PR 02: New ATOS ScanBox with compact dimensions

    GOM shows its latest development in its successful ScanBox series for the first time. ATOS ScanBox 4105 is the most compact of the four models now available, and is especially suited to automated 3D digitizing and inspection of small and medium-size components.

PR 03: Free software GOM Inspect

    High value, free of charge: With GOM Inspect, GOM has provided a software package that offers a range of functionalities for mesh processing as well as inspection and analysis of 3D data independent of the measurement system used. The free software can also be used as a 3D viewer to share measurement data with colleagues or customers.

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