Department of Administration, State Designer Selection Board

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Department of Administration, State Designer Selection BoardDepa

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

    Request for Proposals for Designer Selection for

    Minnesota State University Moorhead

    West Snarr Residence Hall

    To Minnesota Registered Design Professionals:

    The State of Minnesota, acting through its Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, on

    behalf of Minnesota State University Moorhead--Moorhead, Minnesota, through its Housing and Residential Life

    department is seeking a designer for the above project. Proposals from interested firms must be received by, 4:00

    pm CST February 6, 2012 to:

    Heather Phillips

    Director of Housing and Residential Life

    Minnesota State University Moorhead

    120 Ballard Hall

    th1104 7 Avenue South

    Minnesota State University Moorhead

    Moorhead, MN 56563


    Questions concerning procedures, or schedule are to be referred to Heather Phillips, Director of Housing and

    Residential Life, at Questions relating to the project are to be referred to the project contact(s) in Item 1.k.


    1. PROJECT


    The State of Minnesota, acting through its Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, on behalf of Minnesota State University MoorheadMoorhead, MN, intends to retain

    architectural and engineering consulting services for design work through the design development phase of the West Snarr Residence Hall renovation project. If revenue bonds are successfully acquired in the anticipated January 2013 bond sale, the service needs would continue into the construction documents and construction phases.

    The project consists of the design and construction of West Snarr Hall, an existing four story traditional residence hall constructed in 1962. West Snarr Hall is linked to East and South Snarr Halls. West Snarr Hall has a donut layout with a central core with shared bathrooms. First floor has several lounge and offices spaces. Student living areas, located on floors two through four each have two bathrooms, a student lounge space, laundry, storage, and trash room. West Snarr Hall does not have a basement; however, a lower level mechanical space connects to the existing tunnel system.

    The scope of work identified in the predesign include: renovating the student rooms and common spaces for increased electrical service and upgrades; renovating the common bathrooms and amenity spaces on student floors; upgrading mechanical and HVAC systems and fire alarm; updating finishes and lighting throughout; gutting and reconfiguring first floor common spaces for improved student amenity spaces; addressing deferred maintenance; and maintaining current bed court after the renovation project.


    The selected design team shall:

     Prepare all design documents using computer aided design and drafting technology in an

    electronic data exchange file format acceptable to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. In

    addition, manage and maintain project information within the Minnesota State Colleges and

    Universities web-based project information system (PMIS). The software product is Unifier, by

    Skire. It includes real-time visibility of the project status, better coordination, simplified reporting,

    a central location for all project information and it eliminates duplication of work. Minnesota State


    Colleges and Universities will provide the selected firm with a login license and initial software

    training for the selected firm’s designated Project representative(s) at no cost to the firm. Except

    for licenses and initial training, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities assumes no

    responsibility for any real or potential costs associated with the use of Unifier product by the

    selected firm.

     Confirm the project original predesign to understand the program needs for this project. Meet with

    stakeholders and project partners to update project program needs and evaluate the optimum GSF

    to maximize program space. Note the original predesign included space for other programs and the

    validation of the predesign will address any changes in project scope.

     Assist campus in evaluating staging aspects that minimize the disruption of the occupancy

    schedule. Note the design team needs to clearly communicate design and cost ramifications of the

    schedule impact to allow the campus full understanding of the design and schedule decisions. Ensure the new building addition blends in with and complements the aesthetics of the existing

    building and the overall campus architecture.

     Include field verification of existing conditions and systems in scope of services. Complete all designs, drawings and specifications in accordance with, as a minimum:

    a. Current Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Design Standards, available on website

    b. All applicable building, life safety and energy codes

    c. ADA regulations

    d. Program requirements

    e. State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines (B3)

    f. Mechanical & Electrical codes


     Architectural Services including interiors, furniture, fixtures and equipment design, interior and

    exterior identification and directional signage, cost estimating (if not provided by internal assets

    may be provided by consultant, see services listed below), project scheduling that includes


    assistance with staging concepts for construction, construction administration and provide all

    services related to the State of Minnesota Building Guidelines (B3), specifically required of the

    Guideline Leader for design and construction of the project (as this renovation project is not state

    funded, we are not required to use the on line tracking tool, or follow B3 guidelines. However, the

    Owner and A/E shall be committed to employing B3 design guidelines where possible on this


     Structural Engineer

     Mechanical Engineer including fire protection engineering and integration with the existing

    energy management system

     Electrical Engineer including integration with the existing security and fire detection and alarm


     Telecommunications, data, security Systems Designer

     Cost Estimating Consultant (unless provided as part of the architectural firms services)

     Roofing Consultant - A roof design consultant coordinated with and acceptable to the Minnesota

    State Colleges and Universities’ institution and the Office of the Chancellor will be an integral

    part of the consultant’s design team. The design consultant’s fee shall include the fees and

    reimbursable expenses of the roof design consultant.


