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    1) John and Caroline go out for a walk one day. This graph represents the distance they traveled over time.During what part of their walk are they not moving?

     A) From 0 to 0.75 hours

     B) From 1.25 to 2.0 hours

     C) From 0.75 to 1.25 hours

     D) They are moving the entire time.

    2) Which is an example of electrical energy being converted into light energy?

     A) the sun

     B) a light bulb

     C) a solar panel

     D) a glow stick at Halloween

    3) The graph represents what has happened over an 8 year period, when non-native Nile perch were introduced to Lake Malawi in Africa. Based on the data, which of the following statements is true?

     A) The Nile perch is competitively excluding the pike cichlid.

     B) The Nile perch and Pike cichlid probably do not compete for food.

     C) There is probably commensalisms between the Nile perch and the pike cichlid.

     D) The Nile perch and Pike cichlid probably occupy different ecological niches. 4) Consider the average velocity of a runner who jogs around a track four times. The distance (400m) remains constant for each lap. However, each lap is run 5 seconds slower than the first. The time for each lap increases. The average velocity for each lap ______________. This is an example of a(n) _____________ relationship.

     A) increases, direct

     B) decreases, direct

     C) increases, inverse

     D) decreases, inverse

    5) Mr. Burns, a retired neighbor of Roger's, is angry at Roger for lighting firecrackers and ringing his doorbell. Roger, who is 9 years old,

    notices that it is 10:30 AM and decides that Mr. Burns does not like to be interrupted while watching 'The Magic Donkey' superhero

    program on television, which only comes on during this time slot. Roger decides to do an experiment over the next two weeks and

    record his findings. To test this hypothesis, Roger could do all of the following EXCEPT?

     A) Repeat his behavior at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks and record his findings.

     B) Remove Mr. Burns' TV antennae, temporarily, at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks.

     C) Light firecrackers and ring Mr. Burns' doorbell at precisely 2:30 in the afternoon for two weeks.

     D) Interrupt Mr. Burns at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks by shouting at him, and record his findings.

    6) At what point in the swing of the pendulum is the potential energy completely converted into kinetic energy?





    7) This graph represents the motion of a car while driving over a short distance. Which statement accurately describes the motion of the car in this graph?

     A) It is going forwards fast, then it is going forwards slow.

     B) It is going forwards slow, then it is going forwards fast.

     C) It is going backwards fast, then it is going backwards slow.

     D) It is going backwards slow, then it is going backwards fast. 8)

     A runner accelerates toward the finish line.

Identify the action force in the example.

     A) The runner pushing against the air.

     B) The wind pushing the runner's face.

     C) The runner's feet pushing against the ground.

     D) The ground pushing against the feet of the runner.

    9) Select the option which will cause a worker to do the maximum amount of work.

     A) using a lever to lift 100 Newtons up 4 meters on to a shelf

     B) using her hands to lift 200 Newtons up 1 meter on to a table

     C) using a ramp to lift a 200 Newton box up 1 meter into a truck

     D) using a pulley to lift a 100 Newton box up 3 meters onto a platform 10) This circuit is

     A) open and on.

     B) open and off.

     C) closed and on.

     D) closed and off.

    11) Foresters recently noticed an apparent drop in the squirrel population in a near-by oak-hickory

    forest. The squirrels eat acorns produced on the oak trees; hawks eat squirrels. The foresters are not

    sure what is causing the decline in the squirrel population but they are concerned that both the squirrel

    and hawk populations will disappear. How could they best find an answer to their question?

     A) Tag and track the hawks in the area.

     B) Conduct a decade long population study.

     C) Monitor the acorn production of the oak trees for several seasons.

     D) Use a computer simulation model of the potential forest populations. 12) How many independent variables can be tested in a standard scientific experiment?

