Congratulations! Congratulations on your purchase of a new ...

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Congratulations! Congratulations on your purchase of a new ...

Author: Matt McFarlane


    Congratulations on your purchase of a new POWABYKE EURO. We are confident that this product will exceed your expectations for value performance and ride quality. Each POWABYKE EURO has been checked and ridden before packing and every effort is made so that the bike arrives to you in top quality condition. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a newcomer to the electric bike the POWABYKE EURO will provide endless hours of enjoyment and pleasure for all. Welcome to the Electric Revolution!

    We strongly recommend that you take some time out to read this manual and familiarise yourself with the POWABYKE EURO before riding. Maximum recommended rider weight = 17 Stone.

    When riding the POWABYKE EURO it is important to exercise some common sense and respect surrounding environments. By riding and using the POWABYKE EURO you assume the

    responsibility for any risk involved in its use.

    If you have any questions or problems regarding the POWABYKE EURO please contact your authorised POWABYKE dealer.


Obey all Traffic Laws.

    Always wear head protection and suitable clothing for the conditions. Never carry another person on the rear rack.

    Check front and rear brakes are working correctly.

    Always check the battery is securely locked in the frame before each use.

    Avoid leaving the POWABYKE EURO out in the rain or damp conditions for any extended period of time.

    Do not attempt any sort of jump or trick whilst riding the POWABYKE EURO.

Author: Matt McFarlane

Starting out.

    When you are happy with the saddle height ( able to touch the ground with both feet ), the battery is locked into place and the POWABYKE EURO is checked over for your satisfaction, you may turn on the ignition on the right hand side of the control box.

The ignition has two settings.

    The first ‘click’ gives Pure Power when pedalling to start it then you can stop pedalling. This is be controlled by the throttle. If you stop and do not pedal for 5 seconds the motor will cut out.

    The second ‘click’ gives power when pedalling is constant. Again this

    is be controlled by the throttle. As soon as pedalling ceases the motor will cut out. It is possible to switch between ‘modes’ whilst the bike is moving.

    We recommend that you ride the bike around in a quiet area to familiarise yourself with the operation of the electrics in both modes.

Changing gear.

    The gears on the POWABYKE EURO are in NO way connected to the motor. This gives the individual complete control as to their own choice of gear selection.

5/6 Speed Euro.

    The gear shifter is located on the right hand side of the handlebars. It has five positions. Using your thumb you can push the shift lever away from you to change into a lower gear ( recommended for starting out ). By pulling the lever back with the forefinger this will change to the highest gear.

21 Speed Euro.

    The right hand gear shifter is for the front derailleur and the left-hand shifter changes the rear. On the right hand shifter, pull the lever with the forefinger to change to a higher gear and push the lever away to change to a lower gear. On the left-hand shifter pull the lever with the forefinger for a lower gear and push the lever away to change into a higher gear.

Author: Matt McFarlane

    If you have never used a geared bike before we recommend you use the bike un-powered until familiar with the gears.

    Never attempt to change gear when the bike is not moving or not being pedalled, as this will damage the gear mechanisms and cables. 21 Speed bikes only. To avoid excessive wear and damage of the chain, sprockets and chain wheels, its recommended not to use the following gears where possible.

    Largest Chainwheel-Largest Sprocket.

     Smallest Chainwheel-Smallest Sprocket.

    Shimano Shifters. Do not press both levers on the same shifter at the same time. Damage to the shifter may result.


    The ‘v’ brakes on the bikes are very strong and effective, please take care when using them.

    If you find your brakes need adjusting, use the small screws on each calliper to increase or decrease spring tension to give an even pull both sides. If in doubt about adjustments please consult your dealer.


    You will have to clean and lubricate your POWABYKE EURO on a periodic basis. It does need to be paid the same care and attention as any other normal bike would receive, this includes, lubricating the chain ( Lightly ), checking brake pads for wear, checking all major bolts are tight and generally keeping your bike in good working order.

    We recommend that your POWABYKE EURO be serviced/checked every six months by your local POWABYKE dealer.



    All bikes performance’s, manual or electric, are effected by low tyre pressure.

    Your range, speed, and safety, will be greatly reduced by under-inflated tyres, check the manufacturers rating (on the side-wall of the tyre) for recommend pressure.

