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    IN FILE 'CA'


    L1 486 SEA FILE=CA RAN=(2001-2002) VERMICULITE OR 1318-00-9? L2 90 SEA FILE=CA RAN=(2001-2002) L1 AND 20020331-20020701/ED


    Answer Title Page 1/90 Safety mask containing mineral powdered absorbents 6 2/90 Processing of paper mill sludge and manufacture of fiber-7

    reinforced cement panels

    3/90 The mineralogical characteristics of the polder soils 8

    developed from alluvio-marine deposits near Sapgyo-Lake 4/90 Effect of Na+ and NH4+ cations on microstructure changes of 9

    natural ***vermiculite*** during heat treatment

    5/90 Mechanisms of fixation and release of ammonium in paddy 10

    soils after flooding: III. Effect of the oxidation state of

    octahedral Fe on ammonium fixation

    6/90 Effects of fungus on the growth of Dendrobium candidum and 11

    D. nobile in vitro culture

    7/90 Effects of growth regulator, full exposure and mist spray on 12

    the cutting of Eucommia ulmoides

    8/90 A far infrared study of K+ ions during K+ .dblharw. Ca2+ 13

    exchange in ***vermiculite***

    9/90 Thermodynamics of hydration and modeling of clays stability 14 10/90 Inelastic neutron scattering and lattice dynamics of 15


    11/90 Tobelitization of smectite during oil generation in oil-16

    source shales. Application to North Sea illite-tobelite-

    smectite- ***vermiculite***

    12/90 Granular ANFO explosive compositions, their manufacture, and 17

    method for their blasting

    13/90 Natural clays as efficient catalyst for transesterification 18

    of .beta.-keto esters with carbohydrate derivatives

    14/90 Use of activated layered silicates for the adsorption of 19

    mycotoxins from animal feeds

    15/90 Gluing agent for a catalyst 20 16/90 Application of ***vermiculite*** to the desulfurization 21

    and dusts clearing during coal combustion

    17/90 Manufacture of lightweight low-dense multilayer ceramics 22

    suitable for decoration and filtration

    18/90 Manufacture of a flat or shaped sheet product and paste 23 19/90 Fertilizers containing snow-melting agents and porous 24


    20/90 Effect of phosphorus deficiency stress on rice lateral root 25

    growth and nutrient absorption

    21/90 Fireproofing wood chip-containing cement boards and their 26


    22/90 Composition containing unexpanded ***vermiculite*** for 27

    building materials and coating materials

    23/90 Lightweight plate heat- and sound-insulators prepared from 28

    lightweight aggregates, ***vermiculite***, zeolite, fly ash

    and cement

    24/90 Compositions for Korean under-floor IR-heating systems 29

    containing synthetic fibers and hardening agents

    25/90 Lightweight, heat insulating, high mechanical strength 30

    shaped product and method of producing the same

    26/90 Graphite dust waste of electro-carbon prodn. as additive for 31

    fireproof composition

    27/90 Polymer nanocomposite materials and their production method 32 28/90 On friction layer formation in polymer matrix composite 33

    materials for brake applications

    29/90 Biological control of Phytophthora root rots on alfalfa and 34

    soybean with Streptomyces


    30/90 Phenol methylene interconnected urea ter-polymer foam as a 35

    potting media ingredient, soil amendment, or soil substitute 31/90 Comprehensive ecological vegetation planting method for use 36

    in desert area

    32/90 High frequency of bulblet regeneration from bulb scale 37

    sections of Fritillaria thunbergii

    33/90 High frequency plant regeneration from Aralia cordata 38

    somatic embryos

    34/90 The sigma factor AlgU (AlgT) controls exopolysaccharide 39

    production and tolerance towards desiccation and osmotic

    stress in the biocontrol agent Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 35/90 Alkaline hardening agents for silicate materials comprising 40

    calcia compn., alkali composition and water composition and

    water- and heat-resistant solidified body therewith

    36/90 Method of making agglomerate particles for composite 41

    polymer-abrasive articles

    37/90 Manufacture of abrasive agglomerate particles and radiation 43

    curable polymer-abrasive composite articles

    38/90 Special benefits with new microporous materials 45 39/90 Inorganic stratified compound as additive for polymer with 46

    improved properties of the plastic product

    40/90 Preparation of composite organic fertilizer 47 41/90 Zinc Speciation in a Smelter-Contaminated Soil Profile Using 48

    Bulk and Microspectroscopic Techniques

    42/90 Nutrient requirements for lettuce transplants using a 49

    floatation irrigation system. I. Phosphorus

    43/90 Nutrient requirements for lettuce transplants using a 50

    floatation irrigation system II. Potassium

    44/90 Method for sorption extraction of thorium from ground, 51

    natural, and process waters

    45/90 Preparation synthetic resin mixtures containing thermally 52

    expandable ***vermiculite*** and zeolite

    46/90 Friction devices 53 47/90 Production method of heat-resistant adiabatic components by 54

    vacuum dehydration molding of hydraulic compositions for

    heat-storage type electric heaters

    48/90 Fabrication of fire door cores from hydraulic binder-resin 55

    exfoliated ***vermiculite*** mixt. by hot pressing in molds 49/90 Lightweight sandwich composite building material with a thin 56

    fiber-reinforced cement facing

    50/90 Manufacture of heat-resistant alumina-containing laminates 57

    and filters

    51/90 Clay minerals in Taishu toseki and Taishu hakudo [Japan] 58 52/90 Low-friction grease for constant velocity universal joints, 59

    particularly plunging type joints that is compatible with

    silicone elastomer boots

    53/90 Experimental soil acidification 60 54/90 Composition of layer charge in clay mineral and release of 61

    fixed ammonium

    55/90 Electrochemical properties of metalloporphyrin-clay complex-62

    modified electrode systems. (Part 2): Investigation at