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English 3 Mr. Rinehart Spring 2012 Phone: (704) 279-5232 (Ext 245) Email: This course is designed to expose students to a variety of America literature, research writing, and grammar. We will be developing vocabulary through a program that teaches students not only the definitions of various higher-level words, but also the word parts to eac..

    English 3

    Mr. Rinehart

    Spring 2012

Phone: (704) 279-5232 (Ext 245)


    This course is designed to expose students to a variety of America literature, research writing, and grammar. We will be developing vocabulary through a program that teaches students not only the definitions of various higher-level words, but also the word parts to each word. Students will be required to take notes, participate in classroom discussions and activities, and complete the classwork, quizzes, tests, and projects. If you do no complete the work, you will not pass this class!


    ; Given: 3-ring binder for research paper

    ; Given: Journal

    ; Need to bring: pens/pencils

    ; Need to bring: paper

Grading Scale:

    92.5 100 = A

    84.5 92.4 = B

    76.5 84.4 = C

    69.5 67.4 = D

    69.4 and below = F

Weight Scale:

    Participation = 10%

    Class work = 15%

    Quizzes = 20%

    Research Project = 25%

    Test/Project = 30%

Class Expectations and Procedures:

    ; All class work is to be completed in this room unless you are told otherwise. If

    you cannot use the time I provide for you, it will be taken away very quickly and

    replaced with homework each and every night.

    ; It is YOUR responsibility to see me for any make-up work. Do this before or

    after class, not during! Missed work will be posted between the door and the

    phone and will be updated every two weeks.

    ; Late work is rarely accepted. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances,

    and we will deal with those on a single student basis. NO projects or major

    assignments will be accepted late.

    ; Participation is a grade in this room. Any time you are not getting work done,

    you are losing points. I will not keep reminding you; therefore, you may want to

    keep this in mind.

    ; Food and drink are allowed as long as you do not leave empty bottles, wrappers,

    or a mess in my room. Remember, this is a privilege, not a right!

    ; Keep your cell phones away during class. There is no need to “check the time,”

    as I have a very large clock in the front of the room.

    ; iPods: These are allowed during various writing assignments as long as you

    ALWAYS receive permission from me before using them. This is also a privilege

    and can be lost very quickly!

    ; Make sure to bring everything you need to class each day!

    ; Watch your language in the room.

    ; You are allowed FIVE bathroom/drink/locker passes per quarter. I will keep

    track of how many you use, and once you reach five, you may not leave the room

    unless it is an emergency. Each time you do, you will lose 10 points from your

    participation grade.

    ; Make sure you put your name on your assignments. I will not grade an

    assignment with no name.

    ; Do not be late to class. The “sweep and keep” tardy policy is strictly enforced.

    ; Do not plagiarize! This can directly result in failure of the class.

    ; Follow the ERHS Code of Conduct!

    ; I expect all students to give 100% effort; if you are doing everything you can but

    still struggling, I will do everything in my power to help you succeed.

    ; I am here every morning in case you need to make up assignments or need extra

    help on anything.

    ; There will be weekly REQUIRED discussion board posts on EDU 2.0!

    ; Do not be afraid to ask questions!

I have read the English III class syllabus for Mr. Rinehart’s class and will follow all of

    his rules and expectations. I understand that if I should break or rule, cause distractions, or fail to complete assignments, this could result in disciplinary action or failure of this course. Also, I understand that if I am struggling, I will see Mr. Rinehart immediately so he can help me to succeed in passing this course.

    Student Name:____________________________________________________________

    Student Signature:_________________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature:__________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Contact Email: _____________________________________________

    Research Project

Library Researching Dates:

     ndththrd*February: 2, 9, 16, 23

     stththndth*March: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

     thth*April: 19, 26

     rd*May: 3

Due Dates:

    Letter of Intent:

     stOutline: Feb 1

     thAnnotated Bibliography: Feb 13

     ndPart 1: Feb. 22

     thPart 2: March 7

     thPart 3: March 28

     thPart 4: April 25

     thRough Draft: May 9

     thFinal Draft: May 25

    ; Make sure to keep all pertinent information related to research paper in the 3-ring

    binder provided for you!

    Schedule of Semester

     ththJan 24 Jan 27: Introductions, topic selection, early American Literature

     thrdJan. 30 Feb. 3 : Unit 21, Early American Lit.

     ththFeb. 6 Feb. 10 : Unit 22, Early American Lit.

     ththFeb 13 Feb 17 : 21 -22 Review, Romanticism/Transcendentalism

     ththFeb. 20 Feb 24 : Unit 23, Romanticism/Transcendentalism

     thndFeb. 27 Mar. 2 : Unit 24, Romanticism/Transcendentalism

     ththMar. 5 Mar. 9 : Unit 25, Realism / Naturalism

     ththMar. 12 Mar. 16 : 23,24, 25 Review, Realism / Naturalism

     thrdMar. 19 Mar. 23 : 21-25 Test, Realism / Naturalism

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

     ththMar. 26 Mar. 30 : Unit 26, Modernism

     ndrdApr. 2 Apr. 3 : Modernism

     ththApr. 16 Apr. 20 : Unit 27, Modernism

     rdthApr. 23 Apr. 27 : 26-27 review, Modernism

     ththApr. 30 May 4 : Unit 28, Of Mice and Men

     ththMay 7 May 11 : Unit 29, Of Mice and Men

     ththMay 14 May 18 : 28-29 Review, Of Mice and Men

     stthMay 21 May 25 : Unit 30, Tuesdays With Morrie

    thstMay 29 June 1 : 26-30 Test, Tuesdays With Morrie

     ththJune 4 June 8 : Tuesdays with Morrie, Review for Exam


    EDU 2.0

    username: last name, first name (Ex. smithjohn)

    password: last name, first initial, middle initial (smithjl)

    We will use this website for a variety of things this semester. Below are the requirements for this assignment.

    1. You MUST complete one discussion board post in response to the question or

    statement given on the website. It will also need to be a certain word amount.

    2. You MUST respond to at least ONE other student’s post. Requirements for the

    response will be posted on the website.

    *I will check this weekly, as they will need to be done by 11:59 pm on Saturday each week! These will count as separate class work grades but will add up to a great deal of points as we progress through the semester.

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