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ththrd th7 and 8 grade 3and 4 quarter syllabus

    Modernism, Post-modernism 1850-1950

    SUBJECT: Language Arts

    INSTRUCTOR: Deborah Shipley. E-mail: Phone: 719-328-3989

    CONCEPT: How the failure of Romanticism and the rise of industrialism caused a questioning of traditional axioms and an ethos of self-consciousness.

    ALL STUDENTS WILL KNOW: The major trends in modern literature to include positivism, existentialism, absurdism, and surrealism, and will know the major writers and causes of the Harlem Renaissance. SKILLS/STANDARDS: Appreciating classic literature of Europe and America, understanding literary terms and genres, ability to write for a variety of audiences, ability to present orally, ability to research and organize material, and ability to give credit for referenced materials.

    GRADING POLICY: Standard grading scale applies (90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, 60 and below F). All grades within .5 of a change (69.5, 79.5, 89.5) will be bumped to the next highest letter grade. Projects turned in late will be discounted 20%.

    thAll students will read All Quiet on the Western Front. 7 grade students will read The Hound of the

    Baskervilles, Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s Adventures through the Looking Glass, “The Importance of

    thBeing Earnest”, The Invisible Man and selected poems of Langston Hughes. 8 grade students will read

    The Mousetrap, selections from The Interpretation of Dreams and Das Kapital, The Picture of Dorian

    Grey, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, selected poems from the Harlem Renaissance, selected poems of

    DH Lawrence, TS Eliot and Sylvia Plath, and selected art and film representing surrealism. FINAL ASSESSMENT

    th8 grade students: All students will participate in a production of The Mousetrap. In addition, students

    will complete the following projects:

    Option one: Write a paper or create a presentation showing how the modernist view of human nature differs from the Romantic and the puritans of the American Colonial period. Include examples of the literature, art, music and/or painting from each period to illustrate your point.

    Option two: With a partner, create a debate between an existential writer/artist and a rationalist writer/artist. You must use as your argument support literature, art and music from all of the periods we have studied this year. Make sure you include in your debate a clear definition of what you believe, why you believe it and how it relates to how you live your life and the type of art or literature your create.

    Option three: All of the movements we have studied this year have one thing in common; they involve ways of looking at the human condition. Your ultimate knowledge of the human condition is you. Using an element from each of the periods we have studied this year, describe yourself. You may use drawing,

    video, a form of writing (get teacher approval before beginning) or a three-dimensional art project. You must have at least one representative piece from each period.

7th grade students:

    Option One: Explain how the Harlem Renaissance is really a product of all the periods we have studied this year. You may write a paper or create a presentation using literature, art or music from each period to illustrate your point.

    Option Two: With a partner, create a debate between Sherlock Holmes and Lewis Carroll on logic and deduction. Remember that the two men lived at approximately the same time but saw the world very differently. In your debate evidence, you must include references from all the periods of literature that we have studied. You may assume for this project that both men would know things that logically would have happened after they died.

    Option Three: The traditional American Western is considered the ultimate in positivism because characters are punished and rewarded based on their actions. Using the same characters and settings, write 3 Westerns as they might be written by a Restoration Englishman, a Romantic and a surrealist. Your Westerns must show an understanding of the schools of thought being represented.

    thAt the end of this unit, all 7 grade students will complete the timeline of literature, showing

    connections between Modern and post-modern writers, Romantic writers, and writers from the Colonial era in America and the Restoration in Europe.

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