PACT teams Intranet information

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PACT teams Intranet information

    PACT (Parents and Children Together) Teams Intranet information

What is PACT?

    PACT stands for Parents and Children Together. These co-located multi-agency Teams have been set up to provide support to vulnerable families who have children of under 5 years of age, or where a woman is currently pregnant. The principle of the service is that it will focus on early intervention work with families on a voluntary, planned and time limited basis, where this input is expected to limit or reduce the need for more intrusive and/or statutory measures.

Where are they?

    PACT Teams are now set up throughout each of the 5 Community Health and Care Partnership (CHCP) areas of Glasgow City. There are two Teams in each CHCP, though in some areas both Teams are located in the same premises. They are based within either social work or community premises, some of which are small individual units.

Who is in the teams?

    Each PACT Team comprises the following staff:

    health visitors and community nursery nurses (employed by health) social workers and social care workers (employed by City Council) family support workers (through One Plus, the voluntary sector organisation) Each Team has a Team Leader: within the CHCP there is one Team Leader from a social work background and one from a health visiting background. The Teams have explicit links with education services and are also supported by dedicated speech and language therapy and money advice inputs.

What are the referral criteria?

    1. The referrer must have identified reasons why there is a requirement for

    multi-agency intervention and support.

    2. The referrer should include information and assessment currently known

    to them at point of referral.

    3. The referral should highlight areas for improvement in parenting capacity

    at an early stage.

    4. The timeframe for completion of the intervention and support is

    anticipated to be within 3 months, though a further period of support may

    be provided if required.

    5. The service is available for families who live within the CHCP area who

    have a child under the age of five years, or where the woman is currently


    6. The family must be aware of reason for and in agreement with the

    referral being made.

How do I make a referral?

    At this time access to the service will be through staff from health, education, social work services or the voluntary sector. All staff that wish to access the Team support for children with whom they are working are advised to liaise with the family health visitor prior to referral.

    The multi-agency nature of the Team should be made clear to families before obtaining their consent to referral, as referral entails sharing information between staff from different agencies.

    Where there is an immediate concern for the care or protection of the child/children, referral should be made to the appropriate Area Social Services Department following Glasgow Interagency Child Protection Procedures.

What is different about the way in which PACT teams work?

    The Team approach is one of openness and honesty with families, and of partnership working with families, referrers and other services involved in supporting the family. There are clear processes in place to promote communication and information sharing within the Team and with others, including the use of the Integrated Assessment Framework.

    The Teams are made up of staff with a range of skills that allows more comprehensive support to be provided to families from one point of contact. They aim to work in such a way as to enhance the inherent strengths of children and their parents, and to promote positive change. This multi-agency approach allows for a range of potential interventions to meet a variety of child and parental needs. For example:

Individual Work with parents and with children.

    This might include addressing emotional needs, increasing individuals’

    resilience, promoting play and development, increasing self-esteem, reducing isolation, fostering development of positive relationships and addressing individual health and lifestyle choice issues.

Parenting Work

    This could be individually and/or in groups. This would include looking at needs of a child, child development, managing behaviour, parenting experience, parent-child interaction and bonding.

Practical Support

    This might include debt and benefits work, household routines, shopping, childcare support, advocacy with housing issues, attending to child health needs, putting parenting into practice, accessing other services and supports i.e. literacy worker, training and/or employment.

Group Work

    A range of group work options will be made available to parents, to children and for families together. These will vary according to needs of families working with the Team at any particular time, but are likely to include work focusing on social skills, play &development needs, building confidence, self-esteem and reducing isolation. Groups may be run by Team members, by outside agencies, or by Team in partnership with others according to need and skill availability. Team members may collaborate on the delivery of group work to the wider community according to need and capacity within the Team.

    The South West PACT Team The South West PACT Team

17 Ardconnel Street Strata House

    Carnwadric 135 Fifty Pitches Rd G46 8EW Cardonald Business park Telephone 0141 638 8069 G51 4AB

    Team Leader: Karen McFadden Telephone 0141 276 4620

    Team Leader: Karen Donoghue

    The East PACT Team The North East PACT Team

    0/1,0/2 49 Lily St Westwood House Dalmarnock 1250 Westerhouse road G 40 3HD G 34 9EA

    Telephone 0141 554 6210 Telephone 0141 276 3478 Team Leader: Christine Vennard Team Leader: Wendy Mitchell

    The North PACT Team The West PACT Team

Hydepark Business Centre Mercat House

    60 Mollinsburn Street Hecla Square

    G21 4SF Drumchapel

    Telephone 0141 558 2757 G15 8NH

    Team Leaders: Deanne Graham Telephone 0141 426 4310

     Joyce McCarter Team Leaders: Cathy Greig

     Janice Thorn

    The South East PACT Team The South PACT Team

C/o The Jeely Nursery First Floor

    Castlemilk Community Centre 44 South Portland Street Castlemilk Drive Gorbals

    Castlemilk G5 9JJ

    G45 OAL Telephone 0141 429 4764 Telephone 0141 634 4077 Team Leader: Kate Murphy Team Leader: Sarah Alexander

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