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     Tureen And Cover


     16 A Portmeirion Pottery Part Coffee Set

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     17 Seven Pieces Of Crested China

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     18 A Shelley Colour Banded Flower Vase copy, or use it.

     19 Three Pottery Condiment Sets

     20 Three Oval Serving Platters Etc 1 Two Copper Lustre Milk Jugs Together 21 Two Character Jugs Together With A With Two Oriental Ginger Jars Blue Glazed Tea Pot 2 A Quantity Of Masons Regency Pattern 22 A Royal Doulton China Figure The Tea Ware Together With Further Serving Gardener (Seconds) Plates 23 Six Boxed Wade Disney Whimsies 3 Two Relief Moulded Cream Jugs (Hat Box Series) 4 Two Copper Lustre Milk Jugs With 24 A Blue Glazed Sylvac Rabbit, 1027 Dancing Figures In Relief 25 A Blue Glazed Sylvac Squirrel 5 A Pair Of Eichwald Art Noveau Motif Vases 26 A David Sharpe Design Rye Pottery Cat And Boot Money Bank 6 Three Crown Ducal Florentine Pattern Transfer Decorated Plates Etc 27 A Pair Of Floral Decorated Faience Ware Circular Based Candle Sticks 7 A Semi Glazed Stoneware Crock 28 Four Pieces Of Nursery Ware Pottery 8 A Quantity Of Miscellaneous China And Including A Mable Lucie Attwell Design Pottery Feeding Bowl 9 A Five Piece Floral Decorated Pottery 29 A Brown Glazed Pottery Shire Horse Wash Set 30 Three Willow Pattern Meat Platters 10 An Edwardian Blue Rust And Gilt Together With A Quantity Of Willow Decorated Tea Set Patterned Circular Plates 11 A Pair Of Crown Ducal Florentine Ware 31 Two Wedgwood 1969 Royal Investiture Transfer Decorated Tankards Together Commerative Tankards With A Pair Of Bird Decorated Jugs 32 A Royal Winton Cake Plate, A Hunting 12 A Crown Devon Cries Of London Ginger Scene Decorated Biscuit Barrel Together Jar Together With A Victorian Lidded With A Blue And White Oriental Vase Muffin Dish 33 Two Edwardian China Fairings 13 A Victorian Floral Decorated Scroll Handle Tea Pot Together With Matching 34 A Pair Of Menai Suspension Bridge Cup And Saucer And A Further Cup And Commerative Plates Saucer 35 A Royal Albert Gilt And Black Decorated 14 A Burleigh Ware Blue Transfer Decorated Part Tea Set Pottery Jardinière 36 A Wade Pottery "Andy Cap" Novelty Tea 15 An Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Vegetable


     56 A Blue Jasper Ware Circular Cheese

     37 Two Amherst Ware Circular Fruit Bowls Dish And Cover

     38 A Signed Moorcroft Pottery Blue Ground 57 A Small Gaudy Welsh Pottery Tavern

     Vase With Geometric Border And Figure Toby Jug

     Landscape And Tree Pattern (Af)

