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Gloal Science - Duuque Senior High Schoolgloal


    Welcome to Global Science!

    stndththththRooms: Back of B242 (1 ), B147(2-4), B231 (5, 7), Write Place (6 on T,Th,F)

    Email: Phone: 563-552-5500 ext. 5627

    Twitter: @msstonetweets WEBSITE:

    1. Class Content:

    Unit 1: Environmental Science Unit 4: Water, Air and Land

    Unit 2: Ecology Unit 5: Mineral and Energy Resources

    Unit 3: Populations

2. Homework:

    Homework is to be completed and brought in on the day that it is due. Late work will have half its points deducted, and will only be accepted up to the test for that chapter. Grading is on a minus, check, plus system. Homework with a minus is unsatisfactory and will not receive credit. A check means incomplete or late and will receive half credit. A plus will receive full credit. Homework will sometimes be checked off in class, and will sometimes be collected. Homework grades will be added weekly into Powerschool. Homework will always be worth between 5 and 10 points. Homework reminders will be posted daily on

3. Labs/Projects:

    Labs will always be conducted in class. Graphs and analysis questions may be assigned for homework. Projects may be either during-school or at-home assignments. You can expect to receive 15-60 points for labs and projects. If goggles are to be worn during a lab, they MUST BE ON the whole time.

4. Exams:

    Exams will be closed-note and closed-book. They will be over the learning targets that are specified for the unit. Students will be assigned testing seats that are spread out from their normal spots. Cheating will not be tolerated. Phones that are seen out will be confiscated

    during testing, and could result in a zero on the student’s exam. Bathroom and drinking fountain passes will not be allowed while tests are out. Exams will be a mixture of multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, true-false, short answer and essays. For the written portion, writing SOMETHING is better than writing nothing. Tests will be around 100 points each. Quizzes will occur if we have a particularly long chapter.

5. Class Materials:

    ; Notebook (labeled with your full name and “Global Science”)

    ; Folder (labeled with your full name and “Global Science”)

    ; Environmental Science textbook

    th; DSHS Daily Planner/ Student Handbook (given out in your 5 hour class)

    ; Calculator (on some days)

    ; Pen, pencil, highlighter

    ; Cloth book cover (recommended)

6. Expectations:

    a. Language:

    Curse words and any discriminatory language will NOT BE TOLERATED. This includes words such as “gay”, “homo”, “retarded”, etc. When you are speaking, make sure you ask yourself, ”would this language hurt an undeserving group of people if they were to hear it?”

b. “But my printer broke!”

    There are many places you can go before school, after school and during study periods to print off documents. Some of these places include the library, the “Write Place”, the Social Studies computer lab, etc. If you save your document on a flash drive, you can take it to any computer. If you don’t have one, email it to yourself in an attachment, save it as an email draft, or use GoogleDocs. You will not be given a pass during Global Science on a project due date to print off an assignment.

c. “I need help!”

    Talk to Ms. Stone about meeting before school, after school or during her open periods

    stth(usually 1 or 6 hour) if you have questions or need extra help. Also, feel free to post comments on or to send an email. She will get back to you

    promptly. You can ask other students to explain things to you, but they CANNOT give you the answers. Plagiarism is not tolerated at Dubuque Senior High School. Cheating on any

    homework, quiz or test will result in BOTH students getting zeros.

d. Food/ bathroom/ locker/ drinking fountain:

    Bathroom, locker and drinking fountain runs are to be taken care of during passing periods and your open hours. In order to leave the classroom for an emergency, you must write yourself a pass in your DSHS agenda, and a teacher must sign it. Food is NOT PERMITTED in class. You may bring a water bottle as long as it is in a clear container and it does not become a distraction in the classroom. Since you are expected to come to class with your textbook every day, if you have to leave class to get your book you will be marked tardy for the day.

e. Electronic devices:

    Electronic devices are not to be used unless Ms. Stone specifies otherwise. If you are seen using an electronic device, you will first get a warning to put it away. After that, Ms. Stone may ask you to set it on her desk until the end of the hour. If the student is still seen using an electronic device, Ms. Stone will ask the student to put it on her desk and he or she can pick it up at the end of the day from the assistant principals’ (AP) office.

7. Absences:

    After 4 unexcused absences or 10 excused absences, the student will be placed on a Credit Preservation Notification (CPN). If the student misses another day, he or she may be put on AUDIT status, meaning that he or she may or may not receive credit for the course. If he or she misses school again, the student risks being dropped from the class and having to retake the course the following year. Refer to Dubuque Senior High School’s Student Handbook for

    more details on the school’s absences policy.

8. Tardies:

    After 7 tardies, the student will be put on credit preservation notification (CPN). This states that if he or she is tardy one more time for the rest of the semester, he or she may or may not

    receive credit for the course. If the student continues to be tardy, he or she could be dropped from the course. Dropped students may have to retake the course the following year. Refer to Dubuque Senior High School’s Student Handbook for more details on the school’s tardy policy.

9. Science Graduation Requirements:

    To graduate from Dubuque Senior High School, you must take six credits (or three full years) of the following science courses:

    ; Global Science (2 credits, 1 year)

    ; Life Science (Biology) (2 credits, 1 year)

    ; Physical Science (Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics) (2 credits, 1 year)

10. Signatures and Photo Consent

    Please bring the bottom slip back with you and your guardian’s signatures on it. This rest of

    this packet is to go in your Global Science folder as a reference for you.

(Cut here)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    I,____________________, read and understand the policies and expectations stated for Global Science. I will be responsible for all class work and my own behavior.

    _____________________________Date:_____ ___________________________Date_____

     Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature

    I hereby give consent for photos of the student,_____________________, to be published in the newspaper, newsletters, on the school website and/or on the class website.

    _____________________________Date:_____ ___________________________Date_____

     Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature

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