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    Unit Six Advertisement

    Teaching Objective: 1. To improve Ss listening ability.

     2. To improve Ss speaking ability.

     3. To improve Ss reading ability.

     4. To improve Ss writing ability.

     5. To improve Ss translating ability.

    Teaching focus: 1. Difficult language points in the text A should be introduced.

     2. Introduce the skill of writing an advertisement.

     3. Introduce the mathod of translating long sentences.

     4. Train the Ss listening and speaking ability.

    Teaching difficulties: 1. How to enable Ss to write an advertisement.

     2. How to train Ss ability to translate long sentences. Teaching Procedures: daily report, lead-in, listening, reading, translation,writing,


    Stage1 Daily Report

    Ask the student on duty to make a daily report, encouraging him or her to speak more about advertisement. While listening, the students should make some notes. Then ask some students to retell what the reporter about.

    Stage2 Lead in

    Step1 Culture background

    T, in this part, introduces some background knowledge on advertising to Ss. Advertising has become a very specialized activity in modern times. In the business world of today, supply is often greater than demand. Different manufacturers of the same kind of product have to persuade customers to buy their own product. By advertising they remind consumers of the name and the qualities of their product, and the place to buy it.

    Advertisements can be seen or heard everywhere, in newspapers, on posters, by radio and on TV. Manufacturers pay for songs or talk shows about their product in commercial radio programs. They may hire beautiful salesgirls to distribute samples. They also have advertisements put into programs that will accept them. Often large sums of money are spent on advertisements. People choose to buy certain product because they think it is the best. We usually think so because the advertisements say so.

    Step2 Topics for discussion

    1. T gives two questions and asks Ss discuss them in pairs

    Q: Which of the advertisements described in the text do you like most? And why?

     Do you think advertisements in China are creative enough? Why or why not? 2. Show their work

    Let each group share their opinions with others. While listening, the listeners should take some notes, then retell and share.

    3. Summarize

    The teacher summarize the Ss job, making some comments. Then write down the

    useful words and expressions needed.

    Stage3 Listening

Step1 Activity 1 Summary

    1. Listen to the the news report, sumjarize the main ideas and then write them on the note sheet given in the Ss book P185.

    2. Two Ss write their answers on the Bb.

    3. Check the answers together. Listen to the tape while checking if necessary. Step 2 Activity 2 Conversations

    1. Listen to the conversations just only once and then decide whether the statements below are true, false or not mentioned according to the conversations you hear. 2. Two Ss write their answers on the Bb.

    3. Check the answers together. Listen to the tape while checking if necessary. Step 3 Activity3 Passage

    1. Listen to the passage twice and then decide on the appropriate answer to each of the questions.

    2. Two Ss write their answers on the Bb.

    3. Check the answers together. Listen to the tape while checking if necessary. Stage4 Reading

    Step1 pre-reading

    Ask Ss to work in groups to discuss the following questions:

    1. What is your favorite adverisement?

    2. What kink of adverisements do you like or dislike?

    Step2 reading comprehension

    1. Have the Ss read Text A in 7 minutes and do the reading comprehension to test whether to understand the text

    2. Calls on volunteers or a few students to tell the answer and then helps the students identify the main idea of the text.

    Step3 language points

    T, in this part, should analyses the following language points in taxt A to Ss: 1. Name 10 advertisements that you can spontaneously recall, describe, and associate with brands. (Para. 1)


     ?Please name your favorite football stars.



     ? The boy was named George after his uncle.




     ? I recalled my schooldays.


     ? I recollect having heard him say so.


    2. … and there are not many creative ideas that have an impact and are memorable. (Para. 2)


     ? They live in a house that was built 200 years ago.


    3. The top-of-mind recall of brands, which often leads to a high share of the market, is

    usually helped by spontaneous recollection of advertising. (Para. 2)


    引导非限制性定语从句,修饰top-of-mind recallrecall用作名词,在句中作主语。


    spontaneous applause,自发的鼓掌!,a spontaneous manner,自然的举止!

