The Beauty of Britain

By Leon Bennett,2015-03-08 21:24
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The Beauty of Britain

The Beauty of Britain

    The beauty of our country---or at least all of it south of the Highlands---is as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy. Remembering other and larger countries, we see at once that one of its charms is that it is immensely varied within a small compass. We have here no vast mountain ranges, no illimitable plains, no leagues of forest, and are deprived of the grandeur that may accompany these things. But we have superb variety. A great deal of everything is packed into little space. I suspect that we are always faintly conscious of the fact that this is a smallish island, with the sea always round the corner. We know that everything has to be neatly packed into a small space. Nature, we feel, has carefully adjusted things---mountains, plains, rivers, lakes---to the scale of the island itself. A mountain 12000 feet high would be a horrible monster here, as wrong as a plain 400 miles long, a river as broad as the Mississippi. In America the whole scale is too big, except for aviators. There is always too much of everything. There you find yourself in a region that is all mountains, then in another region that is merely part of one colossal plain. You can spend a long, hard day in the Rockies simply traveling up or down one valley. You can wander across prairie country that has the desolating immensity of the ocean. Everything is too big; there is too much of it.
















    同样,400英里的平原,或密西西比河那么宽的河流也会显得与这个小岛不相称。 在美国,一切景物的规模都太大,只有飞行员才不会产生这样的感觉。 所有的东西都大得过分。






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