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    1) John and Caroline go out for a walk one day. This graph represents the distance they traveled over time.During what part of their walk are they not moving?

     A) From 0 to 0.75 hours

     B) From 1.25 to 2.0 hours

     C) From 0.75 to 1.25 hours

     D) They are moving the entire time.

    2) Which is an example of electrical energy being converted into light energy?

     A) the sun

     B) a light bulb

     C) a solar panel

     D) a glow stick at Halloween

    3) The graph represents what has happened over an 8 year period, when non-native Nile perch were introduced to Lake Malawi in Africa. Based on the data, which of the following statements is true?

     A) The Nile perch is competitively excluding the pike cichlid.

     B) The Nile perch and Pike cichlid probably do not compete for food.

     C) There is probably commensalisms between the Nile perch and the pike cichlid.

     D) The Nile perch and Pike cichlid probably occupy different ecological niches. 4) Consider the average velocity of a runner who jogs around a track four times. The distance (400m) remains constant for each lap. However, each lap is run 5 seconds slower than the first. The time for each lap increases. The average velocity for each lap ______________. This is an example of a(n) _____________ relationship.

     A) increases, direct

     B) decreases, direct

     C) increases, inverse

     D) decreases, inverse

    5) Mr. Burns, a retired neighbor of Roger's, is angry at Roger for lighting firecrackers and ringing his doorbell. Roger, who is 9 years old,

    notices that it is 10:30 AM and decides that Mr. Burns does not like to be interrupted while watching 'The Magic Donkey' superhero

    program on television, which only comes on during this time slot. Roger decides to do an experiment over the next two weeks and

    record his findings. To test this hypothesis, Roger could do all of the following EXCEPT?

     A) Repeat his behavior at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks and record his findings.

     B) Remove Mr. Burns' TV antennae, temporarily, at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks.

     C) Light firecrackers and ring Mr. Burns' doorbell at precisely 2:30 in the afternoon for two weeks.

     D) Interrupt Mr. Burns at 10:30 AM for the next two weeks by shouting at him, and record his findings.

    6) At what point in the swing of the pendulum is the potential energy completely converted into kinetic energy?