     58 A Sylvac Pixie Flower Bowl, A Pebble

     Vase Etc

39 A Boxed Royal Doulton Rupert The Bear

     Series Figure, RB 13 59 A Willow Pattern Meat Platter Together

     With Further Blue And White Plates 40 A Copper Lustre Milk Jug With Scroll

     Handle 60 Two Copper Lustre Milk Jugs

     41 A USSR China Model Of A Stoat 61 A Price Bros Lustre Decorated Tavern

     Figure Double Sided Tea Pot

     42 A Royal Doulton China Model Of A

     Pekinese Dog Etc 62 Six Pieces Of Welsh Costume China

     43 A Blush Ivory Ground Royal Worcester 63 A Pair Of Gaudy Welsh Pottery Tea

     Tea Pot With Overhead Handle Plates

     44 A Sylvac Pottery Rabbit Posy Vase 64 A Gaudy Welsh Oyster Pattern Cream


     45 A Relief Moulded Majolica Glazed Milk

     Jug With Scene Of Child And Dog 65 An Allertons Gaudy Welsh Pottery Oyster

     Pattern Milk Jug

     46 A White Glazed Rushbrook Limited

     Display Stand 66 A Fruit Decorated Pottery Vase Etc

     47 A Pair Of Willow Pattern Oblong Meat 67 A Chintz Ware Circular Fruit Bowl

     Platters Together With A Preserve Pot Etc

     48 An Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Meat Platter 68 A Wedgwood Green Glazed Leaf

     Together With A Further Meat Platter Decorated Milk Jug

     49 An Orange Glazed Shelley Preserve 69 A Brown Glazed Rope Twist Milk Jug

     Stand Together With A Pair Of Shelley

     Pin Dishes 70 Two Copper Lustre Tea Pots

     50 A Pair Of Landscape Painted Mugs 71 A Tuscan China Nursery Rhyme Trio

     Together With A Similar Pin Dish

     72 A Relief Decorated Staffordshire Pottery

     51 A Buckley Pottery Tobacco Pot In The Mug Together With A Trusty Servant Pin

     Form Of A Tree Trunk Dish

     52 A Dartmouth Pottery Plymouth Gin 73 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Jasper

     Advertising Fish Jug Ware Style Relief Moulded Mugs

     53 A Victorian Gilt Decorated Tea And 74 A Royal Doulton China Figurine The

     Breakfast Set Leisure Hour HN 2065 (Af)

     54 A Staffordshire Pottery Chinese Villa 75 A Nao Porcelain Figure Of Girl And

     Pattern Transfer Decorated Meat Platter Puppy

     55 A Royal Dux Model Of A Pike 76 A Sylvac Pottery Lidded Cucumber Pot

     Together With A Carlton Ware Leaf

     Sauce Boat And Dish Box And Cover

     77 An Allertons Gaudy Welsh Pottery Sun 97 A Portuguese Pottery Treacle Glazed

     Flower Pattern Octagonal Jug Model Of A Standing Spanish Bull

     78 A Beswick Model Of A Seated Siamese 98 A Porcelain Wall Mounted Posy Vase In

     Cat, 1559 The Form Of A Flower Head And Branch,

     Marked W & R

     79 A Majolica Glazed Floral Pattern Milk Jug

     80 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Oyster Pattern

     Cream Jug Together With A Cruet Set

     99 Two 1935 Royal Commerative Mugs

     81 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Cream Jug And Together With Two Souvenir Mugs

     Circular Bowl

     100 12 Pieces Of Gaudy Welsh Pottery Tulip

     82 A Copper Lustre Cream Jug With Blue Pattern Tea Ware

     Band And Figures In Relief

     101 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Tulip

     83 A Sylvac Model Of A Long Eared Puppy Relief Moulded Milk Jugs

     84 A Royal Dux Model Of A Bream 102 A Circular Potato Print Bowl Together

     With Two Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Plates

     85 A Boxed Royal Doulton Ruppert The Bear Etc

     Series Figure, RB 6

     103 A Royal Doulton Character Jug

     86 A Blue And White Transfer Decorated Scaramouche D6814

     Pickle Dish

     104 A Royal Doulton Stoneware Hunting Jug

     87 An M J Hummel Figure Of Boy With

     Umberella 105 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Chinoiserie

     Pattern Mug

     88 A Circular Based Moorcroft Pottery

     Natural Crackle Glazed Bowl 106 A Burleigh Ware Floral Decorated Art

     Deco Flower Basket

     89 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Sunflower

     Pattern Lidded Sucrier 107 A Royal Doulton Character Jug The

     Genie D6892

     90 A Large Majolica Glazed Floral Decorated

     Jug With Branch Handle And Butterfly 108 A Royal Doulton Character Jug John Peel

     Spout, (Chipped)

     109 A Royal Doulton Character Jug John Peel

     91 A Derby Porcelain Two Handled Vase, (Grey Handle)

     Blue Rust And Gilt Floral Pattern

     110 A Miniature Allertons Gaudy Welsh

     92 A Blue Banded Copper Lustre Milk Jug Pottery Cream Jug

     93 A Royal Doulton China Figurine Sarah 111 An Allertons Gaudy Welsh Pottery Two

     (Second) Handled Loving Cup

     94 A Royal Crown Derby Paper Weight In 112 An Octagonal Iron Stone Jug With

     The Form Of A Rabbit Serpent Handle

     95 A Set Of Three Majolica Glazed 113 Seven Miniature Character Jugs

     Graduated Pineapple Milk Jugs (Af)

