International Relations-1919-39

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International Relations-1919-39 Includes- League of Nations Steps to War 1) Why did the French want a harsher peace at Versailles? 2) Which leader proposed the 14 points? 3) Why did the USA want a fairer settlement? 4) When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? 5) Which land did the Germans lose i..

    International Relations-1919-39

Includes- League of Nations

     Steps to War

1) Why did the French want a harsher peace at They had suffered badly, losing many soldiers and

    Versailles? civilians.

     Much of North East France was severely damaged and

     the cost to re-build was high.

     They wanted to prevent a German invasion in the future.

2) Which leader proposed the 14 points? Woodrow Wilson, president of the USA

3) Why did the USA want a fairer settlement? They had suffered less in the war.

4) When was the Treaty of Versailles signed? June 1919

5) Which land did the Germans lose in the Treaty? Alasace and Loraine,

    6) What happened to the Rhineland? It was de-militarised- Germany wasn’t allowed any

     troops in there.

    7) What was the war guilt clause? Germany was forced to accept full responsibility for

     causing the war.

    8) What were the German armed forces reduced to 100,000 men, only volunteers, without armoured

    after the Treaty? vechiles, aircraft, or submarines and only 6 warships.

9) How much was Germany forced to pay and until ?6.6 billion in total until the 1980’s.


10) What was a diktat? The Germans were told what to sign and were not given

     an option to negotiate.

11) Why did Clemenceau not like the Treaty? He thought it wasn’t hard enough on the Germans.


13) Give four reasons why the Germans resented the The Germans were left weak and resentful.

    Treaty of Versailles? They could not afford the reparations.

     Lost colonies while Britain kept theirs.

     Many German’s living under foreign rule in “new”


     Lost industrial areas.

     Didn’t accept guilt for starting the war.

    Give three problems that the Treaty was creating for the Europe couldn't recover properly while countries like future? Germany remained poor.

     The new countries included a mixture of different

     nationalities. Self determination was a disaster waiting

     to happen.

     The League of Nations was always weak without the big


     German resentment would lead to future problems.

14) Name two new countries that were created? Czechoslovakia



     Austria and Hungary are separated

    15) What were the problems facing these new nations? These countries contained a number of different

     nationalities. Czechoslovakia contained 2 million


16) What were the four main aims of the League of Stopping aggression

    Nations? Disarmament

     Encouraging co-operation

     Improving working and living conditions

17) What was the Assembly? Each country had one vote.

     This group could only recommend to council.

18) What was the Council? Met 3 times per year or in emergency

     5 permanent members- Britain, France, Italy Japan and

     Germany from 1926.

19) What was the International Labour Organisation? A group aimed at improving working conditions

20) How could the League deal with problems? Warn countries in disputes

     Apply economic sanctions

     Send troops

21) Who decided border disputes? Permanent International Court of Justice

    22) Name four early successes of the League? It solved the dispute in 1921 between Germany and

     Poland over Upper Silesia, Sweden and Finland over

     Aaland Islands in 1921,

     Intervened when Greece invaded Bulgaria.

    23) Give three reasons why the Americans didn't join The people of America hadn’t liked the Versailles

    the League? Treaty and refused to accept it.

     The US. Worried about the cost.

     They believed that the individual countries should solve

     the problems of the world.

    24) Give four reasons why the League wasn't very Economic and military sanctions were weak unless they

    powerful? involved the most powerful countries

     The USA did not join.

     The League had no army

     Germany and Russia were not allowed to join at first.

     The organisation was a disaster

     Britain and France were weak after the war

25) What was the Dawes Plan? The USA lent Germany money. Reparations were cut.

29) What was the Locarno Treaty Germany agreed to the western borders set at Versailles

    30) At which agreement did 65 nations decide not to use Kellog Briand Pact- 1928- 65 nations agreed to use force force to settle disputes in the future? to settle arguments.

