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1 Business Administration 240 Principles of Management Wenatchee Valley College Fall Quarter 2009 INSTRUCTOR Mr. Nelson Martin OFFICE Sexton Hall 6026C CREDITS 5 Credits OFFICE HOUR 10 a.m. Daily CLASSROOM Batjer Hall 8039 TELEPHONE 682-6650 CLASS HOUR 11 p.m. Daily E-mail: nmartin@..


    Business Administration 240

    Principles of Management

    Wenatchee Valley College

    Fall Quarter 2009

INSTRUCTOR Mr. Nelson Martin OFFICE Sexton Hall 6026C

    CREDITS 5 Credits OFFICE HOUR 10 a.m. Daily

    CLASSROOM Batjer Hall 8039 TELEPHONE 682-6650

    CLASS HOUR 11 p.m. Daily E-mail:

    TEXTS The Essential Drucker, Peter F. Drucker, Collins Business edition 2005

COURSE Introduction to management theory and practice. Emphasis is on

    DESCRIPTION practical tools for planning, organizing, directing, controlling,

     coordinating, and decision-making within organizations.

    GOALS Upon completion the student will be able to:

     a. Define selected management terms;

     b. Understand the development of management theory;

     c. Perform management analysis;

     d. Design management actions based upon analysis;

     e. Describe management implementation;

     f. Construct management controls.

    GRADING Your grade is built from the following components:

     30% Papers (2 each)

     45% Quizzes

     15% Final Examination

     10% Instructor's Evaluation (Class participation; timeliness of

     assignments; quality of work; student effort and

     improvement; attendance)

     Grading scale:

     Percentage earned: Letter grade awarded:

     90 100 A range

     80 - 89 B range

     70 - 79 C range

     65 69 D range

     64 and below F



    Research assignments: Two short papers (minimum of 3,

    maximum of 5 pages) will be assigned. While the topics will vary, papers will be graded using a basic rubric. I will provide the rubric with each assignment. The papers will use the conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA) as defined and rdillustrated in easyWriter, 3 Edition, pages 232 251.

Attendance: Daily attendance is not taken. The student is

    responsible for obtaining any hand outs, additional assignments, changes in due dates or other information provide during class time.

Additional readings: Additional readings will be available on

    reserve in the library or at designated web-sites.

    Final: If the final is not taken, zero points are assigned and used in computing your grade. Additionally, the reduction of one letter grade (B- to C-, for example), accrues when the final is not taken.

Special Needs: The Special Populations Office: The Disability

    Support Services Office has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, counsel and assist students with disabilities. If you receive services through this office and require accommodations for this class, make an appointment with me as soon as possible to discuss your approved accommodation needs. Bring your Instructor Notification and Request for

    Accommodation form provided by the Special Populations Office to the appointment. I will hold any information you share with me in strictest confidence unless you give me permission to do otherwise. If you need a referral to that office or have further questions I will be available to assist you. The Special Populations office will require appropriate documentation of disability. The use of that office is voluntary.



September 21- 25 Management Environment

     See Week 1 readings

    Friday: Assign Paper 1 (due 12 Oct)

    September 28 October 2 History of management thought?

     See Week 2 readings

October 5 - 9 How management functions

     See Week 3 readings

October 12 - 16 Required Information

     See Week 4 readings

     Monday: Paper 1 due

    October 19 - 23 What is the image of your organization?

    See Week 5 readings

October 26 - 30 Controlling an organization

     See Week 6 readings

November 2 6 Managing change

     See Week 7 readings

     Assign paper number 2: Due 30 November

     Friday: No Classes: Advising Day

November 19 - 13 Communication

     See Week 8 readings

     Wednesday: No class: Veterans’ Day

November 16 - 20 A Case Study

     See Week 9 readings

November 23 27 Creativity

     Instructor notes

     Wednesday: Thanksgiving vacation starts


November 30 December 4 Leadership

     See Week 11 readings

    December 7 Final: 10:30 12:30 11 Dec (Monday)


    Reading Assignments for Management

     Fall 2009


    1The Essentinal Druckerpp. 3 - 38Required text

    The Road to Serfdompp. 28 - 30; 63 - 65Library reserve desk

    2The Essentinal Druckerpp. 69 - 94Required text3The Essentinal Druckerpp. 69 - 94Required text4The Essentinal Druckerpp. 95 - 111Required text

     CEO*,pp. 28 - 55Library reserve desk

    5Images of the OrganizationIntroductionLibrary reserve desk6The Essentinal Druckerpp. 112 - 135Required text7The Essentinal Druckerpp. 161 - 188Required text8 CEO*,pp. 93 - 111Library reserve desk

    The Essentinal Druckerpp. 261 - 267Required text9Cameron Balloon Factoryhttp://www.merlot.org10CreativityInstructors notesLecture

    11The Essentinal Druckerpp. 241 - 260Required text

    The Essentinal Druckerpp. 217 - 224Required text

    *What the CEO Wants You To Know

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