     114 A Royal Doulton Antagonist Collection

     96 A Burleigh Ware Art Deco Period Biscuit Character Jug, Battle Of The Alamo

     D6729 Decorated Vase

     115 A Royal Doulton Character Jug Santa 133 A Cream Ground Moorcroft Pottery

     Claus D6668 Narrow Necked Vase

     116 A Rare Royal Doulton Grants Whisky 134 A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Pansy

     Character Jug Sealed And In Original Pattern Plaque

     Display Box With Certificate Limited

     Edition Of 500 Only (Photo B )

     117 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Grape Pattern 135 A Lustre Glazed Staffordshire Pottery Jug

     Milk Jug With Scrolled Handle With Transfer View Of Sunderland

     Bridge And Three Mast Sail Ship,

     118 A Staffordshire Pottery Nursery Plate "Freedom To The Slave"

     With Transfer Horse And Hound Scene

     136 A Brown Glazed Floral Decorated

     119 A Royal Doulton China Figure Barbara Moorcroft Pottery Oval Dish

     HN 1421

     137 A Sunderland Pink Splash Lustre

     120 A Doulton Slaters Scraffito Work Decorated Mug

     Narrow Necked Vase

     138 A Moorcroft Pottery Rennie Mackintosh

     Pattern Jug 121 A Gaudy Welsh Pottery Panelled Jug

     122 A Royal Doulton Character Jug The Witch 139 A Circular Based Moorcroft Pottery Floral

     D6893 Decorated Vase

     123 Two Boxed Royal Doulton Character 140 A Majolica Glazed Vine And Leaf

     Jugs "The Spook" D7132 And "The Decorated Barrel Vase

     Bearded Spook" D7133

     141 A Deep Blue Ground Floral Decorated

     Moorcroft Pottery Circular Pin Dish 124 A Relief Moulded Staffordshire Pottery

     Cream Ware Milk Jug With Lion Handle

     142 A Green Ground Floral Decorated

     125 A Majolica Glazed Circular Floral Moorcroft Pottery Circular Pin Dish

     Decorated Bowl

     143 A Moorcroft Pottery Flaminion Ware

     126 A Royal Doulton China Figurine The Little Circular Based Vase With Stylised Floral

     Bridesmaid HN 1433 (Af) Motifs

     127 A Floral Decorated Moorcroft Pottery 144 A Cream Ground Moorcroft Pottery Floral

     Table Clock Decorated Table Lamp Base

     128 A Blue Ground Floral Decorated Circular 145 A 19th Century Chinese Blue And White

     Moorcroft Pottery Dish Decorated Tea Bowl

     129 A Royal Doulton China Figure Sir 146 A Royal Doulton Series Ware Figure Tiny

     Winston Churchill HN3057 Tim

     147 A Circular Deep Blue Ground 130 A Moorcroft Pottery May Fly Pattern Sign

     Moorcroft Pottery Floral Decorated

     Dish (Photo A) 131 A Moorcroft Pottery Floral Decorated

     Ginger Jar

     148 A Circular Deep Blue Ground

     Moorcroft Pottery Floral Decorated 132 A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Based Floral

