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ACT Companion Card Affiliate brochureACT

     Benefits of Business Affiliation What is a Companion Card?

    The Companion Card is a credit-card sized photo Affiliation will help you to ID card issued to people with a disability who Increase your customer base and encourage require lifelong attendant care support from a repeat customers companion to participate at venues and activities.

     Enhance a positive public image for your Cardholders present their card when booking or organisation purchasing a ticket from a participating business. A new approach Assist your organisation to meet some of its These businesses will recognise the Companion obligations under anti-discrimination laws to ticketing for Card and issue the cardholder with a second ticket

     Demonstrate your organisation's commitment for their companion at no charge. people with a disability to social inclusion The Companion Card improves social and who require a companion recreational opportunities for people with a

    A survey of Victorian cardholders disability and provides businesses with a practical way to meet some of their obligations under anti-showed that since having a discrimination and human rights legislation Companion Card, cardholders have

    more than doubled the number of

    times they go out from an average

    of 16 outings per year

    to 37 outings per year.*

     What is a Business Affiliate?

     Business affiliates are businesses, organisations, events or activities that officially register

    participate in the Companion Card program. Registered business affiliates are listed on the Affiliates agree to: Companion Card website. This provides an Issue the Companion Cardholder with a ticket easy way for cardholders to locate venues and

    for their attendant carer at no charge activities where the card is accepted. Business affiliation to the Accept a Companion Card issued in any Business affiliates are also provided with Companion Card program Australian State or Territory promotional materials (such as logos and point-of-across Australia Display the Companion Card logo in a sale materials).

     prominent position at premises or on promotional material (where possible)

    * 2006 Victorian Companion Cardholder survy. e Abide by the Companion Card Affiliate Terms & Conditions

    What type of business should join? Who is eligible for the card? For more information Any business or organisation that charges an An ACT Companion Card is only issued to To find out more about the Companion Card, admission or participation fee for some or all applicants who demonstrate they: visit www.companioncard.act, products and services is encouraged to join. 1. Lawfully reside in the ACT; and or to register your organisation to accept Affiliation with the Companion Card program Companion Cards email the ACT Affiliate 2. Have a disability; and is free. Any costs associated with providing a Manager at 3. Are unable to participate at most companion ticket are the responsibility of the Alternatively, you may register your details to community venues or activities without business affiliate. receive an application form by mail at attendant care support; and

    Acceptance of the Companion Card does not www.companioncard.act, 4. Need, or are likely to need, lifelong indicate that the venue/activity is accessible. attendant care support. Cardholders are advised to check accessibility Attendant care support includes significant with the participating business before booking assistance with mobility, communication, tickets. self-care or decision-making, where the use of

    aids, equipment or alternative strategies do What if a business chooses not to not enable the person to carry out these tasks become an Affiliate? independently. Affiliation with the Companion Card program

    The Companion Card is not provided to people is voluntary. Organisations do, however, need

    who only require reassurance, social company to be mindful of their obligations under

    or encouragement. existing anti-discrimination legislation and If you have difficulty reading a standard develop strategies to comply with the relevant printed document and would like to receive this The ACT Government undertakes a rigorous legislation. publication in an alternative format assessment of each application against the (such as large print or audio) eligibility criteria. Disability anti-discrimination legislation applies please phone (02) 6205 0619. to all organisations, regardless of their size or

    the type of service provided. The Companion ACT Companion Card program Card is a tool that can be easily adopted by

     businesses to assist with compliance. The ACT Companion Card program will be

    rolled out in mid-2009 and will form part of Card Security a National Companion Card scheme with

    consistent eligibility criteria and reciprocal The card has been designed recognition of the card across all States and with a number of other

    Territories. security features. Affiliates will

    be able to use the features to The Companion Card Program already verify cardholder information operates in NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC and WA. when taking telephone

    The ACT Companion Card program is an initiative of the bookings and distributing tickets. ACT Government administered by Disability ACT, part of the Full details of these features will ACT Department of Disability, Housing and Community be provided to organisations Services (DHCS) under a licence agreement with the when they affiliate. Victorian Government.

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