     The owner may contract directly for, or arrange to provide:

     Site survey, geo-technical, environmental and material testing programs

     Construction Document quality control review consultation

     Construction testing and exterior envelope inspection

     Mechanical and electrical systems commissioning services

     Owner’s Representative services


    The requirements of this section will be assessed on a pass/fail basis. Responders must ―pass‖ each of the requirements identified to proceed to the proposal evaluation stage.


     The responder’s proposal must be submitted on time.

     Responders have made affirmative representations of the following on the transmittal form:

    1. Original Signature in ink of principal of prime firm

    2. A statement that proposal contents are true and accurate to the best knowledge of signatory

    3. A statement of commitment to enter into the work promptly, if selected, by engaging the consultants

    and assigning the persons named in the proposal along with adequate staff to meet requirements of the


    4. A statement indicating that the consultants listed have been contacted and have agreed to be a part of

    the team.

    5. A statement indicating that consultants are willing to enter into a contract using the state’s contract

    forms and agreeing to their terms.


    The total project budget is $4,889,594. This cost includes all professional fees and reimbursable expenses,

    surveys, construction, project management, construction inspection and testing, furniture, fixtures,

    equipment, contingencies, and inflation factors. The design fees are anticipated to be approximately 6-8%

    of the budgeted construction cost plus reimbursable expenses. The estimated construction budget is

    $3,062,231. Final total fees will be negotiated with the selected design team. Funds for construction are

    expected from the anticipated 2013 Revenue Fund bond sale.


    Phase Begin Complete

    Schematic Design March 2012 June 2012

    Design Development June 2012 August 2012

    Construction Documentation August 2012 December 2012

    Bidding January 2013 February 2013

    Construction Phase One May 2013 August 2013

    Construction Phase Two May 2014 August 2014



    The Predesign Report dated June 2010 was prepared by Elness Swenson Graham Architects, Inc. An electronic copy of this report is available on the Housing and Residential Life website, A copy will also be available for review at the Minnesota State University Moorhead Housing and Residential Life office, 120 Ballard Hall, Moorhead, MN 56563. For review, contact Heather Phillips at or




    An informational meeting is scheduled for 1:00 PM, January 30, 2012, in the West Snarr Hall main lounge on the

    Minnesota State University Moorhead campus. All firms interested in this meeting should contact Heather Phillips (e-mail to sign up for the meeting. This informational meeting will include a tour of the proposed project areas and a review of the scope of work. To avoid any possible unfair competitive advantage among responders during the solicitation process this will be the only public meeting for the project. There will be no private tours, meetings or communications outside the provisions in this RFP.


    To assure potential vendors receive the same information about the Project, only questions submitted by email for clarifications about this RFP will be addressed. Responder questions must be emailed only to the attention of Heather Phillips, (e-mail no later than 1:00 PM CST January 31, 2012 to ensure a web

    response by 4:30 PM CST, February 2, 2012. This is the only person authorized to respond to questions regarding this RFP. When emailing questions, please include a subject line, ―RFP question from (firm name)‖. Questions will

    be answered by website addenda obtained from the Minnesota State University Moorhead Housing and Residential Life, Responders are responsible for checking the website daily for any updated information on this project that is posted.

    No member of the proposing firm or its sub-consultants shall discuss this Request for Proposal (RFP) or the project with any member of the requesting agency from the date of publication of this RFP in the State Register, other than the prescribed communication provisions set forth in this RFP.


    No member of the proposing firm or its sub-consultants shall have discussions regarding this RFP or project with any member of the requesting agency until after the completion of interviews for this project. Proposals may be rejected if discussions occur with the requesting agency outside the prescribed communication provisions set forth in the RFP.