     A) 0

     B) 1

     C) 2

     D) 3


    Tire Testing Table A car tire company is testing Lap Standard Tires - Lap Time (s) Wet Condition Tires - Lap Time (s)

    a new tire that they promote as having improved 1 35 34 speeds under wet conditions. An experiment was

    performed on a wet, closed, half-mile track using 2 33 33

    the same car and driver. Two trials were 3 33 30 performed, one with standard tires and one with

    the new WetMax tires. What can be concluded 4 32 29

    about the claims of the tire company? 5 34 29

     A) There is no hypothesis provided.

     B) The hypothesis of the company is refuted.

     C) The hypothesis of the company is verified.

     D) The hypothesis was neither verified or refuted.

    14) Which tool would BEST be used for measuring the temperature of the classroom?

     A) atmosphmometer

     B) barometer

     C) sphygmomanometer

     D) thermometer

    215) Find the weight of a 15 kg rock. Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s.

     A) 15 N

     B) 5.2 N

     C) 147 N

     D) 1.53 N

    16) Why does alternating current change direction 50 to 60 times per second?

     A) because it is produced by a generator that changes current direction as it spins

     B) because magnetic fields from the generator attract and repel the current

     C) because it travels at the speed of light back and forth across the circuit

     D) because it can only travel a short distance before being attracted back to where it started 17) This piece of equipment removes small particles out of the cooled air before the air is sent to you in your mother's car.

     A) filter

     B) radiator

     C) distillation apparatus

     D) chromatography paper

    18) Why might an electromagnet be used to pick up old cars in junk yards?

     A) Electromagnets are inexpensive and easily create revenue.

     B) Electromagnets are powerful and can be turned on and off easily.

     C) Electromagnets are easy to operate and can be run by cheap labor.

     D) Electromagnets are versatile and can pick up any metallic objects in the yard. 19) At 25?C, sound can travel 100 meters across a football field in 0.29 seconds. Determine the velocity of these sound waves in the

    direction they travel across the field.

     A) 0.0029 m/s

     B) 29 m/s

     C) 345 m/s

     D) 34,500 m/s

    20)Robert is instructed in a lab experiment to first record the ambient temperature of the room. To do this, he

    holds the thermometer under a bright light to accurately read it. He then reads and records the data as 33?C.

    What error, if any, and effect occurred when performing this lab step?

     A) The actual temperature of the room is 33?C. Robert performed the steps accurately.

     B) The actual temperature of the room is lower than 33?C. Robert misread the thermometer.

     C) The actual room temperature is lower than 33?C. The added heat from the light caused the temperature to be

    too high.

     D) The actual temperature of the room is higher than 33?C. Robert should have used the Fahrenheit scale, which would have registered higher.

     21) Which piece of equipment would give the MOST accurate measurement of 45 mL of a liquid?

     A) A 100 mL graduated cylinder

     B) A 50 mL graduated cylinder

     C) A 100 mL beaker

     D) A 50 mL flask

    22) An apartment being treated for roaches was sprayed with a

    pesticide. In the graph, the number of roaches seen each day was

    plotted each day after the treatment. Day 0 represents the day before

    the apartment was treated. What can you conclude from the graph?

     A) More roaches seen on day 5 than on day 1.

     B) More roaches seen on day 2 than on day 19.

     C) The treatment was only effective as a short-term solution.

     D) The treatment was an effective long-term solution to the problem.

    23) John and Caroline go out for a walk one day. This graph represents their distance from home.

Which statement accurately describes their walk?

     A) They walked quickly, then they were still, then they walked slowly.

     B) They walked forward fast, then they were still, then they walked backwards slow.

     C) They walked in one direction, then they were still, then they walked in the opposite direction.

     D) They walked faster and faster until they walked at a constant rate, then they walked slower and slower.

    24) A circuit contains three light bulbs in parallel. After observation, a fourth light bulb is added, also in parallel. How does the intensity of the four light bulb circuit compare with the intensity of the three light bulb circuit?

     A) It is lower in intensity.

