Vocabulary (2)

By Ellen Daniels,2014-08-06 16:31
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Vocabulary (2)Vocabu

The wallet

    come across; awakening(n/v1,2,a3,4); for years; carry around; as if; envelope(1,2); worn(v1,2,a3,4); make out; return address; other than; identity(n1,2); call in(1,2visit); nursing home; know of; invite over; guard(1,2); exchanged greetings; full of life; once more; regard(n/v1,2,3,4); match up to; for a while; for sure; security(n1,2,3); Not at all; grow pale; be in love with; come to an end; tight(1,2); holding hands; catch up on; tie the knot; erect(v1,2,a3); groom(v1,2,n3,4);

I explained the situation and was invited over, arriving to find him chatting to the door guard.

    I never heard from him again

    She looked away for a moment in deep thought

    Ill let this go for a while.

    I'll take you up to him, if you like.

Do animals fall in love

    preferring to; striking; read on; dictate(n1,v2,3,4); What about; evolutionary(a1,2,3) biologist; pairing(n1); parental(a1,2); appear to; exhibit(v1,2,n3,4); goose(geese); partly(av1,2); In the following days; not have the heart(to do sth.); defend…from…;

    flock(n1,2,v3); sharply(1,2); pull oneself together; dramatically(1,2); youngster; separate(a1,2,v3,4); run around; parrot(n1,2,v3); fall in love at first sight; Instinct(1,2);

    nevertheless; in extremely poor condition; from the neck down; twist(n/v1,2); pair off; species(1,2); breed(n1,2.v3,4,5); take to; reproduce(v1,2); advanced age; sick(n1,a1,2); magnificent(1,2,3); shed light on; Yet(1,2,3); devotion(n1,2,3); heap on; swan; mandarin ducks; mandarin(1,2); marital(1,2); faithfulness(1,2,3); field biologist; coyotes; representing(1,2); trickery; equally(1,2,3); lasting(a1); sexually active Observations indicate that…; attachment(1,2,3); curl up(1,2); mice; greeting each other;

    elaborate(a1,2,v1,3); tap(n1,v2); paw(n1,v2,3); lick(v1,2); essence(n1,2); tell of; otter; off the coast; get around; walking stick(n1,v2,3,4); made a habit of; chase away;

    A short time later; strangely(1,2); by any chance; astonishment; in the world; Remarkably(1,2);

    it's not always clear this is the case.

    the male nevertheless acted like the female wasn't even in the room.

    I cannot think of chimpanzees developing emotions, one for the other, comparable in any way to

    the tenderness, protectiveness, tolerance and spiritual joy that are the mark of human love in its

    truest and deepest sense

    Coyotes, often thought of as representing trickery

    how in the world could you know that

Ditch the calculator

    sigh; inwardly(1,2,3); yet another; struggle with; advanced(a1,2,3); mentally(1,2,3); addition(n1,2); subtraction(n1,2); multiplication(n1,2); division(n1,2); longingly; off-limits; on the corner of; regularly(1,2,3); unlimited(a1,2); council; seminar; instructor(n1,2); casually(1,2,3); no longer; reluctant; permit(n1,2,v3); agree on; the education establishment; device(n1,2,3); middle- and high-school students; arithmetic;

call for; algebra; geometry(1,2); switch to; lack; in defense(n1,2,v1) of; each one;

    in the first place; By this I mean that; logically(1,2); rationally(1,2); proceed from;

    competent(1,2); be essential for; adolescent(n1,a2); concentrate on; get tied up with;

    computation(1,2); make easy; combination; appropriate; pause(n/v1,2); instantly; cut down; reflect on; approach(n1,2,n/v3,v4); what if; repetitious; learn by heart; much less; immense(1,2,3); as much as; obviously; comprehend(1,2); unnecessary comprehend the principles on which it is based; learn by rote; figure out; unrelated;

    repeated(a); prevent from; strategy; battle with; comfortable; disadvantaged(a1,2); generalized(1,2); extensive use; invite(v1,2); stand still; complex(a1,2,n3,4); practice; at hand; lean on; incorrectly; bat(n1,2,v2,3); bat an eye; after all; inexpensive; commonplace; contain; section(1,2,3,4); basic function; to a limited extent; be around;

    Not many of us; circumference; circle(n1,2,3,v4,5); factor a quadratic(a) equation;

    Practical(1,2); the sole purpose of; expand(v1,2,3); contributing(a1,2);

    individual(n1,a2,3); the ultimate goals of education;

    These skills are something that math and science teach and are essential for adolescents to

    become thinking, intelligent members of society.

    Having a calculator doesn't make it any easier for a student to decide how to attack a math


    Learning effective methods for approaching confusing problems is essential, not just for math but

    for life.

    Many teachers as well as students insist.

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