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Unit 1


    Spaghetti is the Italian-style thin noodle, cooked by boiling and served with sauce. Unlike some Chinese

    noodles, it is not served in soup and will never taste pulpy Author

    Russell Wayne Baker (born August 14, 1925) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer known for his satirical commentary and self-critical prose, as well as for his autobiography, Growing Up.

    Main ideas

    1-2 Baker was bored by everything associated with English courses, including his new English teacher.

    3-5 Baker found himself attracted by one particular topic and wrote about it for his own enjoyment.

    6-9 The experience of writing the essay helped Baker discover his talent for writing and realize what he

    wished to do in life.

Language points

    Off and on: Form time to time 时不时地

    e.g. 这一年来我断断续续为IMB工作

    I have been working, off and on, for IBM this year.

Take hold: 1.control; 2.hold (in hands/mind)确立


    The idea of one child only has taken hold in many families.

    e.g. 你应该在习惯养成之前别再熬夜。

    You should stop staying up late before the habit takes hold.

Associate 1. make connection 关联起来:使联想 2. hang out with 与…来往


    Lung cancer had been associated with smoking. e.g.我无法把这个外表温柔的姑娘和她警察的职业联系起来

    I cant associated this gentle woman with her job as a police officer.

Agony n. acute mental or physical pain 极度痛苦

    用法, of; in

    e.g. 我仍然感受得到的那次分手的巨大痛苦。

    I can still feel the agony of that breakup. Assignment n. task 任务;作业

    Math 数学作业 give/accept 布置/接受任务

Assign v. 1.give; attribute 分配2. give an a task or assignment to布置


    We assigned the biggest room to the new girl.

Turn out v.1.produce regularly or quickly生产 2.prove to be 结果是

    E.g. 上个月你们生产了多少辆车;How many cars did you turn out last month?

Anticipate v. expect 预期:期望


    A good speaker is able to anticipate an audiences need.

Reputation n. the general opinion that the public has for a person 名声:声望

     1.has reputation for /of being 以…而出名

     2.excellent/good/high 好名声 bad/poor

     3.establish/have 树立/获得声望 damage/lose

    Tedious adj. boring and lasting 无聊冗长 用法, movie/speech/lecture

Inspire v. encourage; urge 激发;鼓舞

    e.g. 她总是鼓舞我去追求自己的梦想She always inspires me to follow my dreams.

    E.g 他的事迹鼓舞了我们 His story inspired us.

Sb./sth. is said/believed/reported to do/to be 据说,被认为是

    e.g.人们认为他有超能力 He is believed to have supernatural power.

    Rigid adj. fixed in behavior, views or method; strict 一成不变的;死板的:严格的 e.g. 他做事死板 He is rigid about things.

    E.g. 我不喜欢严格死板的日程表I dont like rigid schedule.

Out of date 1.old-fashioned 过时的2.invalid 失效的

    E.g. 你的护照过期了Your passport is out of date Severe adj. 1.Completely plain 朴素的2.great (pain) 严重的;剧烈的,疼痛(

    A severe dress Severe pain

    pointed jaw round jaw square jaw e.g. 当我看到她的穿着吃惊的下巴都掉了

    My jaw dropped when I saw what she was wearing

Comic antique arousing or provoking laughter 滑稽的老古董

unfruitful adj. not producing good or helpful results/fruit 无结果的;无成效的

    The meeting was unfruitful.会议毫无结果

Tackle vt. deal with sth. difficult 处理

     a problem successfully

essay n. a short piece of writing on a particular subject

Distribute v.divide and give out 分配;分发

    e.g. 这本书免费分发到了每所学校

    Copies of the book were distributed free to each school.

Simple-minded adj. having very little intelligence or judgment 头脑简单;无知

Face up to adj. be brave enough to accept or del with 勇敢的面对或接受

    e.g. 我们必须面对现实We have to face up to the reality.

Due 1预期的 2 到期的

    E.g. The baby is due in August. 孩子预计八月出生

    E.g. The assignment is due.

Scan v. look though quickly 粗略地看


    The banker scanned the financial section of a dozen newspapers over breakfast

    Title 1 n. a name of an artistic work 标题

    2 v.give a name to an artistic work给…加标题

extraordinary very unusual or remarkable不同寻常:卓越的;非凡的

    e.g. 那个男生对我特别关注The boy has paid extraordinary attention to me.

sequence n. a particular order of events, movements 顺序

    e.g. 这个故事是按逻辑顺序发展的。The story follows a logical sequence.

image n. 1.picture 2.picture formed in mind3. the general impression of sb/sth 画面:形象

    e.g. 明星们通过参加公益活动提升公共形象

    Stars improve their images by participating in charity events.

vivid adj. producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind 生动的;逼真的

e.g.那晚的情景仍记忆犹新Memories of that evening were still vivid.