     Dish (Photo A) Decorated Table Lamp Base

     149 A Deep Blue Ground Circular Based 165 A Royal Doulton China Group Flower

     Moorcroft Pottery Floral Decorated Seller Children HN 1342

     Flower Bowl, Signed

     166 A Royal Doulton China Figurine Charlotte

     150 A Deep Blue Ground Moorcroft Pottery HN 2423

     Floral Decorated Brushpot

     167 A Cream Ground Moorcroft Pottery

     Butterfly Pattern Vase

     151 A Blush Ivory Ground Royal Worcester

     Pot Pourri Vase And Cover The Body 168 A Royal Doulton Character Toby Jug,

     Decorated Painted With Floral Sprays Winston Churchill

    152 A Green And Blue Ground Moorcroft 169 A Late Staffordshire Pottery Toby

     Pottery Floral Decorated Vase Tobacco Pot And Cover

     153 A Circular Based Moorcroft Pottery 170 A Royal Doulton Collectors Club Tea Pot,

     Flaminion Ware Vase With Stylised Floral Olde Salt D6818


     171 A Blush Ivory Ground Royal Worcester

     154 A Deep Blue Ground Circular Moorcroft Floral Decorated Jug

     Pottery Bowl And Cover With Floral

     Decorations 172 A Staffordshire Pottery Majolica Glazed

     Milk Jug

     155 A Moorcroft Pottery Blue Ground Ginger

     Jar And Cover 173 A Circular Based Moorcroft Pottery Blue

     On Blue Decorated Bulbous Vase

     156 A Cream Ground Circular Based Floral

     Decorated Moorcroft Pottery Vase 174 An Unusual Moorcroft Pottery Silver

     Lustre Glazed Vase

     157 A Pair Of Moorcroft Pottery Cream

     Ground Flower And Branch Decorated 175 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Red And

     Vases White Seated Dogs 10 Inches High

     158 A Deep Blue Ground Moorcroft Pottery 176 A Staffordshire Pottery Clock Group

     Circular Based Floral Decorated Vase

     177 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery White

     159 A Cream Ground Floral Decorated Seated Dogs, 11 Inches High

     Moorcroft Pottery Vase

     178 A Pair Of Early Staffordshire Pottery

     Slip Glazed Seated Cats With Separate 160 A Signed Limited Edition Cream Ground

     Front Legs And Oblong Bases, Each Moorcroft Pottery Bowl Number 148 Of

     3.5 Inches High (Photo M ) 200, Flower and Branch Design

     161 A Pair Of Circular Vased Deep Blue 179 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Seated

     Ground Moorcroft Pottery Lions With Inset Glass Eyes

     Candlesticks (Photo A)

     180 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery White

     162 A Beswick Leaf Salad Bowl Seated Dogs, 10 Inches High

     163 A Cream Ground Moorcroft Pottery Floral 181 A Staffordshire Pottery Sailor Figure With

     Decorated Table Lamp Base Union Jack

     164 A Cream Ground Moorcroft Pottery Floral 182 A Pair Of Jackfield Cow Creamers

     Decorated Pottery Dinner Ware Retailed

     183 A Staffordshire Pottery Female Musician Maple & Co Of London


     199 A Good Quantity Of Royal Doulton Large

     184 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Deer And Mount Pattern China Dinner Ware

     Hound Spill Holder Vases Including A Pair Of Lidded Tureens

     185 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery Brown 200 A 26 Piece Royal Albert Cottage Garden

     And White Seated Dogs Pattern Tea Set

     201 A Quantity Of Early 20th Century Oriental

     Egg Shell China Tea Ware

     186 An Unusual Staffordshire Pottery 202 A Royal Doulton China Group Wedding

     Group Of A Witch Riding On The Back Vows HN 2750

     Of A Goose With Outstretched Wings,

     Coloured Oval Base, 7.5 Inches High 203 Two Floral Decorated Part Tea Set

     (Photo L )

