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    Talent Agreement

    This agreement is hereby made between the talent and the agency

    Shanghai Bravishow Co. Ltd. ( hereinafter

    referred to as bravishow.


    Passport ID




    Salary calculation

    Minimum booking 20 days 360 RMB PER DAY= 7200 rmb /6.20= 1161 USD

    1 day extra booking 390 RMB per day = 63 USD


    Estimated total 1665 USD

    Date of work to Shanghai China : from JUNE. 15, 2013 to Jan. 25,


    Minimum contract time: 7 months

    Job Specification: DANCER/ CHOREOGRAPHER

    Registered business address in China : Suite 448 No. 255 Xin Jin Qiao Rd.

    Pudong Shanghai 201206 China

    (Hereinafter referred to as talent), whereby it is mutually agreed as



    Bravishow shall engage talent and talent shall work for Bravishow agent as a Solo or Group-Member Contract artist .


    2(a) In the event that both parties agree to extend the contract, an extension of this contract will be agreed and signed. 2 (b) For live performance in the evening, working hours will be BETWEEN 10:00 PM till 02:00 AM. Each artist must be in costume and ready to perform at least 90 minutes before his or her show time. (Show times will be decided by the venue).


2(c) Talent will prepare a total of 10 sets of costume at talents cost, or

    meet the costs incurred when bought by the Agent. The agent will send the purchasing list to have the talents approval before payment. The

    pay will be deducted from the salary payment.


    3(a) The Agent will pay talent an Artist Fee per 15 days. On occasion there may be two or three days delay in case of weekend or public holidays. Exchange rate check at

    3(b) Bravishow will not pay talent an Artist Fee for rehearsals, choreography or rehearsal shows that may be scheduled prior to the ‘Show" described in this agreement.

    3(c) Upon arrival the Talent will be given ONE day to take a rest (unpaid).

    3(d) Payment Currency will be Chinese Yuan; Talent can exchange RMB to any foreign currency in the bank.

    3(e) Payment Method will be as follows: Bank Transfer or cash. 3(f) The last payment will be on the last day before talent departs, either in cash or direct deposit to talent's account. 3(g) The salary is calculated based on dates.

    3(h) Any dates of unemployed is the rest day of the talent. There is

    no pay for sick leave or rest days. If talent is dismissed from the job, the agent Bravishow will help him/her find a new booking, the

    unemployed period will not receive salary and foods allownce. The

    agent offers free hotels or apartment for living during the un-employment.

    3(j) There is no further pay for live performances in different locations of the same bar or the clubs franchise, but work remains limited to four working hours per working night.

    3 (g) At the first 15 days arrival in China, the talent will spend time for rehearsal and preparation, bravishow will pay foods allowance 100

    RMB per day until the talent is booked. If the talent loses the job,

    bravishow will offer free room for talent to live, when there is no booking, the talent will take rest with no pay.

    3 (h) Talent needs to prepare 1000 USD cash to support your daily living cost at beginning, because there is fifteen days salary to be hold

    as deposit to be paid back after talent finishes his/her contract.




    4(a) The client (clubs or event planners) will book and pay for all performance-related economy class flights, ferry, bus or train tickets. 4(b) Rehearsals, if any, will be held at a location to be advised in advance by the client.

    4(c) Bravishow and its clients will not provide pay for talents personal travel costs, such as, shopping or entertainment, etc.

    4(d) In the event that talent decides to undertake any extra rest days for travel at their own cost, any such travel plan must be approved by the client and agent in advance.

    4(e) Any travel undertaken by talent on rest days must be scheduled to ensure talent returns in good time to attend any rehearsals or performances that might be scheduled by the client.

    4(f) Talent will take care of their own meals at their own costs. 4(g) Talent will be entitled to drinks during their performance time each night.

    4(h) Client will arrange a hotel or furnished apartment for the

    duration of this agreement. The hotel will have TV, shared bathroom with shower, as well as broadband internet access. The client or bravishow covers the utilities bills, electricity, water and gas. Two or three persons may share one bedroom. There is no kitchen and refrigerator in the hotel most of the time. Talent is encouraged to be environmentally friendly whilst living at the given hotel.

    4(j) If staying in a hotel, items such as, but not limited to, mini-bar, pay TV, room service other than pre-approved regular meals, phone, internet, fax, massage, health club, beauty salon, KTV, cigarettes, laundry, tips etc will be billed directly to talent individuals own account for cash payment or direct settlement at check-out.

