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    Carolyn Marie Tilghman

    Department of Literature and Languages Office: BUS 256A The University of Texas at Tyler Office Phone: 903.565.5703 3900 University Blvd Fax: 903.565.5700

    Tyler TX, 75799 Email:


     Ph.D. in English, The University of Notre Dame, 2002

     Concentrations: Literary Modernism, Literary Theory, Autobiographical Studies

    Dissertation: "Insurgencies: Women‟s Autobiography and Literary Politics in British

    Modernism, 1889-1938"

    Co-Directors: Ewa Plonowska Ziarek and Barbara J. Green

    Readers: Kate Baldwin, Cyraina Johnson-Roullier, James Walton

    Description: Investigates intersections between subjectivity, politics, and

    aesthetic practice in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century British

    women‟s autobiographies.

     M.A. in English, University of Wyoming, 1993

    Thesis: “In Pursuit of Theoretical Bliss: Want, Excess, and Writing the Body in Early Modern

    Religious Texts

    Director: Jeanne Holland

    Readers: Susan Aronstein, Janice Hubbard Harris, Kristine Utterback

    Description: Examines the relationship between religious orthodoxy, thembodiment, and literary resistance in religious texts by the 15 century thBritish mystic Margery Kemp and the 17 century Puritan clergyman

    Cotton Mather.

     B.A. in Natural Science, Minor in English, University of Wyoming, 1980

     Additional Professional Training

    Participant, School for Criticism and Theory, Cornell University, 2001

    Certificate of “Excellence in Education,” Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, University

    of Notre Dame, 2001


    Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Languages, University of Texas at Tyler,


    Assistant Professor, Department of Literature and Languages, University of Texas at Tyler,


    Tilghman, page 2 of 7

    Practicum Coordinator, Gender Studies Program, University of Notre Dame, Spring 2001

    & Academic Year 2001-2002

     Graduate Research Assistant, Department of English, University of Notre Dame, 2000-2001

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Notre Dame, 1994-

    2000 & 2001-2002

     Adjunct Instructor, Department of English, Casper College, Casper, WY, Summer 1992

     Writing Tutor, Writing Center, University of Wyoming, 1991

     Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Wyoming, 1990-1992

Teaching & Research Interests

     thth Late 19 and 20 Century British Literature Literary Theory

     Genre Studies: autobiography and the novel Women‟s Studies


     Journal Articles (refereed):

    From Margin to Center: Nation, Narration, and the Body in D. H. Lawrence's „The Prussian

    Officer.‟” Accepted contingent upon revision by The CEA Critic: An Official Journal of the College

    English Association (6,333 words).

    “The Flesh Made Word: Luce Irigaray‟s Rendering of the Sensible Transcendental.”

    Janus Head: Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature, Continental Philosophy, Phenomenological

    Psychology, and the Arts 11.1 (2009): 39-54.

    “Unruly Desire, Domestic Authority, and Odd Coupling in D.H. Lawrence‟s Women

    in Love.” Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 37.2 (March 2008): 89-109.

    “Autobiography, Activism, and the Carceral: An Analysis of the Prison Writing of Lady

    Constance Lytton.” Clio: A Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History 36.1 (Fall

    2007): 69-94.

    “Lewis in Contention: Identity, Anxiety, and the London Vortex.” South Central Review: The

    Journal of the South Central Modern Language Association 24.3 (Fall 2007): 2-22.

    “Autobiography as Dissidence: Subjectivity, Sexuality, and the Women‟s Co-operative Guild.”

    Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly 26.4 (Fall 2003): 583-606.

    “The Semiotics of Styrofoam Cups.” Owen Wister Review (Fall 1991): 68-71.

    Tilghman, page 2 of 7

     Book Reviews (invited):

    Review of Juliet Flower MacCannell. The Hysteric’s Guide to the Future Female Subject.

    Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000. The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and

    Literature 54. 2 (Fall 2000): 135-38.

     Creative Work (refereed):

    Poem. “Pablo‟s Music.” Owen Wister Review (Spring 1993): 30.


     Presentations (refereed):

    “Representation at the Margin of Discourse: Gender and Class Politics in Joanna Baillie‟s stDe Monfort.” Accepted for presentation at the 41 Annual Conference of the College English

    Association. San Antonio, TX, March, 2010

    “Staging Suffrage: Modern Women, Political Pageantry, and the Edwardian Theatre.” th 66Annual SCMLA Conference. Baton Rouge, LA, October 2009.

     th “Mina Loy: „The dance of [the body] among words.‟” 35Annual Conference on Literature

    and Culture since 1900. University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, February 2007.

     th“‟Because my reaction is not the usual‟: An Exploration of Melancholy in The Waves.” 15

    Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR, June 2005.

     nd th“Wyndham Lewis and the Anxiety of Association.” 32Annual Conference on 20 Century

    Literature. University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, February 2004.

     th“The Subject, the Object, and Parody in Three Guineas.” 13 Annual Conference on Virginia

    Woolf. Smith College, Northampton, MS, June 2003.

     nd“A Woolf Among the Genres.” 2 Annual Modernist Studies Association Conference.

     University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, October 2000.

    “Obscure and Ordinary Lives: Virginia Woolf and the Women‟s Co-operative Guild.” th 10 Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf. University of Maryland at Baltimore, June 2000.

    “The Autobiography of Lady Constance Lytton: A Mobilization of the Discourse on Human

    Rights.” UTA Conference on the Suppression and Reassertions of the Female Principle in

    Human Cultures. University of Texas at Arlington, March 2000.

    “From Autobiography in the Carceral City: Unruly Suffragettes and Criminal Spaces in ththe Writing of Constance Lytton. “9 Annual Boundaries in Question 2000 Conference.

    Berkeley, CA., March 2000.

    Tilghman, page 4 of 7

    “Disclosing Identity: The Witch‟s Body as Community Text in Salem, 1692.” Annual Rocky

    Mountain Modern Language Association Conference. Metropolitan State College of Denver,

    Denver, CO., October 1993.

    “Appetite and Bliss: An Exploration of Margery Kempe‟s Mystical Text.” Annual Rocky

    Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association Conference. Northern Arizona University,

    Flagstaff, AZ. April 1993.