     204 Two Royal Doulton Mini China Figures,

     187 A Pair Of Staffordshire Pottery White Christine HN 3269 And Fair Lady

     Seated Dogs, 13 Inches High HN3216

     188 A Well Modelled Staffordshire Group Of 205 A Royal Doulton China Figure Joy

     Seated Huntsmen With Dog At Heel On A HN 3875

     Rocky Out Crop, 7.5 Inches High

     206 A Royal Doulton China Figure Day

     189 Staffordshire Pottery Bird And Figure Spill Dreams HN 1731 (Seconds)

     Holder Vase

     207 A Boxed Royal Doulton Winnie The Pooh

     190 A Staffordshire Pottery Bird And Figure Collection Balloon Money Box Wp 16

     Spill Holder Vase

     208 Two Wade Pottery Johnnie Walker

     191 A Staffordshire Pottery Seated Advertising Ash Trays Together With A

     Greyhound Spill Holder Wade Pottery Johnnie Walker Drinks


     192 An Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Meat Platter

     Together With A Transfer Decorated 209 A Circular Based Cloisonné Vase


     210 A Doulton Slaters Simulated Leather

     193 A Good Copeland Parian Ware Model Work And Silver Rimmed Ale Jug

     Of A Reclining Dog, Impressed Mark,

     11 Inches Across (Photo K ) 211 An Edwardian Floral Decorated


     194 A Good Quantity Of Paragon China

     Belinda Pattern Tea And Coffee Ware 212 A 15 Piece Deco Period Aynsley China

     Coffee Set Each Cup Modelled With

     195 Two Royal Doulton Miniature China Butterfly Handles

     Figurines "Sunday Best" HN 2318 And

     "Rebecca" HN 3414 213 A Royal Doulton China Figure Maisie

     HN 1619

     196 A Royal Doulton China Figure Lady Fayre

     HN 1265 214 A Royal Doulton China Figure Jersey Milk

     Maid HN 2057

     197 A Good Quantity Of Paragon China Tree

     Of Cashmere Pattern Tea Ware 215 A Crimson And Gilt Decorated Polished

     198 A Quantity Of Blue Garland And Floral

     Porcelain Tea Set

     234 A Cranberry Tinted Cream Jug

     216 A Pair Of Asiatic Pheasant Pattern Meat

     Platters Etc 235 A Cranberry Tinted And Etched Glass

     Light Shade

     217 A Quantity Of Indian Tree Pattern Tea

     Ware 236 A Cranberry Tinted Flower Vase (Af)

    GLASSWARE 237 A Circular Based Cut Glass Flower Vase

     218 A Pair Of Circular Based Cut Glass 238 A Set Of Six Cut Glass Sundae Dishes

     Narrow Necked Decanters Together With

     Decanter Labels 239 A Ruby Tinted White friars Glass Rose


     219 A Mdina Glass Cylindrical Vase And 240 A Large Cranberry Tinted Water jug With

     Horse Head Paper Weight Frilled Edge And Clear Glass Handle

     220 Two Coloured Tinted Glass Epergne 241 Two Carnival Glass Bowls Etc


     242 An Opaline Tinted Cornucopia Vase

     221 Four Glass Rummers Mounted On A Creamware Pottery Stags

     Head Base

     222 A Heavy Cut Glass And Silver Necked

     Decanter 243 Four Chemist Bottles

     223 A Pair Of Heavy Circular Based Cut 244 A Cranberry Tinted Bowl Within A Plat Ed

     Glass Flower Vases Stand

     224 A Pair Of Milk Glass Drop Lustre Vases 245 A Cranberry Tinted Jug With Clear

     Together With A Pair Of Blue Glass Jugs Handle

     225 A Pink And Opaline Glass Flower Vase 246 A Circular Based Mercury Glass Vase

     226 A Black Ground Circular Based Glass 247 A Cranberry Tinted And White Lined

     Vase Decorated With Floral Garlands Circular Sugar Bowl

     And Butterflies

     248 Three Glass Rummers

     227 A Green Tinted And Etched Glass Oil

     Lamp Shade 249 A Pair Of Cranberry Tinted Flower Vases

     (One Af)

     228 A Pressed Glass Flower Vase Together

     With A Pair Of Green Tinted Flower 250 A Large Cranberry Tinted Jug With Frilled

     Vases Edge And Clear Glass Handle Together

     With Matching Circular Bowl

     229 A Pair Of Heavy Circular Based Cut

     Glass Flower Vases 251 An Etched And Gilt Lined Liquor

     Decanter And Six Tots

     230 A Purple And Blue Tinted Flower Vase

     252 A Square Based Whiskey Decanter Etc

     231 A Cranberry Tinted Flower Vase With

     Frilled Edge 253 A Blue Opaline Tinted Circular Bowl

     232 A Lidded Cranberry Glass Bowl 254 An Edwardian Coloured Hanging Light

     233 A Circular Based Cut Glass Flower Vase

     Shade Spoons And Serving Knife

     255 A Pair Of Bristol Blue Glass Narrow 273 A Set Of 10 Royal Doulton Miniature

     Necked Decanters Ladies Series Figures

     256 An Orange Tinted White friars Cylindrical 274 A Box Containing A Good Quantity Of

     Vase Unboxed Dinky Toys

     257 A Green Tinted Narrow Liquor Decanter 275 A Box Containing A Good Quantity Of

     And Bowl Decorated In The Mary Unboxed Corgi Toys

     Gregory Style

     276 A Mahogany Boxed Sextant, Indistinct

     London Maker, Possibly Gerrard & Co

     (Photo C)

