Distribution of Non-library Materials

By Sharon Phillips,2014-06-24 16:56
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Distribution of Non-library MaterialsDist

Distribution of Non-library Materials MNG-6

     Approved 10/9/2006

    The Liberty Lake Municipal Library will distribute non-library materials to library users or will allow its premises to be used for the purpose of distributing non-library materials.

     1. Non-library materials are defines as but not limited to

     promotional clothing, book bags, etc.

     a. Decisions as to what non-library materials to accept will

     rest with the Library Director.

     b. In the absence of the Library Director, non-library

     materials will be submitted to the library staff or

     volunteers for review by the Library Director before

     being accepted.

     2. Who is eligible to submit non-library materials for approval:

     a. Local, state, or federal governments;

     b. Educational institutions;

     c. Non-profit organizations;

     d. The Friends of the LLM Library organization

     e. Community organizations and clubs;

     f. For-profit companies;

     g. Any organization or group not listed above, but deemed

     acceptable by the Library Director.

     3. General guidelines for non-library materials

     a. Requests for submission of non-library materials must

     be made orally or in letter form to the Library Director

     for his or her review. The submitter will be notified in a

     timely manner of approval or disapproval of the


     b. Accepted submissions of non-library materials will be

     reviewed by the Library Director on a month to month

     basis and removed or retained dependent upon space

     considerations, currency, public acceptance, and/or

     relativity to the library’s ultimate goals.

     c. Acceptability should also be based upon consideration of

     applicability to the local community.

     d. Non-library material will be filed, exhibited, or displayed

     at the discretion of the Library Director or staff.

4. Complaints:

     a. All complaints as to acceptability decisions will be

     directed to the Library Director in written form for


     b. If the Library Director is unable to satisfy the

     complaint, the matter will be referred to the Library

     Board of Trustees.

     c. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to non-

     library material that has been submitted and accepted.

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