    短语share of market相当于market share,表示市场份额的意思。

    4. Coca-Cola had a television commercial where two guys in a hospital put their

    hands to their heads, using their mental energies to magnetize two Coke bottles to fly

    over a sleeping nursing matron to reach their beds. (Para. 5)

    where引导定语从句,相当于in which,修饰television commercialmagnetize


     ? This screwdriver has been magnetized.



     ? She can magnetize a theatre audience.


    5. It was a simple idea of mind over matter. (Para. 6)

    mind over matter表示精神胜过物质的意思。例如;

     ? Keeping to a strict diet is a question of mind over matter.


    6. It was charming and made me feel positive toward the brand. (Para. 6)


    a charming man/ village/ song,令人喜爱的男子/村庄/歌曲!

    7. It may not be credible but it doesn’t matter. (Para. 6)


     ? It is hardly credible.


    8. It may give some people the idea that Coke is for sick people, but I don’t think

    there would be many such customers. (Para. 6)

    that引导同位语从句,对idea做出明确的解释。注意I don’t think there would be many such customers中的否定的转移,本句实际否定的是宾语从句中的内容,即;


     ? I don’t expect he would pass the exam.


    9. One featured person was sunbathing on the beach on a hot day. (Para. 7)



     ? It is a film that features a new French actress.


    feature搭配的词组是feature in sth.,表示在某事物中起主要作用或扮演主要


     ? Does a new job feature in your future plan?



     ? His eyes are his most striking feature.




     ? She is a woman of beautiful/striking/delicate features.


    10. Then a Pepsi vendor came, poured Pepsi into a glass while his loudspeaker echoed

    the sound effects of the cool, refreshing drink. (Para. 7)

    pour into表示倒入,倒进的意思,但是这个词组可以引申为“(使)川流不息地涌


     ? Tourists poured into Hangzhou during the West Lake Exposition.


     ? People poured into the hall when he came.



     ? The valley echoed as he sang.



     ? He echoed every word of his superior.



     ? This breeze is very refreshing.


     ? The holiday was a refreshing change for us.


    11. The sunbathers heard the sound and one by one, they tiptoed over to the vendor,

    exclaiming “ouch, ouch” as they walked on the hot sand. (Para. 7)


     ? She tiptoed to the bedside of the sleeping child.



     ? She could not help exclaiming at how much his son had grown.


     ? He exclaimed that it was untrue.


    12. With soft, soothing music, the commercial eventually showed the mother crying

    with joy as she touched her baby’s finger. (Para. 9)


    soothing music,令人舒畅的音乐!,a soothing body lotion,润肤液!



     ? As I was coming here, I met Mrs. White.


13. … which is that men would act on impulse when they catch the fragrance when a

    woman is nearby. (Para. 10)



     ? A sudden impulse of anger arose in him.


    14. This is creatively expressed through the idea of flowers, following each man in

    each commercial impulsively buying flowers and catching up with the lady to present

    her the flowers, much to her surprise, amusement and appreciation. (Para. 10)



     ? I amuse myself with / by reading.


     ? We were amused at the joke.


    much to her surprise表示令她感到非常吃惊的意思。例如;

    to his disappointment,令他感到失望的是!,much to our satisfaction ,令我们感


    15. … while the other dramatized people running around to form a smiling face. (Para. 11)


     ? Don’t believe everything she tells you; she tends to dramatize.


     ? The affair was dramatized by the press.


    16. Big creative ideas can come from animals, symbols, visual or sound effects,

    dramatic filming and so on.

    (Para. 12)

    come from是固定短语,表示来自,源于的意思。例如;

     ? Much of the butter eaten in England comes from New Zealand.


    17. They don’t come easily but are worth having. (Para. 12)

    worth是介词,常用的结构是be worth sth./doing sth.表示值得……的意思。例


     ? The problem is worth attention.