     277 Two Photograph Albums



    278 A Mahogany Boxed Brass Finish Level 258 A Collection Of Silver Plated Trophy Cups

     By Troughton & Simms London

     (Photo D) 259 An Oak Canteen Of Cutlery

     279 A Mahogany Boxed Ebony Wood And 260 Two Silver Plat Ed Ink Stands

     Brass Finish Octant By Keohan East

     Smithfield London (Photo C) 261 A Collection Of Miscellaneous Glass


     280 A Book " Gwladfa Kyffin" Autographed By

     262 Two Circular 18th Century Pewter Sir Kyffin Williams Together With A

     Chargers Royal Cambrian Academy Exhibition

     Programme Also Autographed By Sir

     263 An Attractive Etched Glass Claret Jug Kyffin

     With Plated Fittings

     281 A Collection Of Boxed Toys Including A

     264 Three Pieces Of Beaten Pewter Dinky Toys Fork Lift Truck No 401 , A

     Boxed Dinky Toys Fire Engine Model 955

     265 A Collection Of Cased And Loose Cutlery Etc

     266 A Quantity Of Costume Jewellery 282 A Quantity Of Plated Ware

     267 A Dinky Toys Pullmore Car Transporter 283 A Brass Encased Ships Clock By Henry

     Braowne & Son Limited

     268 A Pink Tinted Glass Shade, A Pair Of

     Green Glass Vases Etc 284 A Brass Faced Spirit Level By Atkin &


     269 A Boxed Dinky Builder Accessories Outfit

     Number 1a 285 An Interesting Late Victorian Photograph

     Album "The British Marine Album"

