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Md. Rayhan Chowdhury

    187/7, Jomoj Road, Joar Sahara, Badda, Dhaka-1229

    +8801912335500, +8801556370236,


    - Want to work as a professional in an organization where skill is evaluated, priority is given on

    creativity, hard working, self motivation, dynamism and enthusiasm.

    Executive Summary:

    st- Database Officer at Presidency University from 1 January, 2008 stst- Lab Supervisor at Presidency University from 1 August, 2006 to 31 December, 2007 stst- Programmer at KBK Structural Design L.L.C. from 1 January, 2006 to 31 July, 2006

    - B Sc. In Civil Engineering , Major Structure, CGPA 3.94 on 4 scale

    - Conducted dissertation on Buckling of Column with two Intermediate Elastic Restraints

    - Very efficient in PHP-MySQL based web application development. th- Designed a 13 storied Commercial cum shopping complex building in capstone design project.

    - Participated in conducting various events and voluntary works in the university.

    - Open source enthusiast

    Work Experience:

    st- Database Officer at Presidency University from 1 January, 2008

    - Maintenance and Development of Online Student Information Management System.

    - Development of Online Employee Management System which includes Salary Generation,

    Employee Evaluation along with many others features.

    - Development of Online Store Requisition System. stst- Lab Supervisor (Part-time) at Presidency University from 1 August, 2006 to 31 December, 2007

    - Developed Student Information Management System (SIMS) which includes student

    advising, accounting automation, grade submission, grade report/transcript/admit

    card/money receipt generation, class and exam scheduling along with various types of

    report generation.

    - PHP-MySQL technology was used. stst- Programmer(part-time) at KBK Structural Design L.L.C. from 1 January, 2006 to 31 July, 2006

    - Developed some AutoCAD plug-in tools to aid in steel structure detailing using VBA and

    Visual LIPS. These are: th- SShape, AutoCAD plug-in to draw structural steel member according AISC ASD 9 rdEdition and LRFD 3 Edition Manual.

    - RsDetail, AutoCAD plug-in to draw beam and column details along with some detailing

    utility tools.

    - Internship (2 months) at Housing And Building Research Institute (HBRI), Dhaka, Bangladesh

    - On pre-stressed concrete, Ferro-cement slab, panel, water tank and various technology

    innovated by HBRI and related to civil engineering construction and design

    - Conducted testing of various engineering materials in the HBRI labs.

    Computer Skills:

    - Programming : PHP, C, C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Fortran

    - Database : MySQL, MS Access

    - Servers : Linux, Apache, Iptables, Squid, Sendmail, DNS

    - Engineering : ETABS, Arc View, STAAD Pro, AutoCAD, Maple, Mathematica. - Graphics : Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, 3ds MAX. - Web Tools : Eclipse PDT, Dreamweaver, VIM, CakePHP, Subversion, jQuery, Prototype,

     Scriptaculous, Blueprint.


    -, Utopia Reality Ltd. Website, a renowned real estate and architectural firm

    in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    - Organizational Secretary of Engineering Club of Presidency University (ECPU) for the period of

    2005-2007. ECPU have conducted various seminars, cultural, sports and knowledge based

    programs during the period and I was the key person in these events. - President of I-Blood, the blood information database of presidency university students and staffs.

    Under the banner of I-Blood I conducted many blood donation events between patients and I-

    Blood members.

    - Designer of Nexus Generation, the one and only magazine of Presidency University. - R-SOFT, plug-in software for quick 3D Building modeling in AutoCAD which is then exported to

    3ds MAX for rendering.


    - PHP, HTML, Linux, Apache, jQuery, Web 2.0, Prototype, 3D Studio MAX, Maple, JavaScript,

    ETABS, Cricket, GIS, AutoCAD, MySQL, Subversion, CakePHP, Java, OOP, Eclipse PDT, Ajax,

    Scriptaculous, Dynamics, Structure, Mechanics, CSS, RoR, Python, Social Web,

    Graphics Design, Mathematica.


    - B Sc. In Civil Engineering in 2007, Major Structure, CGPA 3.94 on 4 scale, Presidency University,

    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    - Dissertation on Buckling of column with two intermediate elastic restraints with the objective to

    find exact stability criteria for Euler column. st- Diploma in Civil Engineering in 2002, 1 Division (72.5 % marks), Sylhet Polytechnic Institute,

    Sylhet, Bangladesh

    Personal Details:

    - Father’s Name : Md. Shohrab Ali

    - Mother’s Name : Rezia Akter Chowdhury

    th- Date of Birth : 15 November, 1982

    - Sex : Male

- Nationality : Bangladeshi

    - Language : English, Bengali

    - Permanent Address : Vill- Churta, P.O. - Noropoti, P.S. - Chunarughat,

     Dist- Hobigonj, Bangladesh.

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