26) Why did the Young Plan help the Germans? Cut reparations by a quarter

    27) What other major agreements were introduced in Rapello Treaty- an agreement between Germany and

    the 1920’s? Russia

     Kellog Briand Pact- a number of countries refused to use

     war as an offensive act.

28) When were the benefits of the Dawes and Young The Wall Street Crash

    Plans wiped out?

29) What problems threatened peace at the end of the Countries didn’t trust the League

    1920's? The economic depression

     The Germans didn’t make any agreements about their

     eastern borders

    30) Why was Manchuria so important to the Japanese? The Depression had wrecked Japanese business and they

     needed new resources. Manchuria provided raw


     The Japanese controlled the South Manchuria Railway.

31) When did the Japanese start invading Manchuria? September 1931

    32) What did the League of Nations do to deal with the They sent Lord Lytton to assess the situation. He

    Japanese? produced a report, which said the Japanese had been

     wrong, but the League didn't do anything.

    33) How did the League look after the challenge from They looked weak because the Japanese refused to

    Manchuria and why? accept the report.

34) What was the name of Italy's fascist leader? Mussolini

35) Why did Mussolini invade Abyssinia? Give three Italy owned land on either side of this country.

    reasons. They wanted a big Empire.

     Mussolini had seen Japan get away without the

     Manchuria crisis.

     The Abyssinians staged a small scale attack on the

     Italian army.

    36) How did the League react to the invasion of They imposed economic sanctions but Italy and

    Abyssinia? Germany didn't apply them.

     Britain and France wanted to avoid confrontation

     because of the depression.

37) What were the consequences of the Abyssinia The League of Nations had failed.

    crisis? Italy became more confident.

     Hitler saw that the international community wanted to

     avoid war.

38) Why have some historians argued that it is unfair to The economic depression made the world tougher.

    blame the League of Nations? No organisation could have stopped Mussolini and


     The League of Nations had to defend the Treaty of

     Versailles and many thought this was unfair.

     Britain and France were in a difficult situation as the

     USA never joined.

39) Why did the League fail? The USA never joined.

     Too many members didn't keep the rules.

     Germany and Japan left in 1933, Italy left in 1937.

     They didn't have an army.

     Rise of the dictators.

     Everyone wanted to avoid war.

     Steps to war Disarmament had failed. 40) Give three reasons why the atmosphere in Europe Germany still hated the Treaty of Versailles. was tense by the middle of the 1930's? Britain didn't want to use force. Hitler had come to power. The League was weak. Britain believed in appeasement. 41) Why did no one stop Hitler's invasion into the The League was busy in Abysinnia. Rhineland?( 3 reasons) Many countries believed Hitler was righting the wrongs of the Treaty. 42) When did Germany unite with Austria and what March 1938, Anschluss was it called? 43) Where was the Sudeteland? The German speaking area of Czechoslovakia The majority of people spoke German and it had been 44) Why did Hitler want the Sudetenland? taken away from Germany in the Treaty of Versailles. They appealed for help from France. 45) How did the Czech government react to Hitler's invasion? The British Prime Minister flew to Munich to meet 46) What happened after Hitler's invasion? Hitler. Hitler said that he only wanted the Sudetenland and was allowed to keep part of it.

47) Why did the British and French appease Hitler? ( 4

    reasons) Many people believed Hitler was right to correct the


     Britain could still remember the First World War.

     The British and French were short of money due to the


     Hitler protected Europe from Communism.

     The German army was stronger.

     What did Hitler do in March 1939?

     Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia.

    48) What was the Nazi/Soviet pact and why was it so

    important? Germany and USSR agreed not to attack each other.

     They also planned to carve Poland in half.

49) What was the final trigger for the start of war? Invasion of Poland in 1939, September

11) What were the main causes of the Second World Appeasement

    War? Treaty of Versailles

     Rise of Hitler

     Consequences of Great Depression

     Weaknesses of League of Nations

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