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    1. Student A acts as the vendor of a pen, Student B the customer. In conversation, drive a hard bargain.

    2. Student A acts as a doctor, Student B the professor or his wife. Make up a medical consultation conversation based on all the symptoms that professor has manifested in the passage. 3. China Daily-- Hunan Satellite Television (HST) said it will not hold popular talent shows next year after the authorities said the channel violated a broadcasting time limit for Super Girl, one of the country's most popular TV talent shows, similar to American Idol.

    Why do you think talent scouting programs are popular in China? Is the authority justified in imposing a ban on it? Why or why not?

    4. Suppose Student A has just hit the jackpot and won the biggest prize ever in lottery. Now he/she is interviewed by Student B, a journalist from a local newspaper.

    5. Work with your partner. You are husband and wife. The fact that oil price keeps growing both in the international market and domestic market has an impact on your family decision. The husband wants to buy a car for the family but the wife doesn’t; each of them has enough reasons to persuade the other to concede to the point of his/her own.

    6. Student A harbors a crush on a girl, but does not know how to approach her.Student B offers as many tips as he can on starting a conversation, and keeping it going.

    7. Table manners.

    Student A is to meet his/her future parents-in-law for the first time. Student B gives him/her tips on the right manners to adopt.

    8. Make up a childhood memory.For example:

    your first day at school or in a new house.

    a time you got lost or got into trouble.

    a birthday o a time you got a special present.

    a memorable meeting.

    the first time you did something---went to the cinema/zoo/dentist's

    9. "The success of China's economic growth model hinges on successfully managing a truly colossal scale of nationwide urbanization". in view of this, should the coastal governments place a threshhold to prevent people from flooding in?

1.A-can I help you ?

     B-I want to buy a pen

     A-what about this one ? its of good quality.and the price is reasonal.

     B-its ok.then how much is it?

     A-it costs 20yuan

     B-oh,its a little overpriced.

     A-please look at its quality .its cheap and fine .many students bought it at my shop.

     B- Lower the price and I will consider it. If it is indeed very good, I will recommend it to my friends.

     B-then what is the highest price can you give? If its reasonable, I will sell it to you !

     A-how about 10 yuan?

     B-what? Please look at it carefully, and look at its brand. The price is too low! If I sell to you,I

    will lose money! You can go to others shops and compare it. I can bet that you cant buy a pen

    like this at this price.

     A-ok ,what about 12 yuan .you know students are the poorest. and your pen is not famous brand.please!

     B-ok.dont bargain with me . 15yuan this is the lowest price .

     A-well ,15yuan ,I will take it.

    4.A-hello ,miss li .im a journalist from a local newspaper, now nearly everyone know that you b have just hit the jackpot and won the biggest prize ever in lottery. congratulations to you ! you are

    a lucky dog. Can you describe your present mood?

     B-ok ,it’s beyond description! Now I am very very happy . I never thought I can get the biggest prize bought the lottery just for fun!

     A-then how are you going to coping with this big sum of money?

     B-en,its really a serious question. now I haven’t thought for it. Maybe I will have a travel with

    my families. Then I will buy a house. Maybe!

    A- well ,thanks for you. And I wish you have a happy holidy.

    5. H-i think now we can afford to by a car .it will be very convenient.

     W-are you crazy? Everyday you read the newspaper, don’t you know that oil price keeps

    growing both in the international market and domestic market. We can afford the car ,but the oil price is really high for us!

     H-OK,I realize the fact. but we will buy the car sooner or later. Now the oil price is high ,maybe in a few years the car will be very costly. Then when can we buy a car?

     W-why must we buy a car? I think taking the pubic transportation is very convenient. you know the traffic jam is rather serious .

     W-but if we go to a far place, would you like to take the bus? We should take long-term interests in to account.

     H-ok ,ok,its up to you!

    6.A- now I harbor a crush on a girl, but I dont know how to approach her .can you offer some

    tips for me to start a conversation, and keeping it going.

     B- well ,let me have a thought. Do you have her qq number?


     B-get it from her rootmates qualily. Then you can talk to her through it . everytime she is online ,you should offer to talk to her at the first time. You should let her know that you are very concerned about her and interested with her.

     A-then what content do I chat with her?

     B- about anything! Such as her hometown ,her hobby, her constellation and so on. Anything you are interested.

     A-and then? How can I approach to her closer?

     B-you can invite her to eat supper or watch movies .

     A-very good ! I think your advices maybe very useful. Thank you !

     B- you are welcome. we are friend .dont forget to invite me for dinner when she become your girl friend!

     A-no problem!

     7. A-what are you thinking about? You appeared a bit anxious!

     B-I am going to meet my future parents-in-law .i am thinking how can I behave well in front of them .and then leave a good impression. Can you give me some advices?

     A-well, this is your first time to visit them?


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