     270 A Framed Circular Bronze Finish

     Posthumous 1st World War Plaque 286 A Copper Shot Flask Together With A

     Leather Shot Flask

     271 A Collection Of Loose Tea And Cigarette

     Cards 287 Four Copper Plate Printing Blocks Of The

     272 A Cased Set Of Six Silver Plated Fruit

     QE2 Etc Vladmir Smicer and John Arne, Riise

     together with letter of authenticity

     288 A Display Banner With Crest Of HMS

     Collingwood 307 A Box Of Costume Jewellery

     289 A Collection Of Boxed Toys Including 308 A Circular Based Silver Bud Vase

     Corgi Matchbox Etc

     309 A Three Footed Silver Cream Jug With

     290 A Tin Plate Champion Car Bird And Floral Embossed Decoration,

     London 1752

     291 Four Boxed Matchbox Vintage Cars

     Together With A Boxed Corgi 1977 Silver 310 A 900 Standard Silver Bowl And Cover

     Jubilee Set No 41

     311 A Set Of Six Leaf And Branch Silver

     292 Two Bar Top Advertising Figures Coffee Spoons, Chester 1897

     293 A Copy Of Bibbys Annual 1917 312 A Silver And Tortoise Shell Four Footed

     Ring Box, Birmingham Hall Marks

     294 A Cased Violin , 14 Inch Back, No Label

295 A Framed Wool Work Alphabetical 313 A Pair Of Circular Based Two Handled

     Sampler Silver Bud Vases Sheffield 1909

     296 A Collection Of Gents Wrist And Pocket 314 An Attractive Silver And Enamel Five

     Watches Piece Boxed Dressing Table Set

     297 Four Propelling Pencils Together With A 315 A Silver Mustard Pot With Blue Glass

     Fountain Pen Liner

     298 A Cut Glass And Silver Topped Perfume 316 A Boxed Silver Christening Spoon


     317 An Attractive Pair Of Pierced Silver Oval

     299 A Silver ARP Badge, A Silver Bound Based Sweet Meat Baskets With Swing

     Miniature Common Prayer Book Handles, Birmingham 1918

     300 A Boxed "The Rose Chess Set" 318 A Silver Sweet Meat Basket With Swing

     Handle, Birmingham 1989

     301 Three Bossons Whistles Etc

     319 Pair Of Georgian Silver Sugar Grips

     302 An Attractive Silver Gilt Cased Set Of Six

     Dessert Spoons And Serving Spoon, 320 A Silver Backed Dressing Table Brush

     Sheffield 1938 And Mirror

     303 An Autographed Manchester United 321 A Silver Tea Strainer

     Season 2004/5 Paper With 13 Signatures

     Including Wayne Rooney, Roy Keane Etc 322 A Server Ink Stand And Bottle

     304 A Good Silver Bordered Easel Mirror 323 An Embossed Silver Christening

     Birmingham 1908 Tankard, Birmingham 1896

     305 Two Early 20th Century Autographed 324 A Four Footed Silver Trinket Box,

     Albums Many From Amlwch And Other Birmingham Hall Marks

     Parts Of Anglesey

     325 A Glass Oil Bottle With Silver Neck And

     306 A UEFA Champions League Team Sheet Lid, Birmingham 1997

     19th September 2001 Borussia

     Dourtmound V Liverpool, Autographed 326 A Circular Based Pierced Silver Sweet

     By Michael Owen, Steven Gerrard,

     Meat Stand 348 A Tortoise Shell Card Case

     327 Three Silver Handle Tea Knives 349 A Cameo Pendant And Chain In Box

     Together With A Pair Of Fish Servers

     350 A Boxed Ladies Rotary Wrist Watch

     328 A Circular Based Silver Sweet Meat

     Stand, London 1910 351 A Gun Metal Encased Miniature Four

     Footed Table Clock

     329 A Pair Of Georgian Silver Salts With Blue

     Glass Liners 352 Three Gold Dress Rings

     330 A Silver Cigarette Case, Chester 1923 353 A Set Of Six Gunnies Dress Studs On A

     Display Card

     331 A Rare Boxed Dinky Toys French

     Manufactured Esso Fuel Tanker Model 354 A Silver Topped Glass Dressing Table

     32 C Jar

     332 A Two Handled Silver Sugar Bowl And 355 A Silver Propelling Pencil

     Matching Cream Jug, London 1909/1910

333 A Pierced Silver Pin Dish 356 A Russian Circular Powder Compact With

     Enamel Lid

     334 A Pierced Silver Basket With Cranberry

     Tinted Liner , Chester 1911 357 A Bone Snuff Box Together With A

     Silver Encased Gents Pocket Watch

     335 A Silver Topped Dressing Table Jar

     358 A Four Footed Silver Ring Box With

     Blue Enamel And Mother Of Pearl 336 A Silver Cream Jug, Chester 1899

     Inset Lid, Birmingham 1908 (Photo J )

     337 A Pierced Silver Table Vase With Blue

     Glass Liner 359 Six Silver Dressing Rings

     338 A Victorian Christening Mug London 1886 360 A Pair Of Beswick Figures, Tom And

     Jerry Together With A Beswick Droopy

     339 An Embossed Silver Trinket Box Of Dog Figure

     Figure Of 8 Form, Birmingham 1887

     361 A Pair Of Silver Sugar Grips

     340 A Cut Glass Claret Jug With Silver Neck

     And Handle 362 A Pair Of Silver Rimmed Glass Salts

     341 A Continental Silver And Enamel Work 363 A Silver Bordered And Enamel

     Basket With Swing Handle Decorated Dressing Table Clock

     342 A Circular Based Sweet Meat Stand 364 A Silver Topped Glass Dressing Table


     343 A Circular Based Silver Sweet Meat

     Stand, Chester 1927 365 A Pair Of 1st World War Service Medals,

     Private J G Clark E, Lancashire Fusiliers

     344 A Cased Set Of Six Silver And Enamel Both With Original Ribbon S And Boxes

     Work Coffee Spoons

     366 A String Of Pearls

     345 A Boxed Silver Circular Salver

     367 Four Anglesey Pennies And Half Pennies

     346 A Pair Of Etat Major Binoculars

     368 A Collection Of Costume Jewellery

     347 A Silver Serviette Ring

     369 A Linen Prover In A Case

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