     ? The movie is worth seeing.


    18. The commercial centred on a fat man’s face throughout, with a hand pinching and

    squeezing the flesh until a smiling face was formed. (Para. 13)

    centre on表示将某人/某物当作中心、重点或主题的意思。例如;

     ? Her research is centered on the social effects of unemployment.




     ? The house is well built throughout.


     ? He was wrong throughout.



     ? I’ve looked throughout the house.



     ? The shoes pinch me.


     ? I squeezed myself into a crowded bus.


    with a hand pinching and squeezing … with引导的独立主格结构。

    19. The message conveyed the importance of friendliness and courtesy in the tourist

    business. (Para. 13)



     ? I can’t convey my feelings in words.


     ? He personally conveyed his parents’ message to the teacher.


    20. Big ideas create an impact and help reduce the frequency during each burst of

    advertising. (Para. 14)


    a burst of anger,怒火迸发!,a burst of applause,一阵欢呼!

    burst还可以用作动词,其过去式和过去分词都是burst,表示爆炸,胀破的意思。burst的常用词组是burst into sth. ,表示突然而猛烈地发出或产生出某事物的意思。例如;

     ? burst into tears/song/anger,突然哭//发起怒来!

    Step4 summary

    1. T gives the Ss 3~4 mins to go over the text again and asks them to retell the text to

    their partner.

    2. T then invites 3 Ss to retell the Ss Stage5 translation,可到网上搜索!

    T introduces some translation skills of long sentences translation to Ss.

    英语习惯于用长的句子表达比较复杂的概念, 而汉语则不同,常常使用若干短句, 作层次分明的叙述。因此, 在进行英译汉时, 要特别注意英语和汉语之间的差异, 将英语的长句分解, 翻译成汉语的短句。在英语长句的翻译过程中, 我们一般采取下列的方法。

    1( 顺译; 按原文的顺序进行翻译。

    例; one can easily tell the difference almost at a glance, for a spider has eight legs

    while an insect never more than six.我们几乎一眼就能看出二者的区别,因为蜘蛛有八条腿而昆虫最多只有六条腿.


    1 What is the nature of the scientific attitude, the attitude of the man and women who studies and applies physics, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, medicine or any other science? 科学的态度,即那些研究和应用物理学.....的人们的态度,


    2) Aluminum remained unknown until the 19 century because…........


    3. 分译法;把一个长句分成多个句子来译。

    1Because of this English background of civil war, English-speaking America, where there was no religious war, is often described as a land of refugee to which men and women came in order to enjoy the religious and political freedom denied them in their homeland.




    4. 转句译法;把句中的形容词,副词,名词或词组转化为句子来翻译。

    1The economic growth has been noticely affected by the chaotic state of market.

    经济的增长受到市场混乱状态的影响, 这是显而易见的.

    2) The great speed of light explain why we think….

    光以极快的速度行驶, 这就说明了为什么我们认为......

    3)He has a sound feeling that idiom is the backbone of a language. 他觉得成语是语言的精髓,这种想法是很正确的.

    Stage6 writing

    T in this part should introduce some ways of advertising of a flat to let to Ss. 1. T firstly introduces some short forms of the advertisement of flat to let to Ss: p/w 每周 p/m 每月

    p.p. 每人 m/f /

    n/s or ns 不吸烟者 Excl 除外

    Incl 包括 Furn 含家具

    Unfurn 不含家具 dep. and ref. 押金和推荐信

    Ch 中央暖气 Gch 煤气中央暖气

    Ech 电式中央暖气 w/m or w/mach 洗衣机

    k & b 厨房与卫生间 nr. BR 靠近铁路

    Dg 双层窗户 o.n.o. 最低价

    2. T then introduces some tips of the advertisement of flat to let to Ss: 房屋出租广告内容应包括房屋的地理位置及对其优越性的描述、周过环境、屋内



    Stage7 homework

    Ss should finish the Exs. from page 206 to 208.

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