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    Purpose: Under Brazoria County Subdivision Regulations, a person dividing property must, in general, have a subdivision plat prepared and submit that plat to Commissioners Court for approval. That requirement has been established to promote the public welfare through orderly land development, taking into account health, safety, transportation and drainage issues. The Court has established a variance procedure to allow certain types of property divisions without having a plat approved by Commissioners Court. This application and the additional items requested will enable the Court to determine whether it is appropriate to grant a variance for the proposed division.

TO: Brazoria County Commissioners Court

     c/o County Engineer

    The undersigned owner(s) of the tract of land described below hereby request(s) that a variance be granted to allow subdivision of said tract without Commissioners Court approval of a subdivision plat.

Brief description of tract of land to be divided:

Lot Block Tract Abstract No.


Survey / League

    Phase 1 (to allow the County Engineer to determine whether the proposed division meets the basic

    conditions for the variance):

    The following items are attached:

    1. A copy of the deed for the tract being divided.

    2. A copy of any deed or contract for deed or other conveyance out of said tract executed after May 8,


    3. A drawing showing the proposed division of the referenced tract.

    Phase 2 (after the County Engineer has determined that the proposed division meets the basic conditions for

    the variance):

    The following items are attached:

    4. An original tax certificate from Brazoria County Tax office showing no taxes due on said tract. 5. A letter from the Drainage District in which the property is located stating that the proposed division

    will not have significant adverse drainage impacts.

    6. A letter from the Brazoria County Health Department stating that each part being created by the

    proposed division is of suitable size and condition to allow the provision of adequate water and sewer

    service facilities.

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    Brazoria County Engineering Department

    We understand that, if the variance is conditionally granted by Commissioners Court, before we convey any part of the tract, we must:

    7. Submit a plat of survey prepared by a Registered Professional Surveyor showing the proposed division

    of the referenced tract and accommodations for any existing or proposed public drainage and

    transportation facilities.

    8. Pay the fee to have the County Clerk record a document in the Official Records of Brazoria County,

    Texas, said document setting forth the allowable division.

Owner(s): (attach additional sheets if necessary)

Printed/typed Name Signature

Mailing Address Area code & phone number

Printed/typed Name Signature

Mailing Address Area code & phone number

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    Brazoria County Engineering Department

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