     B) It is higher in intensity.

     C) It has the same intensity.

     D) The circuit is not operational.

    25) A stunt plane turns off its motor and begins hurtling towards the earth. Every second, the pilot releases a puff of smoke for the

    audience to see. Neglecting air resistance as the plane falls, what does the audience notice about the puffs of smoke?

     A) The puffs of smoke are separated by random distances as the plane falls.

     B) The puffs of smoke have the same distance between them as the plane falls.

     C) The puffs of smoke have less and less distance between them as the plane falls.

     D) The puffs of smoke have more and more distance between them as the plane falls. 26) In each case, a charged rod, made of the dense rubber ebonite, comes close or is in contact with the top of an electroscope. The

    ball on top of the electroscope is directly connected to the two metal leaves suspended in the flask.

    Which image represents a gaining of a charge on the leaves of the electroscope by conduction?





    27) Diego kicks a soccer ball from the end line. His fellow students time and mark the soccer ball as it moves down the field. The graph represents the ball's progress.

    Based on the graph, during what time is the velocity constant and positive?

     A) from 0 to 1.5 seconds

     B) from 3.0 to 4.5 seconds

     C) from 4.0 to 5.0 seconds

     D) from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds

    28) Tina conducted an experiment to test her hypothesis. Her hypothesis was that by crushing aspirin and putting it into potting soil increases the growth rate of tomato plants. The results of the experiment show that there was no significant difference in the growth rates between the control and the experimental groups. What should Tina do with the results of this experiment?

     A) Assume that there was something wrong with the aspirin or plants.

     B) Publish the results of the experiment and claim the converse of the hypothesis is true.

     C) Assume she did the experiment incorrectly, ignore the results, and conduct the experiment again.

     D) Use the results to look at the situation in a new way, learn, and reapply it by altering the hypothesis and conduct another

    experiment to test her new hypothesis.

    29) Technological design is different from pure scientific investigation in that

     A) it involves collection of data.

     B) it involves forming a hypothesis.

     C) it involves the application of the process to a specific problem.

     D) it involves forming a conclusion based on the results of the experiment. 30) Shannon drove her car 140 miles east at a rate of 70 miles per hour. How long did she travel?

     A) 1 hour

     B) 2 hours

     C) 20 hours

     D) 20 minutes

    31) Kate and Janie are about to pour water into a beaker when they notice the beaker has a crack at the bottom. What should the

    students do with the beaker?

     A) Throw the beaker in the trash can.

     B) Pour the water in the beaker anyway.

     C) Inform their teacher and then throw the beaker in the broken glass disposal.

     D) Throw the beaker in the broken glass disposal and then inform their teacher. 32) Which piece of lab equipment is used to measure the mass of a chemical sample?

     A) balance

     B) thermometer

     C) spring scale

     D) graduated cylinder

    33) How much work is done by gravity when a pine cone (of mass 50g) falls from the top of a tree, 9 m high?

     A) 0.45 J

     B) 4.5 J

     C) 450 J

     D) 4500 J

    34) Which procedure is MOST important when handling acids and bases correctly in the lab?

     A) Wear gloves and a respirator.

     B) Wear safety goggles and a lab apron at all times for protection.

     C) Be sure to work at eye level with the experiments to better observe.

     D) Be sure to take books and notes into the lab station to know what you are doing. 35) A 24 V battery is powering a light bulb with a resistance of 2.5 ohms. What is the current flowing through the bulb?

     A) 9.6 A

     B) 21.5 A

     C) 26.5 A

     D) 60 A

    36) In the middle of science class, you have a great idea. Being on the fourth floor, you get a friend to watch out the window of the third,

    second and first floors just beneath you. You have all your friends on a conference call on your cell phone and tell them to let you know

    when they see a book you drop out your window pass by their window. Which statement is true of the amount of time it takes to pass

    by each window?