Most recommend 40 65 p.s.i. (pounds per square inch)

Author: Matt McFarlane

Do not exceed the recommended pressure it could damage the tyre

    or cause it to explode. , and prevent your tyres going below the minimum.

    As a general rule of thumb if you are sat on the bike and the rear tyre ‘squashes outwards’ they need inflating.

    We recommend they are checked once a week, please ensure that the dust caps are kept on the valves

    Please consult your authorised Powabyke dealer when you need new tyres fitting to ensure that the correct tyres are supplied and fitted.

Charging the Battery.

    The battery can be charged at any domestic 13amp power supply but only use the charger supplied. Ensure the ignition is switched off before charging. The battery can be charged whilst on the bike or can be removed. If removing the battery, unlock it from the bike then, using the handle lift it out of the frame, front first. If leaving the battery on the bike, simply turn off the ignition then plug in the charger.

    Always plug the charger into the battery first and then into the mains supply. The Charger should show a red LED, this indicates that charging has begun. When the green LED shows, charging is complete. When the charger is on but not connected an orange LED will show. The charger has a built in over charge protector but nonetheless avoid leaving the charger for long periods of time on the green LED.

    Tips: If possible always recharge the battery upon completion of every journey, no matter how short.

    Never charge the battery in wet conditions.

    The charge unit will heat up slightly during charging, this is quite normal.

    Never leave the battery in a fully discharged state. This may cause irreversible damage that may void your warranty.

    Avoid leaving the POWABYKE EURO unused for extended periods of time. The battery needs to be used often and charged often. When putting the battery back into the frame place the rear end in first and then drop the front in slowly.

Author: Matt McFarlane

Long life.

    If storing the battery for long periods of time please ensure that the battery is fully charged, and is then re-charged once a month.

    A battery in storage discharges at approx. 5- 10 % per month without use. if the battery is allowed to deplete it will probably be damaged and may need to be replaced.

    Please store the battery at room normal temperature and avoid leaving on concrete floors.

Battery Recycling.

    During long term ownership or usage you will find it necessary to replace the battery unit of the POWABYKE EURO. POWABYKE have established a battery recycling program which allows the battery to be collected from your door, refurbished and delivered back to you within 7 working days.

    All refurbished batteries will carry an additional 6 months warranty. This service will be continually available through your local dealer.


    POWABYKE warrants the replacements of original components on all POWABYKE EURO’s due to defect in material and or

    workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase in conjunction with the following conditions and limitations. Transport cost are not included.

    This warranty is limited to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required to validate protection under warranty. Normal wear, accident, abuse, neglect, improper assembly, use of parts not originally intended for use with the POWABYKE EURO will invalidate your warranty.

    Claims must be made through an authorised dealer. The warranty is limited to replace the defective parts without charge except on the following items where credits will be raised on return of the faulty goods, motor wheels, chargers, batteries, and frames.

    The battery is covered under a 6 month warranty. Should it develop a fault or malfunction during this period it will be replaced without charge.

Author: Matt McFarlane


26”/24” wheel.

    Max Speed: 24 kph (15mph)

    Power consumption per Charge <0.8kwh. Noise: <62-dB (A) Range per Charge

    On Full Power: Approx. 32 km (20 miles)

    On Pedal assist: Approx. 50 Km (32 miles) Maximum Weight of weight rider

     Including Luggage: 110kg

    Weight of bike with Battery: 38kg

     Without Battery: 26kg

    All distances quoted will vary according to rider weight, road/weather conditions and age of battery.

Trouble Shooting.

After switching on ignition nothing happens.

    Battery not inserted properly, battery fuse has blown, battery needs charging, throttle has broken.

    Re-insert plug, replace fuse, recharge battery, contact dealer.

Bike does not attain desired range.

    Trip has a large amount of gradient, battery not fully charged, battery life has been reached.

    No solution, fully recharge the battery, battery may need replacing/recycling.

Battery does not charge.

    Fuse blown.

    Change the fuse.

Charge unit not charging.

    Fuse blown in charger.

    Change fuse.

    Please consult the dealer you purchased the POWABYKE EURO from for assistance on any other matters.

    We hop you enjoy the POWABYKE EURO and all the benefits it will bring. Please visit our website at, to view our

    exciting range of other bikes.

    Happy Riding.

    Author: Matt McFarlane

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