    Vivid imagination

Recall v. bring (an event) back into ones mind. 回想起;记起

    e.g.我记不起那部电影的名字了I cannot recall the title of the movie.

    respectable. regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct 可敬的;体面的A lady 一个正派的女人 A school

Put down write down 写下来

Violate v. act againstbreak 违反;违背:侵犯

     someones privacy 侵犯某人隐私

     traffic regulation 违反交通规则

    Compose v. write or create music, poetry, picture( 创作 (音乐、诗歌、画、文章等)

Turn in hand in 交作业

    Command 1. v.& n. give an authoritative order; 命令 2.n. the ability to control 掌握 e.g.他精通法语He has a brilliant command of French.

Discipline. n. the practice of training people to obey rules 管教:训导

    e.g. 他缺少学校的管教He lacks of school discipline.

Contempt n. 轻视 (cet-6)


     He shows his contempt for her advices. Hold sb./sth. back prevent (expression) 抑制,情感(

     e.g.她竭力忍住泪水 She struggled to hold back the tears. Avoid v. prevent from happening 防止发生 doing

Calling n.1.a profession or occupation 职业

    2. a strong feeling of duty to do a particular of job 使命;天职

    Seal n.&v.a piece of wax or other material with an individual design stamped into it 封印;章

Essence n. the intrinsic nature; the most important quality 本质:精髓

    Rose essence oil

Career n. an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a persons life and with

    opportunities for progress 职业;事业

    e.g.他职业生涯的第一份工作是银行柜员 He started his career as a bank teller.

The eleventh hour the last moment before sth. Important happen 最后时刻


    The decision to play in final was made at the eleventh hour.


    How do we paraphrase?

     Fully grasp the original meaning.

     Do not change the meaning of the passage

     Replacing key words 1 Synonym 同义词2 Summarize 总结 3 Explanation 解释

     Change the structure of the original sentences:

    1 Inverting the order of sentence parts

    2 Breaking them into shorter sentences

    3 Combining simple sentences into compound and complex sentences

    The idea of becoming …possibility took hold.

    Ever since I was a child in Belleville, I had thought of becoming a writer from time to time, but I hadnt made up my mind until I was in the eleventh grade.

Until then, … English courses.

    Up to then, I had lost interest in things related to English courses.

I hated the assignmentsfor me to write.

    I found it painful to write long, boring essays as required by teachers; neither did teachers enjoy what I wrote.

When our class was assigned to Mr. Fleagle…tedious of subjects.

    When it was decided that Mr. Fleagle would teach us English during my third year in high school, I expected the English course to be as boring as before. Late in…formal essay

    Late in the year we learned how to write informal essay and practiced writing them

None was quite…as dull

    There are no simple-minded topics such as What I did on my summer

    vacation" on the list, but most of the topics seemed to be nearly as dull.

I was preparing…for discipline

    I expected that Mr. Fleagle would order me to see him soon after school for the purpose of punishing me

In the eleventh…a calling

    In my eleventh grade, and one might say at the last possible moment, I had found something I wished to take up as a career.




    1. 1) respectable 2) agony 3) put down 4) sequence 5) hold back 6) distribute 7) off and on 8) vivid 9) associate 10) finally 11) turn in 12) tackle

2. 1) has been assigned to the newspaper’s Paris office.

     2) was so extraordinary that I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.

     3) a clear image of how she would look in twenty years’ time.

     4) gave the command the soldiers opened fire.

     5) buying bikes we’ll keep turning them out.

    3. 1) reputation rigid to inspire

     2) and tedious What’s more out of date ideas

     3) compose career avoid showing hardly hold back


    1. composed 2. severe 3. agony 4. extraordinary 5. recall 6. command 7. was violating 8. anticipate


    1. at 2. for 3. of 4. with 5. as 6. about 7. to 8. in in 9. from 10. on/upon Comprehensive Exercises

    I. Cloze

    1. (1) hold back (2) tedious (3) scanned (4) recall (5) vivid (6) off and

    on (7) turn out/in (8) career

    2. (1) last (2) surprise (3) pulled (4) blowing (5) dressed (6) scene (7)

    extraordinary (8) image (9) turn (10) excitement


    1 As it was a formal party, I wore formal dress, as Mother told me to

    2 His girlfriend advised him to get out of/get rid of his bad habit of smoking before it took hold.

    3 Anticipating that the demand for electricity will be high during the next few months, they have decided to increase its production.

    4. Bill is said to have been fired for continually violating the companys safety

    rules./It is said that Bill has been fired for continually violating the companys


    5. The local government is reported to have taken proper measures to avoid the

    possibility of a severe water shortage.

    It is reported that the government has taken proper measures to avoid the

    possibility of a severe water shortage.

Susan lost her legs because of /in a car accident. For a time, she didnt know

    how to face up to the fact that she would never (be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through) some magazines, a true story caught her eyes/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired, Susan began to feel that she, too,

    would finally be able to lead a useful life.

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