     A) the time interval between floors is the same

     B) the time interval between floors becomes less each time

     C) the time interval between floors becomes more each time

     D) the time interval between floors becomes infinitely long

    37) If a machine exerts a force of 250 N on an object and no work is done, what must have occurred?

     A) The machine has broken

     B) The object has not moved

     C) The object has gained momentum.

     D) The object has moved, but then stopped

    238) A 98 kilogram man is accelerating forward at a rate of 1.2 m/s. What is the unbalanced force necessary to produce the movement?

     A) 81.67 N

     B) 96.8 N

     C) 99.2 N

     D) 117.6 N

    39) A 10.0 kilogram mass of iron on earth exerts a downward force of 98 Newtons. On the moon this same 10.0 kilograms of iron is

    weighed and found to exert a downward force of 16.3 Newtons. How is this possible?

     A) The earth is farther away reducing the pull.

     B) Weight is the same everywhere, but mass changes.

     C) Mass begins to evaporate in the vacuum of space.

     D) The gravity on the moon is one sixth the gravity of Earth. 40) The light bulb in the image is a 100-Watt bulb that draws 2 Amps of current in a standard 120-Volt household circuit. Determine the

    resistance of the light bulb.

     A) 0.83 ohms

     B) 1.2 ohms

     C) 60 ohms

     D) 240 ohms

    41) The maximum kinetic energy of a box sliding from the top of a ramp to the bottom is

     A) at the top.

     B) at the bottom.

     C) at the exact middle of the ramp

     D) stored equally within the box at all locations.

    42) The standard unit of mass in the SI (Metric) system is the

     A) kilogram.

     B) liter.

     C) meter.

     D) newton.

    43) This graph describes the motion of a sky diver that jumped from an airplane. The skydiver


     A) being influenced by equal amounts of gravity and air resistance.

     B) slowing down because of an unbalanced force of air resistance.

     C) accelerating because of an unbalanced force of gravity.

     D) on the ground and is not falling anymore.

    44) Determine the weight of an elephant whose mass is 1000 kilograms.

     A) 102 Newtons

     B) 1000 Newtons

     C) 2200 Newtons

     D) 9800 Newtons

    45) Ben is exercising his pony on a large, oval track. The pony is trotting at a constant speed of 10 m/s around the track. Which

    statement can be made about the pony's acceleration?

     A) The pony is decelerating.

     B) The rate of acceleration is constant.

     C) The pony is accelerating around the track.

     D) The pony is not accelerating around the track.

    46) In the image shown, the light bulb is on. In order for this to happen, the circuit must be

     A) closed.

     B) open.

     C) parallel.

     D) series.

    47) Susie places 3 beakers in the freezer. The first beaker contains water only, the second contains water and salt, and the third contains a water and sugar solution. Susie recorded the

    temperature and the time at which each mixture froze. Which is the most appropriate hypothesis for her experiment?

     A) Salt affects the freezing point of water.

     B) The addition of salt raises the freezing point of water.

     C) The addition of a sugar lowers the freezing point of water.

     D) The addition of different substances affects the freezing point of water. 48) What does the slope of this graph represent?

     A) the temperature of the circuit

     B) the power supplied by the circuit

     C) the resistance within the circuit

     D) the velocity of the electricity in the circuit

    49) Susie places 3 beakers in the freezer. The first beaker contains water only, the second contains water and salt, and the third contains a water and sugar solution. Susie recorded the temperature and the time at which each mixture froze. Which is the most appropriate hypothesis for her experiment?

     A) Salt affects the freezing point of water.

     B) The addition of salt raises the freezing point of water.

     C) The addition of a sugar lowers the freezing point of water.

     D) The addition of different substances affects the freezing point of water. 50) Why does a skydiver accelerate as she falls to the earth before opening her chute?

     A) because she loses mass during her travel

     B) because she gets further from the airplane

     C) because the force of the earth pulls on her

     D) because fewer forces are present to slow her down as she drops

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