    4(k) The client and bravishow does not pay for the following items and will not agree to deduct the costs from your future salary payment : *personal clothes, shoes, towels and daily meals, except if the client invites you to a social dinner;

    * toilet paper, cooking ware, plates, bowls, forks, knives, towels. etc; * the bed will have a clean bed sheet, a quilt and pillow, but further amenities are not provided

    * laptop, software, cell phone and bills, radio, CD or DVD player, mouse are not supplied.


* taxi or subway or bus fees for personal purposes;

    * gym fees

    * Courier fees

    * Cosmetics or perfume or any other body products.

    4 (L) Talent may use our office address to receive talents personal packages, but please be cautious never to send foods or high valued goods, bravishow takes no responsibility for custom clearing or possible delay, loss or damage of the packages;

    4 (I) Bravishow shall offer only ONE time to help talent to go to the China post office to send extra packages back to foreign countries, all the taxi fees and postage fees are paid by talent.

    4 (J) Bravishow does not appoint any days as rest for talents. Talents will take rest when there is no booking.

    4 (I) Talents are not allowed to take foods and eat it in the working place, such as, clubs, bars or theatres.

5. Luggage and Personal Performance Materials:

    5(a) talent is allowed 1 x normal size 20kg check-in luggage for personal items on domestic flights between shows.

    5(b) bravishow will not pay any excess baggage charges for talents personal items that exceed the baggage allowance. This applies to both domestic 22 kgs and international flights 40 kgs (subject to the policy of different airlines); Bravishow takes no responsibility for any loss of goods when talent asks bravishow staff to send their luggage by courier. 5(c) Talents must prepare their own costumes (10 sets) for the shows to be approved by the client. When there needs more costumes than ten sets, bravishow will negotiate with the clients to pay for it. 5(d) If talent work-related luggage is likely to be overweight for any flight, international or domestic, then talent is responsible to advise bravishow in one week advance.

    5(e) Talent is responsible to deliver, install, test and to pack and remove at end of show, all talent personal-use musical instruments and/or relevant performance-related gear such as records, CD's, costumes, drums, special effects etc, if any.

    5(f) Talent is responsible for the safety and security of their own personal luggage or performance items at all time on the road. 5(g) Bravishow is not insured for and will not be responsible for the loss of any items of luggage or personal equipment within the control of talents during the term of this agreement.


6. Visas & Passports:

    6(a) Bravishow will pay for a one-time Chinese official invitation letters and working permit (500 USD); The talent will pay for entry visa / working visa fee, healthy inspection and ID photos fee. One month

    before the visa is expired, the agent will help talent extend new visa, the talent will pay for working visa fee, healthy inspection and ID photos


    6(b) Talent agrees to give passport to the agent for keeping in office. 7(b) Bravishow covers accidental insurance for talents staying in China. It is NOT medical insurance, the insurance company only takes the case of your accidental problem. For example, if your fingers scratch your eye during rehearsal, leading to your eyes being infected, the insurance company will accept your compensation; In case, you catch a cold, coughing and sneezing, the insurance company will NOT accept the compensation. The insurance company needs the original receipts, invoice and doctor’s prescription when you need us to submit your

    application to the insurance company. The insurance does not take responsibility for a recurring illness you have in your home country.

8. Communications:

    Bravishow suggests talents to communicate with us by skype or MSN internet. If talents want to open a cell phone account with a local Chinese number, the talents will pay for all their costs.


    The parties hereby agree that, the rights and obligations for both parties shall be as follows:

    (a) All Creative content, rundown, performance timings and travel schedules will at all times be at the discretion of bravishow and may be subject to unexpected changes at the last minute.

    (b) Talents hereby permits bravishow and its clients to make unlimited use of their name and/or likeness for the purposes of advertising and promoting the shows under this agreement.

    (c) Talents must make proper advance preparation to be as

    self-contained as possible in respect of their personal performance production requirements, such as costume, rehearsal music (if any), etc. (d) Talent is obliged to present themselves for performance in their own suitable clean and stylish stage wear to the satisfaction of the client. 5

    (e) Talents should not smoke or drink on stage [except DJ booth] and talents must be responsible for their own good conduct and proper team spirit on the road and on stage at all times.

