Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Open and Distance Learning

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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Open and Distance Learning


    Dr. V. Valluvaparidasan

    Director, Open and Distance Learning

    TNAU, Coimbatore


    The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, a century years old renowned institution committed for the development of agricultural education in the state concerned has ventured an innovative approach of starting open and distance learning programmes since 2005 for the benefit of various segments of the farming community and middle level extension functionaries who aspire for continuing and life long learning and interested in establishing agro-based industries in rural areas. The distance education council of India has supported for infrastructure facilities to the tune of Rs.45 lakhs in two years. The ICT facilities already established at the TNAU and its centres have been served as a base for initiating this venture.

Open and Distance Learning at TNAU : An overview

    The TNAU has established the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning at the university since April 2005, a pioneering attempt among the State Agricultural Universities (SAUs) with a prime objective of imparting technical know how and do how on technologies in agriculture and agro based industries to various segments of the learners who lacks opportunity in campus based education.

Statusquo of ODL


    1. Distance Learning

    2. Educational Media Centre

    3. Publication Division


    ; Enlighten knowledge and skill

    ; Confidence building for entrepreneurs


; Explore avenues for enterprises

    ; Produce video CD lessons for skill teaching ; Repository of information through print media ; Cataloguing details of technologies and documentary in Audio CD, VCD, DVD and

    print medium


    ; Offer Certificate programmes, PG Diploma and PG Degree programmes

    ; Impart practical knowledge through personal contact programme

    Our stakeholders

    ; Farmers

    ; Farm women

    ; Rural youths

    ; Unemployed farm graduates

    ; School dropouts

    ; Entrepreneurs

    ; Personnel from sugar industries

    ; NGOs

    ; Homemakers

    ; Self help groups

    ; Middle level extension functionaries

    ; Students from other colleges

    ; Administrators


    ; Going into e-mode of Distance learning programmes ; Developing e-content

    ; Validating e-content for digital learning

    ; Strengthening learners support services with effective feedback ; Bringing quality in ODL

    ; Extending the centres of learning

    ; Proliferating into internationalization of distance learning programmes


; Entering into MoU with reputed universities

    ; Promoting agribusiness capabilities of budding youngsters ; Tie up with service providers for precise learning, prompt and clarified information

    ; Focus on need based, location specific and federalisticand international aspirations

    Programmes offered

    Certificate Courses (Tamil)

    ; Bee Keeping

    ; Mushroom Production

    ; Waste Recycling and Vermicomposting

    ; Sugarcane Production Technology

    ; Coconut Cultivation Technology

    ; Cotton Cultivation Technology

    ; Vegetable Seed Production

    ; Hybrid Seed Production in Cotton and Maize

    ; Wasteland Development

    ; Repair and Maintenance of Farm Equipments and Machineries ; Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables

    ; Nursery Techniques and Propagation of Horticultural Plants ; Gardening and Landscaping

    ; Modern Irrigation Management

    ; Bakery and Confectionary Products

    ; Medicinal Plants

    ; Modern Weed Management

    ; Jatropha Cultivation

    ; Flower Cultivation

    ; Organic Farming

    ; Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening


Certificate Courses (English) for urban dwellers

    ; Waste recycling & vermicomposting

    ; Landscaping and Ornamental Gardening

    ; Integrated nutrient management

    ; Coconut cultivation

    ; Mushroom cultivation

    ; Commercial Horticulture

    ; Integrated Weed Management

    ; Soil Fertility Management

    ; Nursery Technology

PG Diploma Programmes

    ; Food Biotechnology

    ; Bioinformatics

    ; Production and Quality Control in Medicinal Plants

PG Degree Programmes

    ; Master of Business Administration

    ; M.Sc. (Environmental Management)

    ; M.Sc. (Sugarcane Technology)

    Collaborative ventures established to Strengthen the Distance Learning Programmes

     In the transfer of technology mechanism especially through Open and Distance Learning mode, the importance of private public partnership was viewed in the proper perspective to create greater impact. In this venture, following are the salient activities made by the incumbent

    ; The Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI) programme

    in collaboration with National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management

    (MANAGE), Hyderabad was organized successfully for the benefit of input dealers

    hailing from the entire state of Tamil Nadu in order to infuse knowledge on


    marketing and laws related to chemicals, fertilizers and other inputs. This has helped

    to reorient the learners on location specific crop production technologies of broad

    based agriculture and specific package of practices related to field problems. Further,

    capacity building of input dealers has been ensured due to the impact of the above


    ; Collaboration between TNAU and Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore to

    organize PG Degree programme on M.Sc. (Sugarcane Technology) for the benefit of

    personnel engaged in sugar industries and allied sectors. This programme is also

    being organized at the Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Regional Research Station,

    Karnal, Haryana.

    ; Considering the production and processing of medicinal plants, a MoU signed

    between TNAU and J.S.S. College of Pharmacy, Ooty to organize PG Diploma

    programme on Production and Quality Control in Medicinal Plants for the benefit of

    growers of medicinal plants and personnel involved in extraction and processing of

    medicinal plants.

    ; As quality seed production place a pivotal role in increasing production of the crops,

    efforts were made to initiate collaborative efforts made between TNAU and Rasi

    Seeds, Salem to organize Certificate Course programme on Quality Vegetable Seed

    Production for the benefit of farmers.

    ; MoU signed between TNAU and State Bank of India to organize certificate course on

    “Bakery and Confectionary Products” and “Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables” for

    the benefit of self help groups (farm women) in Coimbatore and Madurai Districts. ; MoU signed between TNAU and AGRO-Biotech Research Centre Limited, Kottayam,

    Kerala to organize Certificate Course programme on for the benefit of farmers of

    Kerala State on aspects related to biocontrol agents and biofertilizers production.

    Distance Education Council extends financial assistance to Open and Distance Learning programmes

    Considering the qualitative improvement and accomplishments made through open and distance learning programmes of the TNAU, the distance education council has sanctioned a development grant to the tune of Rs.30.00 lakhs to TNAU during 2008 2009


    to strengthen the distance learning efforts through various components. Development of Self Instructional Materials (SIM), student support services, staff training and quality assurance, application of ICT facilities, development of library facilities, research and development are the salient components to be considered for strengthening the distance learning programmes of the TNAU.


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