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     Grade One Newsletter

     February 2013

    More snow. Hooray!! The groundhog did not see his shadow, so spring may arrive early!


    This month we will be reading many great versions of classic fairy tales. We will identify the important elements of a fairy tale as well as retell some of our favourite ones! In February, we will also begin our oral retelling presentations. The assignment and rubric is being sent home so that students will have some time to choose a fairy tale and props, as well as time to practice. Please help your child to practise his/her oral fairy tale presentation aloud and look for their scheduled date on the attached calendar.


    In February, we will continue a unit our Unit on Daily and Seasonal Time, with a focus on Bears and how they adapt to their surroundings. Our next unit will be on energy in our lives. The overall expectations for this unit are:

    ; We will look at the uses of energy at home, school and in the community;

    ; We will think of ways we can use less energy;

    ; We will look at the different types of energy used in daily life;

    ; We will work on understanding that energy is something that is needed to make things

    happen, and that the sun is the principal source of energy for the earth. Scientists in the School will be here to enhance this unit; more information to follow.


    This month we will finish our unit on Time, with a focus on telling and writing time to the half hour. Follow this unit we will be doing a unit on a geometry unit on 2D and 3D shapes. Students will work towards

    ; identifying common two dimensional shapes (e.g., circles, triangles, rectangles, squares) ; identifying common three-dimensional figures (e.g., cubes, cones, cylinders, spheres,

    rectangular prisms) ; and

    ; sorting and classifying the 2D and 3D shapes their attributes (e.g., colour, size,

    number of sides, number and shape of faces).


    Hundreds Day Celebration: We will be celebrating 100 school days on Thursday February th14. Please help your child to make a collection of 100 objects to bring into school on this day. This collection should be able to fit into a small bag. Some suggestions are: hockey cards, paper clips, pennies, candy, Fruit Loops, pasta noodles, playing cards, beads, etc… We

    will be completing a variety of activities with these items. Please be sure to send these

    thcollections with your child on Monday February 14.

     Valentine’s Day Activities:

    thOn Thursday, February 14, children who wish to exchange Valentine’s cards may do so. A

    list of first names of all the children in your child’s classroom is listed below. To go along

    with our Healthy Schools initiative, no edible treats please.


    As the cold season is already upon us, we have been using a lot of tissues (for our noses). Please help us by sending a box of tissues with your child this month. Thanks so much! Hachoo! (Thanks to those who have brought in tissues already!)

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As always, please let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thank you for your ongoing



; Mrs. Khaira

    Valentine’s Names

    Natalie Omid Max

    Pouya Cezaro Zidaan

    Daniel Anna Damianos

    Bo Yan Rebecca Robi

    Jasmin Sasha Rhea

    Eric Eve Ubayd

    Leonya Xavier Jonny

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