    (f) Talents can not invite his/her friends to live in the shared apartment or hotels. For security reason, talents can not give the apartment address to his/her friends outside of the apartment.

    10. Agreement is exclusive between agent and talent; A second occupation is not acceptable

    Bravishow will not permit talents to take an outside jobs. Talent is not permitted to work for any client of the company outside of the regular working hours as described above, without the express approval of the company manager or his designated representative.

    The talent is not allowed to sign contracts or direct work relationship with Bravishows clients as long as the talent falls in contract period with bravishow on or before the working permit and working visa period.

    Talent is not allowed to give his/her emails, phone number directly to the clients. Talent has no right to choose his/her favourite cities or partners to work. Talent can not leave the group or plan his/her personal time without approval.

    Talent can not stay in the clubs after finishing work. Talents can not go to other clubs in the same city if they are competitors.

11. Costumes and accessories

    Talent prepares the costumes at own costs at least 10 sets; The agent does not pay for shoes, underwear, cosmetics.

12. To Be On-time Rule

    All orders and schedules will be confirmed by both email and phone one week before the show to each talent. Talent must be on time when our road manager goes to pick you up. In case the flights or trains were missed simply due to the reason of “late”, you will take responsibility for the additional costs of hotels, trains or flights.

    13. The agent will pay for your round trip flight ticket to Shanghai 6

    China; If for personal reasons, talent needs to terminate contract early and return home, the talent will pay for his/her return ticket.


    (a) If talent is unable to fulfill any of the shows due to illness, If any days off are taken due to illness, then bravishow will deduct 1 working days salary.

    (b) Bravishow reserves the right to financially penalize talent for costs plus liquidated damages in case any lateness or failure by talent to show up for flights, lobby calls or shows affect the ability to fulfill its own contracts with clients and venues.

    (c) Should talent's performance be deemed by bravishow to be sub-standard, or if talent is deemed by bravishow to be insubordinate or otherwise to be incompatible with other team members, then bravishow shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving ten days Notice of Termination. Talent will pay for returned flight ticket to return back.

    (d) If the talent disappears without notice or wants to terminate the

    agreement earlier, Agent will cancel the working permit and visa. the talent will buy returned flight ticket at his/her cost and will pay the agent the pre-investment :

    A. Entry flight ticket cost around 1800 USD;

    B. Foods fee 1500 RMB of 15 day

    C. Production costs video, recording, photography estimated 400 USD D. Costumes fee if there are any pay by the agent;

    E. Promotion costs 400 USD

    F. Working permit and government invitation letter 500 USD;

    Talents pay for ten sets costumes fee 400 to 500 USD after he reaches China, which will be deducted from his future salary;

    (h) The validity, interpretation and implementation of this agreement shall be governed by the international laws. Both parties agree to sue the case to Shanghai Court located in 611 Ding Xiang Rd. Pudong Shanghai Phone 021-20287627 post code 200135 if there were any disputes in the future.

Shanghai Bravishow Co. Ltd. : Talent :

    Date: May. 20. 2013 Date:


    Name: Sam Lee Signature

Time Pay Summary

     Agent pays 500 USD working permit May Talent pays healthy inspection, ID photo and

    Working visa to China embassy Flight tickets 1800 USD one way flight ticket

     Talent needs ready 1000 USD cash to support

    daily expenses at beginning

     Agent pays flight ticket Time to China First week of June 2013 15 days foods fee 1500 RMB pay to talent

    No foods fee pay if agent prepays costumes Costumes 10 sets 400 to 500 USD (2488 3110RMB)

    pay to bravishow

    Photography / video 400 USD paid by bravishow Promotion fee 400 USD paid by bravishow Furnished apartment Rent by bravishow

    First 15 days salary hold as deposit

    June 15 1st time to pay Costumes pay June 30 2nd time to pay costumes pay July 15 3rd time to pay

    thJuly 31 4 time to pay

    thAug. 15. 5 time to pay

    thAug. 31 6 time to pay

    thSep. 15 7 time to pay

    thSep. 30 8 time to pay

    thOct. 15 9 time to pay

    thOct. 31. 10 time to pay

    thNov. 15 11 time to pay

    thNov. 30 12 time to pay

    thDec. 15 13 pay

    thDec. 31 14 pay

    thJan. 15 15 pay, last pay plus deposit


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