    Questions concerning selection procedures should be referred to:

    Heather Phillips


    Pre-Proposal Project Information

    Meeting and Site Visit: January 30, 2012, 1:00 PM

RFP Questions Due January 31, 2012, 1:00 PM

RFP Questions Posted February 2, 2012, 4:30 PM

Project Proposals Due: February 6, 2012, 4:00 PM

    Project Shortlist: February 13, 2012

    Project Interviews February 17, 2012

    Award: February 22, 2012


    Proposers who are short-listed for interviews will be notified in writing by email. Interviewed firms may not submit any additional materials to the Board beyond their original proposal with the exception of the following:

     An addendum to the original proposal regarding a new design team member, consultant firm or firm

    member may be submitted under the following conditions:

    o If the team has been awarded another major project since the Request For Proposal due date and

    the team member is working on the project awarded, resulting in a conflict;

    o If a team member has left one of the submitting firms since the Request For Proposal due date;


    o If a team member must be removed due to cause

     In such cases, the addendum should include a cover letter of no more than one page explaining cause and attach

    a resume of no more than one page.

     A copy of the proposer’s presentation materials may be distributed during the interview, such as a

    PowerPoint presentation or presentation boards. Such materials should only include materials covered by

    the team during the interview.


    The successful responder will be required to meet all the terms and conditions and execute the current AIA Document B101 Standard form of Agreement between Owner and Architect as amended by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. A copy of the AIA Document B101 is available at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Facilities website, NOTE: A roof design consultant coordinated with and acceptable to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’

    institution and the Office of the Chancellor will be an integral part of the consultant’s design team. The design

    consultant’s fee shall include the fees and reimbursable expenses of the roof design consultant.


    a. 10 paper copies

    b. 8 ? X 11, plastic comb bound or stapled only, portrait format, no plastic dividers or covers c. Maximum 20 faces (excluding cover letter, front and back covers, blank dividers, transmittal form, affidavit

    of non-collusion, affirmative action data page, location of service form and organizational conflict of interest


    d. All pages numbered

    e. Font size no smaller than 10 point

    f. Responders are highly encouraged to follow the order of proposal contents found in section 3 of this RFP. g. In addition, provide 2 electronic copies on CD’s in .pdf format. The file size should be 2-3 mb or less. Use

     the reduce file size feature if necessary. The document should be password secured against copying text,

     images and other content.




    Firms are required to submit one original transmittal form with their responses. The required form is attached

    and Please attach the following to the Transmittal form: affidavit of non-collusion, affirmative action data

    page, location of service form, organizational conflict of interest statement and immigration status



    Single face cover letter, including:

     Brief overview of proposal



    For prime firm and each consultant firm provide brief description including:

     Name and location

     Year established

     Legal status


     Staffing by discipline, total staff, and how many employees are located in Minnesota

     For each firm with multiple offices, briefly summarize which office will be the primary firm location,

    which office will do what parts of the project and how many employees in each office will be working on

    the project.

     For the prime firm - identify if certified as a Targeted Group/Economically Disadvantaged firm


    a. Brief statement of team’s past or present working relationships

    b. For each team member provide:

     Name and position in firm, include name of firm

     Home base (if in multi-office firm)

     Responsibility on this project


     Years of experience (Note that Section 1.c of this RFP often stipulates requirements for specific

    team members in this area.)

     Relevant recent experience (if in another firm, so note)

     Registration (including specialty if engineer)

     Specifically address the availability of appropriate personnel and their capacity to accomplish the

    work within the time constraints


    If planning or design consultants are a part of the team, explain how they will be utilized (e.g. major role

    during design, absent during construction, etc). Matrix or chart is suggested.


    For architectural and/or planning firms, please provide examples of relevant projects recently completed or in

    progress including:

     Photographs, sketches and/or plans

     Name and location

     Brief description (e.g. size, cost, relevance)

     Firm of record indicating the role of each proposed team member on the relevant project.

     Completion date or current status

    For engineering or technical firms, provide examples of relevant projects recently completed or in progress

    including the above. Photographs, sketches and/or plans are to be for only that portion of the work for which

    firm was responsible. For example, if the firm designed the mechanical system, then a photo of the

    mechanical system is appropriate, not an exterior building image (unless relevant to the system design).


    Describe your understanding of the project, significant issues to be addressed and your specific approach to

    the planning, design and construction process for this project. Address constraints you perceive that may

    affect this proposed project.


    Briefly summarize your team’s unique qualifications for this project.


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